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Workshop E Integrating Health & Care Chaired by Lance Gardner CEO Care Plus Group.

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2 Workshop E Integrating Health & Care Chaired by Lance Gardner CEO Care Plus Group

3 Delivering Services through Social Enterprise Lance Gardner MBE Chief Executive Care Plus Group

4 Background Strong sense of place Long & Strong History of collaboration Co-terminus High trust relationships amongst local leaders 2007 establishment of the CTP – Health & Adult Social Care H&SC CCG being established 4

5 Why Social Enterprise from TCS? Integration of ASC & Community (health) services. Choice for local residents Focus on care outside of the hospital setting To have providers routed in & focused on our community To have providers able to rapidly develop & adapt services to reflect service need

6 Care Plus Group Fully integrated health and social care provider 720 staff [789] 50:50 split £22million [£23.5million] 156,000 population [180,000+] National Social Work Pilot site

7 Some of our Services Intermediate tier Community nursing Home care Specialist nursing Employability Meals on wheels Day services Chlamydia screening

8 The Provider of Choice mission statement

9 To be the most effective and innovative provider of care services in the UK and to be the Provider of Choice at the heart of communities Taking Responsibility Vision Putting People First Working Together Delivering Quality Services Investing in local communities Values Priorities Key Theme - Supporting independence and healthy lives Effective Governance Effective Leadership Skilled & Engaged Workforce Value for Money & Efficiency Business Development & Growth

10 Company versus Society Provider of Choice

11 Community Benefit Society part of the IPS (industrial and provident society) 'family since 1965 registered with and regulated by the FSA for the benefit of more than just the members social objectives can be an 'exempt charity' optional asset-lock can issue shares to the wider community 1 member, 1 vote Provider of Choice

12 12 Outcome of Due Diligence Positive organisational reputation Strong ownership and strength of vision Integrated working supporting better outcomes Embedded partnership working Consistency with national policy direction Recognition of financial challenges Provider of Choice

13 Care Plus Group is not a care Society which serves people, it is a people Society which provides care.

14 So whats different? More freedom to act Different relationship with commissioners Broader roles More opportunities to work with staff from across the Society Sense of ownership If things dont work we are empowered to change them

15 CARE PLUS GROUP Care Plus Board 3 Execs – 4 NEDs 2 Associate Directors [non voting] Council of Governors 8 staff, 2 Councillors, 2 GPs, 3 Lay People Advisory Committee 800 members CARE PLUS GROUP Care Plus (operating Division) 800 members Provider of Choice

16 Staff ? Others Board of Directors Council of Governors Provider of Choice community CARE PLUS GROUP

17 Provider of Choice

18 No Targets Currently Set Provider of Choice

19 Financial saving through development of Complex Case Management & Rapid Response – The graph below shows the target financial savings for Complex Case Management and Rapid Response in GREEN. The month on month savings achieved already this year mean that the end of year target has been achieved 6 months early. Provider of Choice


21 Benefits Lease cars Child care Gyms Savings Insurance Annual leave Provider of Choice

22 benefits Provider of Choice

23 What is social enterprise? A business that trades with a social and/or environmental purpose. A business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to maximise profit for shareholders and owners. (DTI, 2002). Provider of Choice

24 A social enterprise is driven by the best interests of the community. A social entrepreneur will always be bold, aspirational and ambitious because their prime purpose is to change the world. Penny Newman CEO, Cafedirect. Feb 2007

25 Dr Linda Harris CEO, Spectrum

26 Fit for the Future SEUK 2012 Integrating care and putting people first Spectrum Community Health CIC Dr Linda Harris Chief Executive


28 Just over a year old 170 staff 8M turnover Exploring synergies and efficiencies by bringing together: Health and well being for vulnerable groups (specifically secure environments ) Contraception and sexual health Improving outcomes for substance misusers and people with complex needs …………… with a focus on the hard to reach........and an eye to consolidate, diversify and grow About us

29 DH Integrated Care Organisation - Legacy Spectrum HMP New Hall HMP Wakefield Job Centre Plus WY Police and Probation Primary Care (CCGs) Local Authority Wakefield District Housing/Open Door Turning Point Voluntary Action Wakefield NHS Wakefield Specialist Mental Health Services SWYPFT

30 The Brief Perspectives on: Putting people at the centre of services Working on the interface of health and social care Advice for other organisations operating in either health or social care seeking to expand into other sectors

31 Putting People at the Centre of Care Staff Service users Communities Values Attitudes Behaviours CULTURE

32 Thinking like a Business Ensuring Business and Community Objectives are Central Mutual governance models Staff and service users exercising more control Entrepreneurial skills Innovative and flexible service delivery To Successfully Transform

33 In Spectrum Shareholders interests are represented by an elected Council of Shareholders (COS) whose voice is represented on our Board. Spectrum Shareholders

34 Get it right Get me right The wow factor The Culture We Want

35 How to get it right Conscientious, staff with energy and enthusiasm to strive to be better than the best Great staff engagement – a sense of pride and belonging Open, sharing and willing to learn from our mistakes Champions of better for less culture, co production, social responsibility

36 Professional,warm and caring Tackling stigma and discrimination, building care around our patients, advocacy, recovery, respect, inclusion Expert and professionally accountable Focus on the patient, measures of satisfaction, look for every opportunity for feedback How to get me right

37 NHS like but nimbler, dynamic, energetic and enthusiastic, early adopters Creative, innovative workforce, flexible and free to develop new relationships and try new things to deliver better outcomes Visible leadership, representative, role modelling Wow me! Provide personal, effective and memorable experiences for our patients

38 Recent successes: BJN Innovation Award 2012 ( second runner up) Yorkshire Business Masters – shortlisted best newcomer category Early adopters - Involved in two national Drugs and Alcohol Payment by Results pilots Achieving efficiency savings in our prison pharmacy services of over 100K Staff delivering transformation

39 Staff delivering service improvement and development Cancer Research UK / Macmillan Cancer Care Collaborative with well being nursing team British Heart Foundation – specialist cardiac nurse for prisons Inclusion Health Initiative for homeless and street sleepers with Wakefield Council Open Door Care coordination for frequent flyers in CCGs Yorkshire Forensic Primary Care Service Relationship and Sex Education in Schools Safe Haven for night time economy (WY police)

40 Putting People at the Centre of Care Service User and Community Representatives

41 Who are SpectrumPeople? A hub/group open to anyone interested in developing a collective Vision for Volunteering and involvement in Spectrum Comprises paid staff, COS members, community members, service users at various stages of recovery Meets monthly, promotes involvement for ALL Refer to themselves as Representatives of Spectrum

42 What does SpectrumPeople do? A time and asset bank where service users and professionals contribute their time, expertise and skills Fundraising/donations Takes on small defined and achievable projects Allotment scheme, in partnership with ABLE, Calder Vale Come Dine with Spectrum Coaching and mentoring scheme for prospective volunteers Creative writing with Community Arts Project

43 Putting People at the Centre of Care Community Involvement and Engagement

44 Spectrum is developing a community engagement strategy as part of its published mission as a new social enterprise In Wakefield this is evolving through joint initiatives with smaller charities and social enterprises delivering wraparound support to individuals with complex health and social care needs Our new Mobile Health and Wellbeing Unit and Community Market place events are cornerstones of our approach

45 For other organisations operating in either health or social care seeking to expand into other sectors Be clear about your strategy and your added value Communicate this to staff and stakeholders so everyone is on message Grow your networks and test the market before scaling up new initiatives Think of ways you can weave yourself into the local health and social care economy through » Integration » Collaboration » Innovation Advice

46 Thinking like a business Competitive Understanding our existing markets Understanding our costs and living within our means Responsive to the needs of our clients/patients Looking out for new opportunities and new markets Ability to sell ourselves

47 How does transformation look and feel on the ground? Greater individual accountability Evidence of ownership Staff at all levels involved in bidding for contracts, grants and awards Exploring freedoms and flexibilities of SE status e.g. Public /private partnerships (Lundbeck, Coca Cola) Commitment to measuring the added value Outsourcing support functions Greater and more visible community involvement Evidence of organisational resilience

48 THANK YOU for listening Any questions?

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