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Tally.ERP 9 for Landed Cost Module

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2 Tally.ERP 9 for Landed Cost Module
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3 Overview of Landed Cost Module
Landed Cost is the total cost of a product including all the overhead expenses on arrival of goods. This list of components that are needed to determine landed costs include the original cost of the item, all brokerage and logistics fees, complete shipping costs, customs duties, tariffs, taxes, insurance, currency conversion, crating costs, and handling fees. Not all of these components are present in every shipment, but that entire are must be considered part of the landed cost. To find out the landed cost of each item from the multiple items, all the overhead expenses needs to be appropriately distributed by its quantity or value. EESTPL offers you Landed Cost Module, easing cost calculation considerably. It helps you arrive effortlessly at Landed Cost of products. As opposed to the general method of arriving at costing based on value, EESTPL Landed Cost Module allows you appropriate costing both, by the quantity of a given product or value of your choice. It functions under Purchase voucher. Please find the modus operandi of the module hereunder for your understanding. Prev Next

4 Landed Cost of the Product
Structure of Landed Cost Module Master Creation Report on Landed Cost of the Product Landed Cost Module Expenses Payable Pending Voucher Type Creation Voucher Creation Prev Next

5 Process Flow – Landed Cost Module
Purchase of Imported goods from a Supplier Contains Inventory related details such as Item Names, Quantity, Rate and Amount Receives a Purchase Invoice Contains Accounting related details such Supplier Name, Purchase Ledger, Duties and transportation charges. Purchase invoice is saved in the name of supplier with Multiple Supplier in Purchase Invoice such as Goods Supplier, Transport Supplier, Etc., with Bill Information's all additional cost of Purchases & relevant expenses to its payable Expenses Payable of the Additional Cost of Purchases View the Expenses Ledger Payable pending in the Ledger Account Landed cost of the Product View the Inventory Report, for the Landed cost of the Product Prev Next

6 Primary Requirement – Landed Cost Module
Category / Module Major Requirement Explanation Landed Cost Module Master Creation/Alteration User should create a Group Master in which they should mention the method to allocate when used in purchase Invoice. And then appropriate Ledgers should be created under these groups. Voucher Type Creation/Alteration Voucher Type Masters are created with mentioning Use for Landed Cost (Appropriation) to Yes. Voucher Creation Purchase Invoices are created with all the Inventory Details, Accounting Details, Duties and Taxes, Expenses and relevant Expenses Payable. Expenses Payable Pending Pending Payables of the Expenses or Duties and Taxes Landed Cost of the Product View the Inventory Report for the Landed Cost rate of each item appropriately added by its value. Prev Next

7 Tally.ERP 9 Fitment – Landed Cost Module
SL No. Requirement Part of Tally.ERP 9 Part of Solution 1 Group Master Creation Yes 2 Ledger Master Creation 3 Voucher Type Master Creation with option to enable Landed Cost Appropriation 4 Purchase Invoice with Expenses Payable 5 Multiple Suppliers in a Purchase Invoice 6 Bill Allocations of the Additional Cost Suppliers for the Invoice, So that Bills can be Paid by Bill Wise. 7 Pending Expenses Payable of the Purchase Invoice 8 Inventory Report with Landed Cost of the Product Prev Next

8 FAQ Q. Which version/releases of Tally.ERP 9 does the add-on support?
Ans. This add-on will work only with Tally.ERP 9 Series A, release 3.6 onwards. Q. How will I get support for this add-on? Ans. For any functional support requirements please do write to us on or call us at , Q. If I need some enhancement / changes to be incorporated for the add-on, whom should I contact? Please to write to us on with your additional requirements and we will revert to you in 24 hours. Q. Will new features added be available to us? Ans. We offer one year availability of all support and new features free of cost. After one year, nominal subscription cost will be applicable to you to continue to get free support and updates. Q. What will happen after one year? Ans. 20% of the then MRP will be charged for one year of support and versions (minor & major). Home Exit

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