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Jessica Robart Senior Project 2010. France England United States.

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1 Jessica Robart Senior Project 2010

2 France England United States

3 Ninian Edwards Creation of Madison County and Edwardsville Illinois becomes a state in 1818 Col. Benjamin Stephenson

4 American Industrial Development 1840-1870 Early Modern Era 1870-1920

5 Location Munson and Harn 1963 Previous excavations Problems SIUE Field School ca. 1970 (courtesy Sid Denny)

6 1815 GLO Recorded sites Whiteside Property Gehring Site

7 Klingemann house on Bluff Road ca. 1897

8 Phase I survey Phase II survey Analysis Identification Measurements


10 Pearlware Whiteware

11 Glazed and Unglazed Varieties




15 Importance of the site Dating the Site Current state of the Gehring site Further investigations in 2010

16 First and foremost I would like to thank all of my teachers. I would like to thank Dr. Julie Holt for all her help and guidance throughout my time at SIUE. I would like to think Michele Lorenzini for her expertise in Historic archaeology, maps, and artifact analysis. Thanks to Dr. Vogel for all of his help. Thanks to my family for all their support throughout my college career. A last but not least thanks to all my field school partners who put in long hours and hard work collecting artifacts and excavating the site. Thanks to all my fellow students who made the lab an entertaining place to be. Without all of these wonderful people my project would not have been possible. Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other A.Lincoln

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