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5.2 Powers of Congress and Congressional Committees Do Now: Why do people use sarcasm?

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1 5.2 Powers of Congress and Congressional Committees Do Now: Why do people use sarcasm?


3 Powers of Congress Typed of Congressional Power Expressed- Directly stated in the Constitution Implied- Powers required in order to enact the expressed ones Inherent- Powers inherent to any sovereign state

4 Expressed Powers Taxation- Able to collect taxes for defense, debt, and common welfare Borrowing- The ability to spend more than they earn Commerce- The power to regulate interstate and foreign trade Currency- The power to print and coin money and regulate its value Bankruptcy- The power to regulate financial failures

5 Expressed Powers Foreign Relations - The power to conduct relations with foreign nations War-The power to declare war and raise armies Naturalization-The process by which aliens become citizens Post-Control of the Postal Service and all of its activities Copyrights and Patents-Congress regulates rules concerning these Weights and Measures-Control over standardizes measurements Territory-The power to control non state territory (DC, Guam, etc) Judicial-Power to define federal crimes and punishments

6 Necessary and Proper Clause To make all laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into execution the foregoing powers and all other powers vested by this constitution in the government of the United States, or in any department or officer thereof.

7 Non-Legislative Powers Constitutional Amendments Impeachment Appointments Treaties Investigatory Power

8 Political Cartoons (AKA Editorial Cartoons) Political cartoonists use illustrations to make their views known and attempt to sway public opinion.







15 Work in groups to complete your Political Cartoon Analysis worksheet

16 Congressional Committees The houses of Congress each meet regularly as a body to vote or discuss important issues, however, the majority of the bill writing and editing happens in committee.

17 Congressional Committees Standing Committees meet permanently Special Committees meet for limited time Joint Committees have members from both houses

18 House Standing Committees Agriculture Appropriations Armed Services Budget Education Energy and Commerce Financial Services Govt Reform House Admin International Relations Judiciary Resources Rules Science Small Business Standards Transportation Veterans Affairs Ways and Means

19 House Agriculture Committee This committee oversees all aspects of agriculture from laws regarding GMO crops to organic certification to migrant labor regulations.

20 House Ways and Means Committee This committee originates all tax laws and also governs federal insurance programs.

21 House Appropriations Committee Once the Budget Committee sets the budget Appropriations Bills determine how much each program gets.

22 House Rules Committee This committee determines when and how bills will be debated and voted upon. They have more power than other committees due to their power to block or delay legislation.

23 5.2 Assignment Use the worksheet to create your own political cartoon about congress. You may choose to focus on the way congress works, common problems that it exhibits, or issues that it currently faces.

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