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Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Your One-Stop Center for Job Search, Training & Recruitment Needs!

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1 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Your One-Stop Center for Job Search, Training & Recruitment Needs!

2 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Accessing Services for the First Time Thank you for visiting Tomorrow's Workplace and for exploring the resources, services and opportunities we may provide you while you are identifying your job search and training needs. Tomorrows Workplace is a training and resource Center offering innovative technologies and a broad range of services to meet the needs of Rockland Countys labor market. Our Center is open to any job seeker including those individuals who live outside of Rockland County. In order to utilize our resources, you must complete the Orientation materials provided to you. It is important to complete the materials in full. Failure to do so will delay your ability to access the Center.

3 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Steps to Access Our Services Complete this orientation and you will be eligible for access to the Center. You may use the computers, phones, fax machine and copier in the Resource Room and you may also use the computers in the area in which you are currently sitting. Be certain you are provided a guest user ID and password to access our computer system from a staff member. The use of computer resources available through Tomorrow's Workplace is restricted to job search and training purposes. The Center may be used only for job search/training related activities. You may receive additional support in terms of job matching/referrals, resume reviews, career counseling, access to workshops and consideration for training funding/opportunities, please schedule an appointment in advance at our reception area upon the completion of this orientation.

4 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Center Information Hours of Operation: Tomorrow's Workplace is open on weekdays from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. The Resource Room closes promptly at 4:30. We make every effort to inform our clients of any special closings or holiday hours. Stay up-to-date by viewing our website or by calling us at Your Belongings: Tomorrow's Workplace is not responsible for your belongings during your time in the Center. Please take extra care to ensure that your belongings are always in sight and that you leave the Center in the same condition you found it upon arrival. If lost items are returned to a staff member your item may be held at our front desk reception area. Parking: If you drive, please be aware that your car will be towed if it remains in the 90 minute parking over the time limit. Please park in the lower or upper deck to avoid being towed.

5 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Center Information Customer Policies While in the Center, you may not eat, drink or smoke in our facilities. Access to our computers, telephones, copiers/faxes is solely for purposes of job search or access to training related resources. As a professional workplace of conduct we expect all clients accessing our center and services to conduct themselves professionally. If you observe otherwise, kindly bring this to a staff members attention. Also, when possible please refrain from bringing young children into our center, it will be difficult for you to job search while tending to your child's needs. We strive to offer quality customer service and welcome continuous feedback, please complete one of our surveys on-line at our web-site and provide us with comments/suggestions on ways we may improve your experience at our center.

6 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Our Services Resource Room: The Resource Room is the heart of the Center. Within our Resource Room, you have access to books, videos, pamphlets, computer programs, phones, a fax machine and a copier. You are welcome to utilize any programs currently installed on the computers. One of our attendants would be glad to assist you with accessing a program, please ask. The Resource Room attendant will issue access codes so that you may access telephones, faxes and copiers. Clients may receive incoming employment or training related calls only while on site. To do so, please ask the employer to call our main number at Calls will then be transferred to the Resource Room.

7 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Our Services Resumes: A resume is the primary job search marketing tool used across all industries. Our computers are equipped with extensive resume software that leads you through the process of creating a solid resume. This software also gives you tips on interviewing, networking and job search. To access the resume software, double-click the ResumeMaker Professional icon on the desktop of any computer. When you have completed your resume, you may send it to to be archived for future reference. Once you have drafted a resume or updated an existing resume we welcome you schedule an appointment to have your resume reviewed. Resume appointments are booked quickly and in advance, please be patient while we do our best to accommodate you within a reasonable time frame.

8 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Our Services Employer Services Team: Our on site team works closely with employers throughout Rockland County & NY Metropolitan area to bring you the best employment opportunities. Job Search: To access these jobs/careers the Tomorrow's Workplace website is a great job search resource. From the first page you come to, you can learn about upcoming career events, find area job board links and even access the Centers own private job board. Go to from any computer and browse the site tools. Click on Job Search from the front page of the website to discover the most frequently used websites by job seekers at Tomorrows Workplace.

9 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Our Services Workshops Offered at Tomorrows Workplace*: Computer Basics (Weekly) Windows XP (Weekly) Resume & Cover Letter (Monthly) Job Club (Biweekly) Interviewing Skills (Weekly) Microsoft Word 2003 (Biweekly) Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 (Biweekly) Microsoft Excel 2003 (Monthly) Customer Service Workshop and Exam (On demand) Computer tutorials are also available for individual self paced work *You are required to meet with a customer service representative so that we may determine your eligibility to attend our free workshops.

10 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation On Site Recruitment Activities Tomorrows Workplace offers on site recruitment initiatives for the mutual convenience of our job seekers and employers who recruit directly with our agency, please visit our web-site frequently or access a calendar of upcoming events at our front receptionist area or within our resource room.

11 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Accessing Additional Services We hope that you will become a regular visitor to the Center as you seek employment. As you utilize our services, you may come to a point when you have exhausted all of our basic tools and you are still having trouble finding a job. If you would like to explore other services of the Center, you may request an appointment at the Reception desk to meet with a representative. Eligibility for additional services may be based on income and your availability to accept immediate employment. Your Center attendance history will also be reviewed to ensure that you have exhausted all of the basic tools we provide. You must have prepared a resume prior to accessing additional services.

12 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Additional Services & Partners of our Agency The Center consists of a consortium of eight partner agencies including Tomorrow's Workplace. Rockland Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) BOCES offers a full range of educational and training programs for youth and adult skill upgrade and certification. BOCES also offer courses in basic skills, English for Speakers of Other Languages, GED and citizenship preparation. Community Action Program (CAP) CAP offers need-based information and referral services, emergency assistance including food, clothing and other household needs, employment assistance and career exploration, and youth services.

13 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Additional Services & Partners of our Agency New York State Department of Labor (DOL) DOL offers labor market information, job search and placement assistance, information regarding unemployment insurance benefits and in-depth case management. Rockland County Department of Social Services (DSS) DSS offers financial assistance and services to help individuals find and keep jobs that will lead to self-sufficiency. Services include supervised job search, post employment follow-up, employment readiness training and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Services provided are based on economic need.

14 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Our Additional Services: Partners Rockland County Office for the Aging (OFA) OFA provides on-the-job training at non-profit agencies for individuals 55 years of age and older. OFA strives to build confidence and job readiness to assist individuals in entering the competitive workforce and the agency arranges for job placement in either the public or private sector. Services provided are based on economic need. SUNY Rockland Community College (RCC) RCC offers continuing education courses, job training certificate programs, online courses, corporate and workforce training and personal and professional development workshops.

15 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Additional Services & Partners of our Agency Office of Vocational and Educational Resources for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) VESID provides a wide variety of services to help people with disabilities to gain and retain employment. VESID works with individuals with all disabilities except the blind who are served by their sister agency, CBVH. Services at VESID include counseling, vocational assistance, job placement and advocacy. Services are available without regard for a persons income.

16 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Our Additional Services Tomorrow's Workplace also offers specialized services as program funding becomes available. Such services have included re-entry programs for previously incarcerated individuals and disability program navigation. Clients may speak with a representative for more information on current specialized services. Eligibility applies for all specialized services. Individualized resume development, job search assistance/referral, computer tutorials, training services and career counseling. To access these additional services and more, remember that you must request an appointment at the Reception Desk to meet with a representative.

17 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Unemployment Insurance Information Please keep in mind there is no local unemployment insurance office, our office may assist you with troubleshooting UI inquiries or refer you accordingly. If you are receiving or plan to receive unemployment benefits, please be aware of the following New York State mandated responsibilities: –You must search for suitable employment and contact employers each week you are claiming benefits –You must keep a daily detailed record of all your job contacts –You may receive notification requesting you to report for a review of your work search strategies or for follow-up services. –Please bring your work search record with you each time you report to the office. Failure to make a daily active job search while claiming UI benefits may result in a delay or loss of benefits.

18 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Unemployment Insurance Information To protect your benefits, please refer to the claimant information booklet mailed to you when you filed your claim. 1.Always report on time for your appointments. 2.If you must miss an appointment, report as soon as possible after the appointment date on the letter. 3.Keep us informed of changes in your address, telephone number and employment status. Unemployment Insurance Information, including when payment was authorized, can be obtained on-line at For specific claim information contact the Telephone Claims Center at

19 Tomorrows Workplace Orientation Contact Information Tomorrows Workplace One Perlman Drive Spring Valley, New York (T) (F) (E) Web-Site: Please visit our receptionist area to schedule an appointment for your next visit.

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