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(almost) everything you wanted to know about your allen independent school district presenting TWENTY-FIVE QUESTIONS.

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1 (almost) everything you wanted to know about your allen independent school district presenting TWENTY-FIVE QUESTIONS

2 Welcome To Allen ISD Informative Interactive Fun 3 Beth Nicholas InterimSuperintendent Allen ISD 2 Susan Olinger Member Board of Trustees 1 Louise Master President Board of Trustees

3 What is an independent school district? History 1

4 1 Independent Vs. Common Schools 1883 – Allen Common Schools 1910 – Allen Independent School District Common schools run by county / independent schools run by the local community - Allen ISD created in 1910

5 Why are there Allen ISD schools in other cities such as McKinney and Parker? History 2

6 2 Setting School Boundaries Boundaries set in early 1900s Boundaries set in rural areas along lines of farm properties City limits change but school district boundaries do not Residents pay separate taxes to city and school district Allen ISD has schools in Parker and McKinney Allen 1960

7 How has Allen ISD grown through the years? History 3

8 3 Student Enrollment

9 How much bigger will Allen ISD get? History 4

10 Demographics 4 Build Out 22,000 Students By Year 2020 Starting To Slow Down Now (2013)

11 Will Allen ISD build a second high school? Facilities 5

12 5 - No Plans for a Second High School - Comprehensive high school planned in 1995 - Capacity of current building would be too low - Enrollment projections dont justify 2 nd school Allen High School

13 How does Allen ISD help students adjust and succeed in a large high school? Facilities 6

14 6 - Academic house organization - Family tours throughout year - PALs student ambassador program Allen High School - Lowery Center experience - Variety of student organizations and activities

15 What is CTE center and who is eligible to take CTE classes? Academics 7

16 7 Course Options In: Ag Science / Business Education / Arts, AV & Communications / Health Science / Human Services / Science Technology – Engineering – Math Eligibility Intro classes open to all students Higher levels classes have prerequisites AHS Career & Technical Education

17 What type of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are offered to Allen HS students ? Facilities 8

18 8 - 10 boys & 9 girls UIL sports - 6 club sports (hockey, rugby, etc.) - 40 student clubs & organizations - Extensive fine arts opportunities - Approx. 88% of all AHS students involved in a student activity during the year Allen High School Activities

19 Will Allen ISD build a fourth middle school? History 9

20 Facilities 9 No fourth middle school planned Growth in city reaching buildout Cost approx $65m + $2.8m for land Additions at all three campuses can now handle future growth Curtis Middle 1,083 Students Capacity 1,400 Ford Middle 884 Students Capacity 1,000 Ereckson Middle 1,125 Students Capacity 1,400

21 How are Board of Trustee members elected and what is their role? Board of Trustees 10

22 Governance 10 Three-Year Terms Serve Community At Large Role: Policy Finance Capital Projects Governance Board of Trustees

23 How can I get more information about Board of Trustee meetings and actions? Board of Trustees 11

24 Governance 11 Meet fourth Monday of each month Workshops held monthly as needed Board of Trustees website -Agendas & minutes -City of Allen Cable - Online video -Project summaries - Team of 8 emails Board of Trustees

25 Why is there more than one school tax rate? History 12

26 Finance Allen ISD Tax Rate Maintenance and Operation ($1.17) - Day to day operation - Salaries, supplies, energy, insurance Debt Service (.50) - Long term debt - Buildings, technology, buses Total Tax Rate (per $100 assessed value) $1.67 The two funds cannot be mixed! 12

27 What does it cost to educate a child in Allen ISD? History 13

28 Finance Allen ISD General Fund ($7,200 p/ child) 13

29 Does Allen ISD have a strategic plan? Finance 14

30 Academics Allen ISD Strategic Plan 2001 St. Plan - Operational 2007 St. Plan – Programs & Facilities 2013 St. Plan – Instruction & Vision Current Strategic Plan: -Career & Technical Education -On-Line Classes -Early Childhood -Alternative Education 14

31 What is the profile of graduates from Allen High School? Finance 15

32 Academics Graduate Profile Effective Problem Solvers Responsible & Engaged Citizens Academically Prepared For Future Pursuits Effective Communicators 15

33 What is 21 st Century Learning? Finance 16

34 Academics 21 st Century Learners Collaboration Communication Creativity Critical Thinking 16

35 How are schools rated by the state? Academics 17

36 Academics School Rating System 2011 Rating System - Exemplary, Recognized, Acceptable or Unacceptable 2013 Rating System - Met Standard - Improvement Required 2014 Rating System - A-B-C-D-F system proposed for campus ratings 17

37 How did Allen students perform on the new STAAR and EOC exams in 2013? Academics 18

38 Academics 18

39 Did the legislature reduce the number of required EOC (End of Course) exams for high school students? Academic 19

40 Academics (EOC) End of Course Exams -Legislature set requirement of 15 high stakes exams for students to graduate in 2011 -Changed to 5 high stakes exams for students in 2013 19

41 How does Allen serve students whose native language is not English? Demographics 20

42 Demographics Allens Growing Diversity 57 languages spoken among students Enrollment Center ESL vs. Bilingual 1,284 English Language Learners (ELL) - 1039 ESL students - 245 in bilingual programs 417 ELL (Monitored) 20

43 Does Allen offer a dual language program? Academic 21

44 Academics Dual Language Programs Defined: Students are taught literacy and content in two different languages - Dual language immersion/ one- way is bi-literacy program model serving students identified as limited English proficient - Two-way (bilingual) immersion programs: a balance of native English speakers and native Spanish speakers 21

45 What programs does Allen ISD offer for academically advanced students? Academics 22

46 Academics Advanced Academics AIM - Grades K-6* GT Humanities - Grades 7 & 8* GT Phoenix - Grades 9-12* IB – Grades 11-12 Pre-AP and AP (7-12) (Advanced Placement) Courses Pre-IB and IB Courses (7-12) *Students must qualify for these programs 22

47 What is the difference between International Baccalaureate; Advanced Placement and Dual Credit? Academics 23

48 Academics Allen HS Advanced Course Options Advanced Placement - Subject specific exams International Baccalaureate - Collaborative courses - Subject specific exams - IB full diploma Dual-Credit - College level coursework - Credit for HS and college 23

49 Allen ISD has 12,000 computers and 3,600 laptops for students. How do we protect students online? Technology 24

50 Technology Internet Safety All access to AISD networks is traced Multiple Internet filtering Restrict access to inappropriate sites Education of students Student & employee acceptable use policies Dedicated staff to maintaining filters 24

51 What safety and security measures does Allen ISD use to protect students? Security 25

52 Security Safety and Security Restricted entries/check-in screening Video monitoring systems School Resource Officers / Allen Police Allen ISD security staff / procedures Education & awareness Safety drills Balance of public access and secure environment 25

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