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SHIPS Watercraft Training Inc. A Division of Simon & Hall Insurance Professional Services, Inc What its all about.

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1 SHIPS Watercraft Training Inc. A Division of Simon & Hall Insurance Professional Services, Inc What its all about

2 How it all began – Training the Industry Doing the Right Thing ……. A Concept of Shared Knowledge Formerly known as: First Marine Small Power Watercraft Training Seminar This unique training program is now in the private sector

3 Our over-the-road tractor and trailer provides regional access to training unsurpassed in the marine industry…………. SHIPS Watercraft Training, Inc.

4 The program provides training for claims personnel so they could properly evaluate claims…………..

5 In a classroom setting…………..

6 And hands-on, our training is unmatched and a staple in the marine industry………..

7 With state of the art displays, cutaways and collection of failed parts…….

8 Displays and training are constantly being updated to address the most current damage claim related issues.

9 And has allowed regional training for literally thousands of individuals involved in assessment and evaluation of marine damages. Classes have been presented in many major cities……….. DallasAppleton & Madison, WI AtlantaCincinnati TulsaHouston Kansas CityLas Vegas St. Louis Minneapolis/St. Paul NashvilleOklahoma City 2006 seminars were presented in Mystic, CT and in Madison, WI 2007 presentations were made in Dallas, TX and in Madison, WI 2008 presentations are again scheduled for Madison, WI

10 Our mobile training facility not only provides a method to take the training where needed, the trailer is equipped both to transport the displays and training aids necessary to present the training program, and also provide an intimate setting for training small groups on-site. With both computer and video display capabilities, training presentations can be tailored for the needs of a specific audience.

11 The in-depth two day program remains geared towards increasing the knowledge of proper damage analysis for the individual, whether he or she is an adjuster, surveyor, or company supervisor responsible for evaluating marine damage claims. A partial list of those participating in this training include………. ANPAC (American National Property & Casualty) Farmers American Modern HomeTravelers State Farm Insurance Company Progressive American Family Insurance Company USAA Universal UnderwritersSun Alliance Markel/AUM (American Underwriters Managers)Royal Property Damage Appraisers Farmers Alliance Aetna HAAG Engineering SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors)Boat US SEAL Corp (Systems Engineering and Laboratories) Met Life Northland And many, many individual participants……….

12 While this list of participants is impressive, both companies and individuals alike express appreciation and acknowledgment of the training program. Space wont allow comments from all attending, but here are just a few….. Excellent, one of the best Ive been to. Failure mode examples are priceless when backed up with instructors. Pamela Harting-Forkey Very fascinating course, Outstanding. Learned how to describe and illustrate damage claims so laymen can understand. Bill Dials, AMS This 2 day seminar has really put things into perspective for me. The instructors were knowledgeable; yet explained things thoroughly so even inexperienced adjusters can understand. Joyce McManus The display pieces were the best Ive seen in one collection Kels Christian, AMS Great information! Excellent layout! Great job with the presentation. David Miller Excellent course. I learned more about outdrives in the last two days than I learned in 15 years of boating. Matt Behnke Excellent very thorough. For anyone not familiar with small engines it is nice to have a hands on course. Carol Gregory Excellent Seminar. The simulations and hands on aspects made it very informative. This training seminar is worth it to every marine adjuster - in house or field adjuster/surveyor. Sonia Haley I enjoyed this seminar. I am very impressed with how the instructors were able to teach such technical information to lay people with no personal watercraft experience. Rhonda Fleming And to this list add Robert Fuller, PDA-Dallas, Fate Evans, PDA-Memphis, Fred Crnkovic, PDA-Beaumont, Paul Lalande, Mike Liab and a host of others from American Modern Home Insurance Co., Frontier Adjusters, and many, many more……………

13 As an outgrowth of the program materials, several significant milestones have been realized. The course material has been approved for Adjuster Continuing Education in the State of Texas, with recertification in process for Oklahoma 2008, and classes pending approval in Florida. Additionally, the course has been recognized for CE credits by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) and the International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI). Portions of the seminar curriculum are included in the Advanced Boat Accident Reconstruction Training Program presented to Law Enforcement by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA). This reconstruction Seminar was formerly administered and presented by Underwriters Laboratory. Selected portions of the seminar curriculum are included as base course study for the Certified Marine Investigator program of IAMI. Copyrighted and proprietary material has been produced setting forth proper marine damage evaluation and is available to the industry. To our knowledge and belief, our training manual is the only published guide directed solely to the evaluation of marine damage claims.

14 An additional benefit of this programs acceptance throughout the marine industry is reflected in the cross training among others directly or peripherally involved in marine damages….particularly with Law Enforcement, Insurance Regulators and State Legislators concerning insurance fraud. It is a simple fact that fraud represents a significant cost to both insureds and insurers, and continues to be a mounting issue for insurance regulators, law enforcement and legislators alike. With the ability of SHIPS Watercraft Training, Inc. to take the training to where it is needed, increased fraud awareness presentations that have previously been presented for numerous State Insurance Departments and In-service Law Enforcement Training programs will again be made available under the new private sector ownership. These presentations help bridge the gap between insurance community and government entities, and past presentations have included participation by United States Postal Inspectors, individual States Attorney Generals Offices, representatives of the FBI, Departments of Natural Resources, and numerous individual Law Enforcement Agencies.

15 The training simply must be experienced to be appreciated………. Past participants return to attend class again and again, remarking that they learned something new with each attendance. Since the beginning, there was a standing offer to refund the attendance fee if the participant didnt believe he or she received their moneys worth – it was never requested – furthermore as new owners, we do not believe that it ever will be. We are so certain that this training is unmatched in the industry that SHIPS Watercraft Training, Inc. will continue to honor previous attendees of this program the opportunity to return and experience the program again at no tuition charge, asking only for a nominal fee to cover meals.

16 Its a fact of life that accidents in the marine environment occur……..

17 And repairs are expensive……….. Replacement of these propeller shafts and associated parts will cost over $1,000…… One did occur from striking a submerged object, the other is simply wear and tear… With our training, attendees will know the difference in the proper evaluation of these damages and much, much more…

18 Can you, or the companies you represent, afford not to know?

19 For the most comprehensive training in failure analysis of marine damages, sign up today to attend this program. If you are interested, visit our website to register today for the training you need before next boating claim season. Click on the Seminar link and learn more about the program or register for upcoming presentations today……...

20 If you have any questions, or would like to schedule training for your company, please feel free to contact us directly. We will be happy to provide answers to any questions you may have. SIMON & HALL Insurance Professional Services, Inc. Jerry P. Simon Instructor / Seminar Coordinator (573) 348-2741 or

21 SIMON & HALL Insurance Professional Services, Inc. P.O. Box 289 Kaiser, MO 65047 Copyrighted Material – All Rights Reserved January 10, 2008

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