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Second Interview & Site Visit The Pennsylvania State University.

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1 Second Interview & Site Visit The Pennsylvania State University

2 Todays Topics Purpose of the Second Interview Preparing for the Visit Arranging the Trip The Interview -- arrival through departure Follow Up

3 Allows the employer the opportunity to make a more in depth assessment of you prior to making an offer. Allows you the opportunity to see the employer and some of the people up close and personal before you accept a job offer, if one is forthcoming. The purpose: Its a two-way street

4 Be Prepared: This is where jobs are won or lost RESEARCH the organization TALK to current employees, former students, and customers/clients of the company Develop thoughtful QUESTIONS based on your findings Know your RESUME thoroughly -- be prepared to give more details than in the first interview

5 Arrangements: Who pays for what? Three options: –employer makes arrangements and pays –you make arrangements and employer reimburses –you make arrangements and you pay Before you leave, have in hand... –name and contact info for coordinator –complete directions and accommodation info –all tickets, car rental and hotel confirmation info Contingency plans are helpful –take extra cash –leave early

6 The Interview Day: The Arrival Plan to arrive early –the night before is preferred Hotel Check-in –check for messages & verify payment –schedule wake-up call –local calls are not free - do not charge long distance calls to room Evening-before Gatherings –part of the interview process –dress appropriately, avoid alcohol –be your professional self -- relax

7 Multiple individual interviews v. panel interviews May be grouped with other candidates Questioning is more behavioral oriented Lunch is part of the interview Tour is part of the interview Expect testing - basic competency, personality, drug Presentation may be required - usually planned in advance On-the-spot offers The Interview Day: The Interview

8 Their Questions: –behavioral-based questions –situational questions –same question from different interviewers The Interview Day: The Questions Your Questions: –to prospective supervisor –to prospective co-workers –to HR manager

9 Ask final questions of HR Manager at end of day Reiterate your interest - if appropriate Discuss benefits if an offer is extended BUT REMEMBER... The Interview Day: The Departure Also...You may want to consider checking out the area before leaving for home.

10 Follow Up: It can put you over the top Send a thank-you note to every person* –*especially those who are making the hiring decision –personalized the letter, but keep it brief –reiterate your interest (if appropriate) –confirm your understanding of the next step(s) in their process Connect with the HR manager to wrap up any final expense issues

11 Questions? 413 Boucke 865-2377

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