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State Bird Nene Honolulu, Hawaii State Seal State Animal Monk Seal State Tree KukuiState Flag.

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2 State Bird Nene Honolulu, Hawaii State Seal State Animal Monk Seal State Tree KukuiState Flag

3 Hawaiis governors name is Neil Abercrombie Hawaii has 25 State Senators with a 4 year term office and 51 State Representativ es with a 2 year term office. State Government Information National Government Information Hawaii has 2 U.S. Senators with a 6 year term office, 2 U.S. Representati ves with a 2 year term office, and 4 Electoral votes.

4 1900154,001 1910191,874 1920255,881 1930368,300 1940422,770 1950499,794 1960632,772 1970769,913 1980964,691 19901,108,229 20001,211,537 20101,360,301


6 Economy: Chief products. Agriculture: Sugar cane, pineapples, and flowers. Manufacturing: Food products, printed materials, and petroleum products. Mining: Crushed stone Community, business, and personal services 20 Wholesale and retail trade15 Finance, insurance and real estate18 Manufacturing5 Government24 Transportation, communication and utilities 10 Construction6 Mining0 Agriculture2


8 Hawaiis highest recorded temperatures are 100 °F and 38°C both of these temperature were located at Pahala in 4-27-1931. Hawaiis lowest recorded temperatures are14°F and -10 °C both of these temperatures were located at Haleakala in 1-2-1961.

9 Hawaii was formed by underwater volcanoes many years ago. Over millions of years the lava kept building up till they reached the ocean surface. Over the years the lava became soil. Birds and the ocean brought seeds to the island, giving it the green plants it has today. About 2,000 years ago the first Hawaiians came to Hawaii in big canoes. These people were known as Polynesians. About 800 years ago people from Tahiti arrived. They brought animals and seeds with them. In 1778 Captain James Cook arrived in Hawaii. Cook wasn't looking for Hawaii he was looking for a waterway through North America. Cook and a Hawaiian Chief got into a big fight about a stolen boat. Cook died in the fight with a few of his men. The rest of Cooks men buried them in Kealakekua. Around 1792 Kamehameha was chief of the Hawaii. Each of the Hawaiian islands had its own leader or chief, but Kamehameha wanted all the islands to himself and his family, soon after he became ruler of all the Hawaiian islands.

10 Honolulu365,048 Pearl City42,575 Hilo35,269 Kaneohe29,914 Kailua35,812 Pearl City Hilo Honolulu Kailua Kaneohe

11 Hawaii has tons and tons of recreation, for example surfing, site seeing, hiking, canoeing, luaus, and going to the beach. More of Hawaiis recreation include snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, hula dancing, hang gliding, water skiing, swimming, sports, wind surfing, and many more! Hawaii has many things to do for fun.

12 2 of Hawaiis natural resources are lava and soil. The lava is natural because it come from a volcano, its a resource because people can make things out of it, like bowels and plates. The soil is a resource because it helps things grow, like plants and food. It is natural because it is not man made. Another 2 of Hawaiis natural resources are the ocean and the forests. The forests give Hawaii paper, pencils, and other things made out of trees. The ocean gives recreation like swimming and surfing. That is all Hawaiis natural resources.

13 Hawaii is different because it is a island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Did you know that Hawaii was the only state to ever be ruled by a king and queen? Hawaii is the 50 state witch is the newest of all the other states. Hawaii has hula dancers that tell stories in their dancing. There are many special things about Hawaii.

14 1. Fradin, Dennis (1980). Hawaii: In Words and Pictures. Chicago, Illinois. Children's Press. 2. The World Book Encyclopedia. Hawaii (1998 Volume 9) Chicago World Book, Inc.


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