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Site Planning LA 222 King Abdulaziz University

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1 Site Planning LA 222 King Abdulaziz University
College of Environmental Design Department of Landscape Architecture

2 Introduction What is Site Planning?
Site planning is the organization of an area of land to fit a program for its development which is efficient, expresses the character of the site, and provides attractive spaces to use. Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

3 Purpose To learn and practice a logical method of fitting design programs and sites harmoniously. To understand how natural factors (landscape), socio-economic forces (planning), and technological functions (architecture & engineering) interact in the design process. To understand the importance of graphic and verbal communication skills. Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

4 Student Objectives Understand the site development process.
Apply a method for surveying and presenting the natural and human factors affecting the form and appearance of the environment. Collect information and data concerning an urban/rural planning or design issue, classify and analyze the data, and make recommendations related to that issue. Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

5 Student Objectives Analyze a project program, the effect of these factors on both site and program, and the impact of specific programs on specific sites. Draw up guidelines for planning, architecture and landscape architecture in the schematic design analysis of a program on a site. Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

6 Scope Introduction Types of planning Client’s program
Background research Site survey: Natural factors Site survey: Human factors Program analysis Site analysis Site analysis: Natural factors Site analysis: Human factors Visual and spatial analysis Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

7 References Lynch, K. and Hack, G. Site Planning
Booth, N., Basic Elements of Landscape Architectural Design. White, E., Site Analysis Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

8 Course Schedule Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

9 Project Paper Proposal Term Paper Title Topic description
Components (chapters) Method of study: Data collection & analysis Comparative study Case study Quantitative Vs. qualitative Interviews Book review Etc. Sources and references Select from suggested list of topics or come up with your own topic. This exercise is intended as an exercise in data collection, analysis and synthesis. Structure should include but is not limited to topic/problem definition, descriptive facts, problems/solutions or advantages/disadvantages type of analysis. Comparative analysis and/or case study methods are also encouraged. Should not exceed 10 pages double spaced excluding pictures, diagrams, exhibits, figures, and or tables. Paper may include appendices. List of references/sources of information is a must. Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

10 Course Requirements Assignment(s) (10%)
Midterm Exam: multiple choice and essay questions (30%) Project: Term Paper (20%) Final exam: multiple choice and essay questions (40%) Introduction/Syllabus Lecture 0/10s

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