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Junior Program DHBW Mosbach

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1 Junior Program DHBW Mosbach
Fall September to December Spring January to April Spring March to June Junior Program DHBW Mosbach Spring March to June Calendar and Courses Spring March to June DHBW - Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg Lohrtalweg 10, Mosbach, Germany Phone: , Fax: ,

2 Junior Program of Business Administration
DHBW Mosbach – Academic Calendar Spring March to June Spring January to April Fall September to December JP I Fall Semester Financing & Investment Accounting/Tax Global Marketing: Product Mix, communication, E-Commerce Macroeconomics Leadership Research/ Scientific Methods Supply Chain Management Business & Corporation Law Intercult. & Social Skills German Language Training (Location TBA) Start: 5 September 2014 Orientation in Mosbach & Business Courses at DHBW End: 12 December 2014 Orientation & German Language (Location TBA) JP II Spring Semester Organizational Behavior/Chg. Human Resources Operations Research Quantitative Market Research Direct Cost Accounting Indus. Marketing Negotiation Money and Currency Business Law Project Management Intercultural & Social Skills Start: 11 January 2015 Business Courses in Mosbach End: 10 April 2015 JP II Spring Semester Organization HRM Intercultural Mgmt or Change Mgmt. International Marketing International Finance Macroeconomics Money & Currency Orientation & German Language in Bad Mergentheim Start: 30 March 2015 Business Courses in Bad Mergentheim End: 26 June 2015

3 Things to Know About the Junior Program
Key features: Coursework focused on the field of International Business Administration Business classes taught entirely in English Modules in one- or two-week blocks Intensive German language course prior to Business classes (different locations, e.g. in Heidelberg) Intercultural mix of students in class (international and German students) Orientation program Excursions (e.g. to Hamburg or Berlin) 30 ECTS credits per semester DHBW Mosbach // Junior Program – Current Facts and Dates 3

4 How to Apply to the Junior Program
Application Deadlines: JP I (Fall Semester) : 31 May JP II (Spring Semester): 30 September Application Forms can be found on our website: Here you will also find our Survival Guide including more details about costs, housing, formalities, etc. Application Process: Application materials submitted by the deadline will be given first consideration in the participant selection process. Qualified applicants will be admitted to the program / campus of their choice as space allows. Rolling admission after deadlines have passed: Applications received after the deadline will still be considered however; if all slots have been filled, they will be placed on a waiting list and notified if space becomes available. DHBW Mosbach // Junior Program – Current Facts and Dates 4

5 Junior Program Costs For exchange students estimated minimum monthly expenses in are approximately 750 €. This includes Housing (per month) plus refundable safety € to € deposit of two to three months in most cases Lunch at the student restaurant (per meal) approx € Student services fee (one-time fee) € Public health insurance (per month – for non-EU citizens) € Miscellaneous (excursions, books, etc.)* approx € Study-abroad students – versus exchange students – will additionally be charged the following fees: Administration fee (one-time fee) € Beside additional personal expenses, such as for public transport, household articles, travelling, etc. Additional program specific costs may arise. These can include costs for books, photocopies, excursions, trips, and other things. DHBW Mosbach // Junior Program – Current Facts and Dates 5

6 How To Contact Us – International Office
International Office in Mosbach: DHBW Mosbach Lohrtalweg 10, D Mosbach Phone +49 (0) 6261 – Fax +49 (0) 6261 – International Office in Bad Mergentheim: DHBW Mosbach, Campus Bad Mergentheim Schloss 2, D Bad Mergentheim Phone +49 (0) 7931 – Fax +49 (0) 7931 – Central contact: DHBW Mosbach // Junior Program – Current Facts and Dates 6

7 How To Contact Us – Academic Advisors
Dr. Thomas D. Queisser Head of Junior Program in Mosbach Phone (0) 6261 – Prof. Dr. Rainer Jochum Head of Junior Program in Bad Mergentheim Phone (0) 7931 – DHBW Mosbach // Junior Program – Current Facts and Dates 7

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