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ESTATES DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Presentation by Maria Ferreira and Diane Jones December 2013.

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1 ESTATES DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT Presentation by Maria Ferreira and Diane Jones December 2013

2 Background Following a review in October 2011 a decision was made to restructure the Estates Department. In June 2012 two new departments were created Property Services Team (PST) – dealing with reactive maintenance, (most) planned preventative maintenance, grounds maintenance and minor projects (<£25k). PST are in Campus Services and managed by Sean Kenny. Estates Development Department

3 Role of the Estates Development Department Developing and managing major projects (>£25k) Energy management (eg sourcing and introducing energy saving measures, monitoring energy usage) Utility contract management (eg procuring contracts, reconciling payments for electricity, gas and water, CRC) Managing Planet Enterprise Legislative compliance (eg lift maintenance, legionella control, emergency light testing, asbestos management) Space management (eg space planning, room moves, space utilisation surveys, EMS data) Estate management (eg leases, rental agreements, acquisitions and disposals of land and property, Business Rates, Council Tax)

4 The Estate AU owned property - Penglais, Llanbadarn (except Coleg Ceredigion), Gogerddan, Old College, 1/2 Marine Terrace, Y Bwthyn, 2 King St, 1/9/10 Laura Place, Edward Davies building, Sci Park Unit 12 AU owned facilities - Blaendolau, Vicarage fields (including Mosque), Boathouse AU owned farms – Penglais, Frongoch, Frondeg, Wern Phillip, Morfa Mawr Leased in properties – PJM, Wellness Centre, Penglais Nursery, Castle Theatre, Brynderw, Seafront Halls, Glanyrafon Bookstore, Clarach stores Leased in farms – Trawsgoed, Pwllpeiran Leased out – Gogerddan Nursery, Plascrug Bowling Green, various farms and pieces of land 35 Domestic properties across various locations Land – and lots of it – from Talybont (Rhydyronnen Farm) to Llanon (Morfa Mawr)

5 Current structure Tel: 2076 E-mail: eddstaff Head of Department (Consultant on interim basis pending recruitment process) (Len Cotton) Improvements Manager (Building) (Dave Lister) Extn: 3033 Quality Officer (Mark Mountford) Extn: 8720 Quality Officer (Glyn Williams) Extn: 1882 Improvements Manager (M&E) (Mike Tipping) Extn: 1880 Quality Officer (Jimmy Edwards) Extn: 2862 Quality Officer (Gareth Jenkins) Extn: 8767 Space Manager (Tim Macy) Extn: 8714 Energy Advisor (Janet Sanders) Extn: 1804 Compliance and Improvement Manager (Simon Edwards) Extn: 2863 Emergency Lighting Officer (Jonathan Ashworth) Fire Protection Officer (Peter Heading) Admin Assistant (Dave Robinson) Extn: 2076 Senior Administrator (Maria Ferreira) Extn: 1792 Senior Administrator (Diane Jones) Extn: 2079

6 AU Strategic Plan Strategic Drivers 1.Student and staff experience 2.Excellent infrastructure and buildings 3.Sustainable development 4.Space as an enabler A beautiful, coherent and sustainable estate Capital Projects Advisory Group, reporting to Finance and Strategy Committee. Cap 27 Pipeline – clearer methodology for working up and approving projects over £25k. Four stages: Spark, Shape, Firm, Start. Improves our chances of having shovel ready projects to maximise funding opportunities Capital Projects Strategy

7 Focus of Attention Penglais Llanbadarn Gogerddan Old College

8 Achievements in 2012-2013 Teaching rooms Llanbadarn Centre Postgraduate Centre Swimming pool filtration Fire alarms and lighting in Hugh Owen Electrical testing & improvements Sports Cage energy efficient lighting

9 Expenditure Budgets 2013-14£'000k Utilities2,835 Salaries639 Projects600 Insurance585 Rent/Rates337 Planned Maintenance232 Other Costs104 (inc Vehicles, Prof fees & Office Costs) 5,332 EDD Expenditure Budget 2013-14

10 Projects for 2013-14 NumberBuildingOutline of worksIM Estimated funds 0073LlandinamE21 install air systemMike Tipping£20,000 0075LlandinamMake safe windowsDave Lister£10,000 0076Hugh OwenInvestigate & monitor beamsDave Lister£10,000 0077Old CollegeStone defectsDave Lister£50,000 0078Penglais CampusInfrastructure surveyMike Tipping£50,000 0079CledwynDemolish hutDave Lister£10,000 0080Physical SciencesRewireMike Tipping£200,000 0081Penglais CampusDesign & print HV switchgear replacementMike Tipping£120,000 0089LlanbadarnHeating in teaching roomsMike Tipping£15,000 0083LlanbadarnDrain repairsMike Tipping£50,000 0086Hugh OwenD floorDave Lister£12,000 ESPACVariousSpace movesTim Macy£15,000 0088LlanbadarnExaminations workMike Tipping£8,000 0094LlandinamPostgrad Centre 24-hour heatingMike Tipping 0092LlandinamUpgrade fire alarm systemMike Tipping£10,000 0091LlandinamHeating issuesMike Tipping 0090PantycelynInvestigationsJan Sanders 0062LlandinamGeology roofDave Lister£5,000 0020VariousElectrical testing & remedialsMike Tipping£50,000 0068Hugh Owen/LlanbadarnBannersDave Lister£6,100 0068Hugh OwenScaffoldDave Lister£31,000 0067Edward LlwydExtend fire escapeDave Lister£20,000 £692,100

11 Institute identifies maintenance or refurbishment requirements Log Call on the Helpdesk and get Call Number Is work in a centrally timetabled space? Is work simple reactive? Call allocated to PST Manager for action Discussed at PST/EDD meeting and decision made on who should carry forward (This stage may be by-passed and the work fast-tracked to the next stage) <£25k: Call allocated to PST Manager to progress >£25k: Call allocated to EDD. Improvements Manager appointed to verify funding, Executive approval, progress feasibility, etc Check with Timetable Office before proceeding What Institutes need to do NB: Consider designating individual(s) in Institute structure for web call logging The current situation in relation to any logged call can be ascertained from the Helpdesk (extn: 2999, e-mail: YES NO

12 Departmentally Funded Project Written (e-mail accepted) approval of Institute Manager Departmental Cost Centre and Project code Creation of ABW Work Order (EXPR****) All external commitments via ABW Purchase Order Centrally Funded Project Backlog maintenance identified on Condition Survey or highlighted by other projects Strategic requirement identified by AU Exec (eg via Planning Round)

13 Future Ways of Working All enquiries to Estates Development start with Call on Planet Enterprise, for example Potential project Request for space This creates an audit trail, prevents duplication and overcomes problems resulting from personnel changes. The Institute Managers are automatically included in any dialogue as soon as possible All requests to Campus Services start with a Call on Planet Enterprise, for example Reporting reactive maintenance issue Reporting grounds maintenance issue Request for portering/cleaning services

14 Diolch Thank you Any questions? NADOLIG LLAWEN Merry Christmas

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