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1. 5 th Meeting of ECO Postal Authorities 22-23 June 2009 Islamabad - Pakistan 2.

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1 1

2 5 th Meeting of ECO Postal Authorities June 2009 Islamabad - Pakistan 2

3 Pakistan Post Country Report by Fazli Sattar Khan Additional Director General Pakistan Post 3

4 Sequence of Presentation Basic Facts about Pakistan Pakistan Post (Historical Perspective) Pakistan Post - An Overview Organizational Structure Major Services offered by Pakistan Post Postal Services Money Remittance Services WU International Inbound Money Transfer 4

5 Sequence of Presentation (cont..) Special Money Orders Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Military Pension Payment System Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Customer Care Steps taken by Pakistan Post in the Recent Past Compliance of Decisions of the 4th Meeting of ECO PSC as ECO Regional Postal Training Center 5

6 Basic Facts About Pakistan Located in South Asia Independence: 1947 Area: 796,095 sq kms Population: over 160 million Currency: Pak Rupees Capital: Islamabad Per Capita Income: US$10,46 Democratic form of government Due to its location, Pakistan is of an immense strategic importance in the South Asia 6

7 Pakistan Post (Historical Perspective) Post Office Department was established under the Post Office Act 1898 Inherited the British Postal System at the time of Independence (1947) Post and Telegraph bifurcated in 1962 Pakistan Postal Services Management Board was Established in the Year 2002 Postal Services Ministry was established on 3 rd November

8 Pakistan Post - An Overview Post Offices12,343 Population served per post office13,000 Post Offices in Rural Areas 85 % Employees (Regular & Part-time)48,000 Daily Business Transactions Rs 4.7 Billion Yearly Revenue Rs 6.2 Billion Estimated Revenue Rs 7.5 Billion Projected Revenue Rs 9.3 Billion (US$ = PKR 80) 8

9 Organizational Structure Ministry of Postal Services Directorate General Pakistan Post 8 Circles headed by Postmasters General 2 PLI Circles headed by General Managers Regions headed by Deputy Postmasters General (11 Postal Regions) 81 GPOs headed by Chief Postmaster/Senior Postmasters 2600 Post Offices (Departmental) 9370 Post Offices (Extra Departmental) 9

10 Major Services offered by Pakistan Post Postal Services o Letters, parcels, express mail etc. Remittance Services o Inland Money Orders, Special Money Orders (BISP, Food Support Scheme FSS), Postal Orders, Postal Drafts, Electronic Money Transfer International Postal Services o Air Mail, Expedited Mail Services (EMS) etc. 10

11 Agency Functions Pakistan Post renders 55 Agency Functions including o Savings Bank o Military Pension Payment o Utility Bill Collection o Life Insurance o Provincial Tax Collection o Collection of Motor Vehicle Tax o Renewal of Driving Licenses, Arms Licenses o Printing and Sale of Agricultural Loan Pass Books etc. 11

12 Postal Services Counter Automation at major stations Over 400 million articles handled annually 12

13 Postal Services Track and Trace System Integrated with International Postal System (IPS) 13

14 Money Remittance Services Electronic Money Transfer service for foreign remittances in collaboration with Western Union Disbursement under Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Disbursement under Food Support Scheme of the Punjab Govt (FSS) Ordinary Money Order Service Fax Money Order Service Urgent Money Order service 14

15 Western Union International Inbound Money Transfer Legal channel of inbound money transfer System in place in collaboration with Western Union Started in the year 2002 Initially 81 outlets were registered Extend to 850 outlets in the year 2004 Average monthly transactions are over 60,000 Over 1400 outlets at present 15

16 WU Transactions Growth 16

17 Special Money Orders Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) Project launched23/12/2008 No. of money orders issued4.6 million Amount disbursedRs 13 billion Disbursement percentage (upto April 2009) 97% 17

18 Military Pension Payment System 1.3 million pensioners served monthly Rs 26 billion are paid annually System is fully computerized 18

19 Postal Life Insurance (PLI) Agency Service on behalf of Ministry of Finance A welfare scheme operated on No Profit - No Loss basis Offers various Life and Group Insurance Policies Policy holders on 30/06/ ,619 PLI Reserve FundRs billion Annual Premium Income Rs million 19

20 Customer Care Customer is the King, King is to be delighted Online complaint/suggestion handling Customer Care Department Call Centers established for customer care UAN number ( ) for major cities Specialized training of the operators Total Customer Care and Satisfaction 20

21 Steps taken by Pakistan Post in the Recent Past Provision of motorcycles to Postmen Provision mobile phones to Postmen Pakistan Post Mobilink Money Order Service launched on 28 th November 2008 o Service offered to customers through Mobilink o Cash handling and registration of the clients by Pakistan Post o Technical and Backup support by Mobilink Special Arrangements made for Internally Displaced Persons at Mardan, North West Frontier Province 21

22 Postal Staff College as ECO Regional Postal Training Center Managerial Training o Postal Staff College Islamabad is required to be fully utilized for the managerial training of the officers of ECO member countries. o The college is equipped and is being run by highly qualified faculty. 22

23 Postal Staff College as ECO Regional Postal Training Center It is proposed that regular training courses of ECO postal officers are held at Postal Staff College on yearly basis Postal Staff College is in the process of preparing tailor made courses for the postal officers from ECO member states with some financial support from ECO We are in position to turn these capacity building courses into a regular annual exercise In response to the Agenda Item No. 10 of the 4 th Meeting of ECO Postal Authorities at Baku on Oct , Pakistan proposes that the Postal Staff College Islamabad may be declared as ECO Regional Postal Training Center as a body affiliated with ECO. 23

24 Compliance of Decisions of the 4 th Meeting of ECO Pakistan Post has imparted training to 132 middle grade postal managers from ECO member states at Postal Staff College, Islamabad Four different courses have been especially designed by the Postal Staff College for senior and middle management and submitted to ECO Secretariat Financial Management, Postal Rate Fixing and Costing Quality of Service and Project Handling for Utilization of Quality of Service Fund Human Resource Management UPU and International Mail It is for the member administrations to nominate officers 24

25 Compliance of Decisions of the 4 th Meeting of ECO Common stamps o Common stamp was issued on 11 th March 2009 Enhancement of Role of Private Sector o MOU signed between Pakistan Post and SpeedEx courier o Pakistan Post to book, transmit and deliver SpeedEx mail on commission Following services have been outsourced o Franchise Post office, Mail Motor Contracts, Security, Sanitation 25

26 Compliance of Decisions of the 4 th Meeting of ECO Publicizing on ECO Postal Website o The relevant information regarding Pakistan Post on the topics of common interest including training facilities, training schedules, the achievements in Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) etc. have been put in place Common Philatelic Exhibition o Pakistan Post will be privileged to hold philatelic exhibition and will happily participate in such exhibitions arranged by the member countries 26

27 Thank You 27

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