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T HE V ALUE OF E NTERPRISE S EARCH Robert Gill & Pieter-Jan De Boeck.

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1 T HE V ALUE OF E NTERPRISE S EARCH Robert Gill & Pieter-Jan De Boeck

2 Who are we ?Who are we ? 1 Search Vs. EnterpriseSearch Vs. Enterprise 2 Why should you be interested ?Why should you be interested ? 3 Cost Saving/ApplicationCost Saving/Application 4 Todays Overview

3 Who Are we ? Content Capital Ltd. specific business processes – Relatively new company focussed on delivering specialist Enterprise Search expertise tailored to an organisations specific business processes. understandsurface – Our aim is understand and then surface the hidden capital accumulated organisations unstructured content. For Example: Contract management Record keeping Email archiving Global search across an organisations total knowledge

4 What we Offer Consultancy – Autonomy Revitalisation – Guidance on the right Search solution to chose – Development of Data Integration Strategies Development – Construction/Modification of search systems – Deployment of bespoke data management solutions Hosting – Outsourcing of Search to lower cost and reduce risk Support – On-going refinement is essential for an ES platform – Resources are available to train the support function or take on support roles

5 Search Vs. Enterprise Search Using Relevancy not all Penguins are equal ! Right Users should be able to get access to the Right documents of interest to them, not simply ones containing the correct word ! = Search for Penguin

6 Data Explosion !! Company data is growing at an unmanageable rate

7 Why Should you be interested ? 80% of a businesses information is unstructured – Email – PPT / Word / Excel (no control of content ) – Sharepoint !! lost – This data is effectively lost to the organisation Remaining 20% of structured data is costly to manage – Databases are expensive to own, run and manage We are suppliers to Service Organisations – Supporting Knowledge Workers Search / Knowledge is key to your clients business. – Need easy access to what they already know In a Knowledge driven business, IT should be built on the ability to find relevant information quickly through a centralised search platform

8 Where are the cost savings ? Our Enterprise Search solutions will benefit any organisation in a number of ways: – Productivity gains and cost reduction – Better informed decision making through complete informational awareness – Regulatory/Legal compliance with regards to information retention – Information Monetisation

9 Where are the cost savings ? Time savings when searching for documents – On average 2hrs / day used to retrieve data Creation of New Knowledge – Data Integration / access leads to new discovery Automation of data curation – Best option is still manual but this is impractical !! Poor understanding of data value/errors/user compliance – Search systems can automatically extract metadata independent of business process and be updated as necessary – Search queries can then be continually refined to draw out new content

10 Applications of Enterprise Search Some popular solutions made easy by Enterprise Search: – Global document retrieval across an organisation – Business process aware search – Instant unstructured and structured data retrieval – Powerful meaning based Conceptual Search – Automated document processing and categorisation – Data clustering and Trend analysis – Email traceability and retention – Litigation Management – Real-time Notifications and Alerting – Document Level Security – Automated data mining – Digital access auditing – User Profiling and Expert locator

11 Time Spent Company Maturity Data Knowledge Working Toward Knowledge Driven Information Data Integration & Availability is key ! Data Integration & Availability is key !

12 Summary Enterprise Search != Search – Relevancy is key to better searching ES Should be the core of any knowledge driven organization – Key to Finance / Insurance / Legal Massive areas of Application – Anywhere where data is surfaced / consumed


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