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COMPLIANCE360 compliance made simple !. Governance And Accountability Governance And Accountability Provides A Focus For Business Practices That Promote.

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1 COMPLIANCE360 compliance made simple !

2 Governance And Accountability Governance And Accountability Provides A Focus For Business Practices That Promote Fairness, Ethical Behavior, And Transparency. Accountability Is The Responsibility To Complete Business Functions. Governance Is A Framework Of Policies Or Procedures That Help Safeguard The Interest Of Various Business Stakeholders.

3 Do You Spend Too Much Time Chasing Paper/ Reports > Is Your Team Following Your Monitoring Framework >

4 Are You Up To The Mark With All Compliance / Risks /Exposures > What Is Your Exposure If we fail On Any Compliance >

5 What Is A Compliance Compliance events can originate in many different places from a variety of triggers: Regulatory agencies can impose regulations on organizations; internally driven initiatives can take many forms and can impact the entire organization; and external organizations can mandate processes and procedures that must be followed.

6 Compliance Business Process Policy & Procedures Financial Industry Regulations Industry Regulations Statutory ROC/CLB Statutory ROC/CLB Vendor Insurance Labor ISO IT PCI/27001/2 IT PCI/27001/2 Safety Fire Safety Fire Internal Customers Legal

7 Too Many Issues… ESI Legal Annual ReportPurchase ROC Report PF Vendor Agreements Employee Yearly Survey TDS Deposit InsuranceStock TakingRenew Lease Advance Tax

8 Remove all Chaos..One Click …

9 Requirements Translate the rules/standards/policy/procedures' into actionable items. Understand the business activities and context to which the rules/standards apply. Notify and escalate compliance (or non-compliance) in an efficient manner. Manage regulatory information and disseminate this easily within the organization. Allow a method of auditing the compliance level in a smarter and easier way. Integrate with Intranet.

10 Smart.Simple. Compliance360 provides platform for planning, progress tracking and communication. Define whats important, assign tasks and communicate with your team and clients until things get done.

11 One Click Access to Compliance Ecosystem

12 What is Compliance360 SMART.SIMPLE way to get things done !! Easy To Use Web Application Access To Subject Matter Experts Easy / Quick Competitive Quotes Knowledge Packs

13 Compliance360 Application A Compliance management and collaboration tool that you can set up on your own web site. It will make your work with your team, and Investee much easier. Its a nice, cozy and pleasant place where you can divide complex issues into smaller steps and tasks, and get things done without filling up your mailbox/xl sheets.


15 Easily Manage Organize your efforts into Compliance projects and gather people around them. Compliance360 lets you define the key points in the compliance, assign tasks, track progress, share files and discuss the entire process. Get Compliance done with less management and more communication.

16 Centralize Communication Compliance360 will gather all the people that are important to your business and help them work together. It will also keep all of your data and records, negotiations and discussion, and documents and files all in one place. All your Compliance data will always be just one click away.

17 Mobile Interface When you are away from your computer, you can use your mobile phone to access Compliance360. It will automatically detect that you are using a mobile device and serve content optimized for smaller screens and less bandwidth. Thanks to mobile interface, your data is always available.

18 No Limits When we say Bring Everyone Aboard we really mean it! You can invite all the people you are working with to join you in Compliance360 without any quantitative limitations. Together you can work on an unlimited number of Compliances/Issues, without restrictions.

19 Roles and Permissions There are two types of permissions : First are system permissions that define what user can do on a system level, like log in or access administration. Second type are compliance permissions that give or restrict access to specific sections in a particular compliance. Users can have different roles in different compliances.

20 Data Privacy Solution is designed to give you full control even when you include everyone in your workspace. People will see only projects they are working on. On top of that, you can mark some discussions and tasks so only members of your team can see them while your clients will not be aware of their existence.

21 Bring Everyone Aboard You can include all the people you want to work with on any number of projects. Your team will have a place where they can work together, discuss Compliance and tasks, exchange files and more. You can include clients, contractors, suppliers and everybody else you are working with, while having full control over who can see and do what.

22 Manage Compliances Compliance360 is all about compliances and getting them done. You can create as many compliances as you want and invite people to work on them. Work is organized around important compliance milestones, where each milestone can have its own set of tasks, discussions and files. When team finishes work on one milestone, they move to the next one until the whole compliance is done.

23 Groups and Clients Large number of compliances and people involved can create disorder and confusion. You can organize all your compliances in compliance groups. Each compliance can have a client. When properly sorted, you can easily access compliances per group or per client.

24 Milestones Milestones are important dates in a compliance. They can be a single day or a time range. Common milestones are launch dates, important meetings or reviews, presentations to a client, development iterations, etc. Use milestones to divide big compliance issues into manageable steps.

25 Tickets, Checklists, Tasks? Tickets, checklists and tasks will bring your idea to life one step at a time. Tickets are big tasks that can be added to milestones, divided into smaller tasks and discussed. Checklists are similar, but they do not support comments and attachments. Instead, they behave more like good old to do lists.

26 Email is Convenient Everybody knows how to use email. By having ability to send and receive email it's more likely that your clients and employees will adopt the system. Instead of a sudden switch to a new way of working, they can continue to use the tools they are familiar with.

27 Email Integration Keeps you and your associates in the loop by sending email notifications about new tickets, comments, file versions and more. You reply to all notifications it sends you via email. When system receives your reply, it will submit it as a comment in the right place. When system receives a message that is not a reply, it will create a new ticket or a discussion based on it.

28 Always up to Date Email is one of the best ways to keep up with the compliances. System will send an email notification to members when events such as new task creation, new comment or file version occur. The content of notification emails can be customized by system administrators

29 Incoming Mail Users can post a comment by replying on email notifications you received. If system receives a message that is not a reply to a notification, it will automatically create a new ticket or discussion based on it. System that handles incoming messages has full support for reading files attached to them.

30 Share Files To work on a compliance usually means to work with a lot of files. Compliance360 gives people the tools to share, organize and comment them. Files are organized into categories and sorted by the time they are uploaded. System is able to track different versions of a file so you can see how it evolved. When you upload an image, system will generate a thumbnail for quick preview.

31 Compliance Files People working on a compliance can upload unlimited number of related files. Team members will be able to download and discuss uploaded files. Using visibility property, managers can even hide some of the files from clients and have them available to member of your team only.

32 Version Tracking When you upload a file for your associates to work on, changes they make will be tracked as new versions of that file. This way everybody can see how a file evolves and what direction it takes. Plus, everyone can comment and express opinion about the process.

33 Global Documents Documents are global files that are independent from any particular compliance and everybody can see them. Just like Compliance files, you can mark some of the documents as Private and have them available to the members of your team only.

34 COMPLIANCE360 HIGHLIGHTS Email Support System sends you an email when something important happens. Simply reply to these notifications to post comments, or send new email messages to create tasks and start discussions. Collaborate Work with your associates and clients, assign tasks, share files, get notified when something happens, discuss and comment. Everything is saved in the system and available for future reference. Save Time Compliance360 has a number of tools that save your time. Create templates, easily reschedule milestones and tasks, quickly add new tasks and discussions and more. Be In Control Use flexible roles and permissions to define who can do and see what.

35 LIVE DEMO For Demo Visit :

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