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Network Innovations Lets Share Code: Site Profiler Popping Up Everywhere Thursday, May 31, 2012.

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1 Network Innovations Lets Share Code: Site Profiler Popping Up Everywhere Thursday, May 31, 2012

2 Time: 30 Mins 1.Site Profiler Overview 2.Michigan Experiences 3.Various State Implementations 4.Demonstration 5.New Hampshire Experiences 6.Colorado Experiences 7.Open Q & A Meeting Agenda

3 Site Profiler System Overview Integrated view of enterprise core site/facility information across all programs. Spatial representation of sites (improves locational data) Warehouse, so it does not impact/disrupt program systems Shareable between States, and many times the benefits from state-to-states are shared What is the Site Profiler System?

4 Site Profiler System Overview Combined with FacID Plugin - solves the challenge of sending cleaned/non-duplicative Facility data to the EPA. Transparent, a quick method to present regulated data to the Public Supports drivers for integrated environmental data from EPA (FacID data flow), the legislature, and the regulated community What is the Site Profiler System?

5 Site Profiler Michigan Implementation Provide basic cross-agency information for DEQ What facilities have what permits in my congressional district? Internal Data Reconciliation Numerous Programs and Databases Compliance & Enforcement – Transparency Geo-spatial component – Bing Maps FRS Data Flow => EPA

6 Programs and Databases MI Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Oil & Gas Database (OGS GSDMIR) Waste Data System (WDS) MI Air Emissions Inventory System (MAERS) NPDES Management System (NMS) Safe Drinking Water (SDWIS)

7 Site Registry Team/Business Protocols Anatomy of Site Merge UST #B541 #54234 Ajax Corporation 1252 Rue Street Lansing, MI Water Discharge Permit #F964D3 #23471 Borland Site 1252 Rue Road Lansing, MI Title V Operating Permit #845 =+ #1126 Ajax Corporation 1252 Rue Road Lansing, MI UST #B541 Water Discharge Permit #F964D3 Cleanup site #34 Title V Operating Permit #845 Cleanup site #34

8 State of Michigan Open Source Software License The intent of this license is to make unique software developed by the State of Michigan, as described in Exhibit B, available to others (Software)….

9 Site Profiler State Implementations StateFrameworkDatabaseSpatial ToolsetCME New Hampshire (One Stop Environmental Data) NET 2.0Oracle 9iGoogle Maps/ArcGISNo Michigan (Site Registry) NET 1.1SQL 2000ArcIMSYes Colorado (Site Profiler) NET 2.0SQL 2005Google Maps/ArcGISYes Kansas (Facility Profiler) NET 1.1Oracle 10gArcGISYes Hawaii (Environmental Health Warehouse) NET 2.0SQL 2005Google Maps/ArcGISNo Missouri (Facility Profiler) J2EE 1.4.2DB2 UDB 8.1ArcIMSNo Nevada (Facility Profiler) NET 1.1Oracle 11gArcIMSNo North Dakota (Facility Profiler) NET 1.1SQL 2000ArcIMSNo

10 Site Profiler Demonstration

11 Site Profiler New Hampshire Implementation Three primary drivers – need for map interface, FRS flow, better reconciliation Its all about timing – already doing Node/Flow upgrade, saw Site Profiler demo, had to have it NH had assistance with installation and training, but now NHDES/NHDoIT staff are adding additional data sets Windsor did SDWIS, we have mapped to above/underground storage tanks, air facilities, beaches and remediation sites, working through the other source systems

12 Site Profiler Colorado Implementation Primary drivers – Single site view of permitting and compliance information, mapping, better reconciliation, facility flow, Helping the Source Water Assessment Program Third time is the charm – Colorado had tried this before with only limited success, so went with a product that had been proven in other states. Windsor did SDWIS, Air Stationary Sources Emissions, TRI. Colorado mapped Solid Waste and an ICIS-NPDES data dump. Working on RCRA, evaluating others such as CAFOs, Cleanup sites, and Health Facilities

13 Site Profiler Questions/Answers

14 Site Profiler System Overview

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