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The Benefits of offering Point of Sale Auto Insurance By Arceri & Associates, Inc.

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1 The Benefits of offering Point of Sale Auto Insurance By Arceri & Associates, Inc.

2 Equals Success! Bi-Weekly Car Payment You set up your customer with weekly or bi-weekly car payments to help them budget to coincide with their paycheck. This is a standard BHPH collection practice that reduces repossessions.

3 Many customers dont have current auto insurance and come back with either the wrong coverage or incorrect lien holder or additional insured info. Your staff uses valuable time trying to close the deal.

4 Saleman requires insurance before closing deal Customer leaves lot to go buy a policy Customer waits 1- hour in agent's office Customer comes back with proof of insurance Vehicle is finally delivered after delays

5 Equals Failure! Monthly Insurance Payment Month to Month Insurance Payment Customer does not budget monthly for their auto insurance premium and as a result over 50% of repos are related to lapsed or cancelled insurance.

6 Monthly Car Insurance Car Note Partying Gasoline Monthly Utilities Rent Food BHPH, LHPH and RTO Customers dont budget monthly for Auto Insurance.

7 Finance Vehicle Insurance Lapse Repossess Vehicle Repair & Detail Vehicle Loss Revenue Without Point of Sale Insurance How much does it cost? Repo Bomb

8 With Point of Sale Insurance Finance Vehicle Include POS Insurance We Collect Bi-weekly Eliminate Lapse Notices Increase Revenues How does it work?

9 Start by having the customer initial and sign the acknowledgement form. 1 1

10 2 2 Open USAgencies to begin the online quote. (Takes about 5 minutes from start to finish)

11 3 3 Choose either monthly EFT or 10-pay bi-weekly pay plan.

12 4 4 Print the documents for customers signature

13 5 5 Give Insurance ID Cards and proof of insurance to customer

14 6 6 Complete and send the FAX coversheet IMMEDIATELY

15 7 7 Pay online at:

16 Example: 6 month quote: $800 total for full coverage insurance Down Payment$200.00 Processing fee$ 50.00 Total DP$250.00 5 payments @$130.00 The way to sell it: Down Payment$200.00 Processing fee$ 50.00 Total DP$250.00 Divide the DP in half……$125.00 due today; $125 due Friday 5 payments @$130.00 We will collect 10 bi-weekly payments @ $65.00 each starting in week 2 Competitor might be: Down payment$200.00 5 payments @$120.00

17 1.A Staff person to be trained with the online rater. 2.Internet access with DSL or cable speed 3.Open an account with Dwolla (its free) 4.Optional separate checking account for insurance money only Required to get started:

18 Summary of Benefits for offering Point of Sale Insurance 1.Reduce Lapse Notices 2.Reduce Repos 3.Write more deals – eliminate the BE-BACKS 4.Bind Coverage 24/7 5.Customers can conveniently pay insurance at Walmarts or K-marts 6.Insurance premium is billed/collected every 2 weeks 7.Dealers earn an upfront processing fee 8.Dealers can earn optional collection fees

19 Arceri & Associates, Inc. Christopher Arceri Office.504.484.6393 | Fax. 800.411.3571 |Cell. 504-553-7680 | 3342 Esplanade Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70119

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