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Tascheter Tascheter Patient Satisfaction Surveys.

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2 Tascheter Tascheter Patient Satisfaction Surveys

3 2010: Medical Mutual of NC (MMICNC) offers a 5% discount for medical groups conducting a qualifying patient satisfaction survey. 5% for a group of 50 physicians saved $20k/year on malpractice insurance premiums. Develops an advanced methodology to help increase return rates from patients to gain more accurate and more meaningful data. History

4 You will be allowed to customize your survey. The total number of questions will be around a dozen. If you would like, we have some standard questions that can be asked that can also be used to benchmark your practice or surgical center against similar practices and surgical centers. Abbreviated Methodology

5 We will need to set up a secure, encrypted, HIPAA approved method of receiving patient information such as email and/or phone numbers. You can also send us any extra correlative data that you would like for us to analyze. Abbreviated Methodology

6 Surgical centers that want to be AAAHC must have patient satisfaction surveys. Starting in 2015, physician groups will need to have patient satisfaction surveys or else there will be holdbacks on Medicare payments of up to 3% Government Requirements

7 Leave the rest to us. We will provide you with accurate patient satisfaction surveys for less than it would cost for you to do the surveys yourself. Our method will save you time, energy, and money. Everything Else

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