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South Asia as a hub for ICT based growth

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1 South Asia as a hub for ICT based growth
Opportunities and Challenges Kris Canekeratne Chief Executive Officer Virtusa Corporation September, 2012

2 Agenda Overview of Virtusa The Millennial Enterprise
Technology Innovation Digital Natives Enterprise Transformation will drive ICT demand The South Asian ICT industry – Opportunities & Challenges

3 Virtusa has enjoyed over 15 years of strong growth
Some Marquee Clients Global IT Consulting & Outsourcing Services Provider US Based, Global Service Provider Headquartered in Westborough, MA Locations in US, Europe, Asia and Middle East Technology Centers in U.S., U.K., India & Sri Lanka Over 6000 world-class professionals Provide services at several Fortune 500 firms Across BFSI, Comms, Media & Healthcare Rapidly growing & profitable Current Fiscal Year revenue guidance $320M–$330M Listed on NASDAQ (VRTU) since 2007 10-year revenue CAGR: 32.47% Numerous awards and certifications Placed number 22 on Forbes 2011 top 100 public companies with revenue less than $1B Some Key Awards

4 Lets discuss a few examples and then the underlying drivers
We are in front of, perhaps, the largest enterprise application modernization in history… Lets discuss a few examples and then the underlying drivers

5 Innovative enterprises have excelled while other have stumbled…
iTunes & iPods transformed the consumer experience Download song of choice instead of an entire album Apple is worth over $620 Billion! Netflix’s subscription-based, on-demand home movie rentals Ease of use, reasonable cost, and a large catalog of movies and games Blockbuster failed to see the opportunity – they have filed for bankruptcy Flipboard delivers targeted, personalized content to consumers through handheld devices In 2 years, Flipboard has acquired over 20 million customers, over 1.5 million daily users and 3B flips per month! What will happen in the next 3 – 5 years if banks, insurance providers, media houses, etc. don’t become millennial enterprises?

6 This paradigm shift is being driven by 2 powerful forces:
Emergence of Digital Natives Rapid Innovation across a few technologies

7 The emergence of digital natives in the employee and consumer population is driving rapid behavioral changes For Millennial employees…Work is not a place they go to but what they do Feel entitled and demand recognition Expect to be technologically enabled with the latest innovations Depend on their social networks for advice, opinions Millennial consumers…Expect services on-demand & on their device of choice Do not hold strong loyalties to brand or organization Value peer recommendations over expert opinions Want to be more in control and drive the purchasing process 51% of the Smartphone users in the age group of made purchases using their device, 27% in the age group and 12% in the age 55+

8 Technology innovation across four dimensions will change the dynamics of B2C and B2E interactions – think C2B and E2B! Mobility Mobile is the New Endpoint Social People are the Platform Cloud Applications are a Service Big Data Analytics is the Weapon Millennial User Experience Device agnostic • 24x7 • On-demand & intuitive • Superior customer experience • Collaboration & co-creation Simple Contextual Relevant Personalized Servicing the Millennial Consumer Productivity Collaboration Motivation Culture Engaging the Millennial Worker

9 Today’s businesses will have to undergo a massive application modernization effort to become “Millennial Ready” The convergence of technology innovation combined with the emerging demands of digital natives will push enterprises to… Modernize enterprise IT Simplify process Understand and leverage the advances in technology Embrace and accelerate innovation Engage millennial consumers and enable millennial employees Consistent Data A Few Specialists Standalone Apps Data Center Process Efficiency Many Business Managers ERP Integration LAN Actionable Decisions Everyone, Everywhere Networked Solutions (Cross Platform) WAN Portals & Suites Most Employees Business Agility Mobile & Cloud MAINTENANCE WAVE CLIENT SERVER WAVE INTERNET WAVE THE CURRENT WAVE 1990 2000 2010 2020 1975 1985 1995 2005 Impact Reach Application Topology Infrastructure This modernization effort will drive significant IT service revenue, perhaps, larger than any prior paradigm shift

10 The emerging millennial enterprise paradigm represents a tremendous opportunity for the South Asian ICT industry Transform business operations by leveraging social ecosystems Leverage emerging technologies for business advantage Develop products and services to engage the millennial generation The cloud computing market will be $150 billion by 2013 - Gartner By 2015 brands will be generating 50% of their web sales through social media and mobile platforms with a projection of $30 Billion - Gartner Worldwide mobile payment transactions will surpass $ billion in 2012, up 62% from $106 billion last year - Gartner The big data market is expected to grow from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $16.9 billion in 2015 - IDC We are in front of the largest application transformation in history, with significant opportunity for the South Asian ICT industry

11 …but not without its challenges
CXO priorities are changing Enabling business through innovative use of technology Engaging consumers and improving the customer experience Improving value through newer engagement models New geos are emerging to take business away from South Asia Latin America, South America, Eastern Europe, East Asia… To capitalize on the technology transformation ahead of us we need to: Go beyond commodity services and deliver business value Invest in innovation, build the millennial enterprise Move from “order takers” to “trusted advisers”

12 Should we overcome these challenges, we have significant opportunity to grow the South Asian ICT industry Over the past 20 years, South Asia has emerged as the leading hub for offshore ICT services Aggregate IT services revenue is expected to cross $100 Bn in 2012 IT software and services revenue around $88 Bn Expected to grow at 13% to a revenue target of $225 Bn by 2020 Despite the economic downturn, the industry is showing strong growth across all segments: Domestic market (17%); IT services exports (19%); BPO (13%); and engineering services & products (15%) Within the global sourcing industry, India has increased its market share from 51 per cent in 2009, to 58 per cent in 2011 Source: NASSCOM

13 We are on the cusp of a significant opportunity
In Conclusion We are on the cusp of a significant opportunity The south Asian ICT industry is well positioned to expand market share We must overcome some of our challenges We can accelerate our march to $225B


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