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Children of Madaifus 1 st Summer Camp July 14-22 2013.

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1 Children of Madaifus 1 st Summer Camp July 14-22 2013

2 Our goals Gather together a group of 30 children in a nice environment and combine learning and pleasure over a week. Surrounded by a team of French/Chinese professionals and volunteers who offered a range of skills and activities in a warm and supportive way. Get a good mix of children who seem stable and confident and some of the more fragile ones. Get them to open up, establish friendships, learn to work together as part of a team. Leave behind their daily worries and feel carefree for a while.



5 How it went 28 primary school children from 3 different counties in Gansu (+2 teachers sons) Age range: 10-14 yrs old Location: Shanmen Middle School, Qingshui county Duration: 1 week Budget: RMB 50 000


7 Approximate cost : RMB 56 300 Children, staff and materials transportation: RMB 25 000 Food and cooks salaries: RMB 8300 Equipment: RMB 10 000 Children and staffs bedding and crockery: RMB 10 000 Childrens insurance and miscellaneous costs: RMB 3000 Transport costs have been reduced as some volunteers decided to pay their own tickets


9 MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySunday 7hWake up,.. 8hBreakfast 9hClass Be Better Native American TotemEnglish class Native American Teepee + Isys activities Cooking + Native American Clothes 9h45Break 10hClass Be Better Native American TotemEnglish class 10h45Break(snacks) 11h"Activities room" Free time 12hLunch 13hFree time Thermal baths Free time 15hClass Be Better English class Native American drawings English class (fruit salad) Isys activities Native American clothes + Party setup 15h45Break (snacks) 16hClass Be Better 16h45Free time 18hDiner 18h30Laundry Party + Film: Ice Age 19h30Film : Kung Fu PandaPartyFilm: PocahontasFIlm: Madagascar Hiking + Film: Harry Potter End of Harry Potter 21hGo to bed 21h30Switch off light


11 Activities and tools Outdoors sports equipment (ping-pong, ball games, skipping ropes, water pistols) Multimedia library Toys and board games Hiking, painting, singing, dancing, cooking, English classes, self-expression, arts & crafts Overall theme: Native American Indians


13 Feedback The summer camps preparation Everyone was satisfied with the location, Shanmen being very quiet, green and mountainous. The number of children was appropriate and the materials bought in preparation were all adequate and sufficient. The only real drawback was the Bathhouses defective pump, which meant the children couldnt shower every day, as planned. A trip to a local bathhouse and a big group-shampooing were opportunities to instill good hygiene habits. Be Better associations activities Through lively social & financial education programs, Be Better motivates children & youth to think critically, and help them to grow up into responsible citizens with a will to act collectively for a better world. They very kindly agreed to come and animate activities for the first three days, which were very well received by both children and staff. The activities were a lot of fun and allowed the children to express themselves and their aspirations.

14 English classes The English teachers goal was to show the children that English can be fun and interesting by teaching them songs, recipes that were later used in the kitchen and various games. He managed to make the lessons very lively and got the children to participate actively, despite the big differences in level. Isys activities Aiming to get the children to come out of their shell, she devised several exercises which were completely new to them. It taught them how to interact better with others and helped the shyer ones. She also helped organised the final day parade but wished she could have stayed more than just four days. The American Indian activities This theme was chosen because it was distant from both Western and Chinese culture and could lead to many creative activities (drawing, painting, make-up, jewellery making etc). It also helped the children learn how to work in teams and develop their imagination.


16 The children The children were of course the high-point of the summer camp. They were a real delight and the staff found them to be kind, disciplined and enthusiatic, as well as easy to deal with. The number of children seemed appropriate (16 girls/ 12 boys + 2 teachers sons). Over the course of the week, we noticed a real change in the behaviour of the few children who are usually shy and sad-looking, who gradually opened up, integrated the group well, and just had lots of fun! To have to deal with foreign adults whose Chinese skills were sometimes lacking was also a good opportunity for them to be in a position to be the ones who help, which was an unforeseen aspect of the experience. The staff Even though the Chinese level of the French staff was far from perfect, the Chinese team made a real effort to make communication smooth and did its best to grasp the essence of the project. Each member of staff had their own responsibilities, which were complementary with the rest of the teams, thus creating a balanced and harmonious work environment. Visiting members of Tianshuis Education Bureau, who has always been supportive of our actions, welcomed this initiative.


18 Summer Camp 2014 All the conditions are met for us to start planning for next years summer camp. We will keep the same number of children, who will still be in primary school and simply replace those who move up to middle school with younger ones. We are still looking for next years theme and teachers and, of course, for funding… More money would allow us to organise more outings and activities.


20 Our team Madaifus Baoji Office: – Li Yixi, Local manager – Yang Jun, Assistant local manager – Zhang Liangliang, Intern (formerly supported by Children of Madaifu) Madaifu Beijing – Marc LHuillier, Intern – Acting programme manager – Isy Chautemps, Actor and director – H é l è ne Kerdil è s, Volunteer – Li Shiyun, Volunteer


22 And many thanks to Steven Xu, Be Better Association Qin Haipeng, English teacher Liu Juan, Psychologist Zhang Dan, Teacher (Gangu Education Bureau) Wang Xudong, Teacher (Tianshui Education Bureau) Wang Congxin, Teacher (Qingshui) Fu Ximei, Teacher (Shanmen) Ma Chunmiao, Teacher (Gangu Education Bureau) Shanmen cooks Organizing the Summer Camp would not have been possible without the generous help from Viva International and all those kindhearted people who bought our Apples !


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