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Foreign Travel Insurance Program David Carroll Risk Manager Contracts, Procurement, & Risk Management.

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1 Foreign Travel Insurance Program David Carroll Risk Manager Contracts, Procurement, & Risk Management

2 Agenda University Business International Travel Why Foreign Travel Insurance? Emergency & Medical Services Insurance Registration & Application Process Premiums Accessing Emergency Services

3 Travel on University Business Directed Funded Approved Assigned Academic Credit Requirement Program Class Conferences Field Trips Extended Field Trips Projects Internships Service Learning IRAs Clubs

4 International Travel Outside the United States Hazardous Travel Countries –War Risk Countries – Insurance Company Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Armenia; Cambodia; Columbia, Cuba; Egypt; Ethiopia; Yugoslavia; India; Indonesia; Israel; Jordan; Macedonia; Nigeria; Northern Ireland; Peru; Philippines; Saudi Arabia; Tajikistan; Turkey; United Arab Emirates; Uzbekistan; Venezuela……. –State Department - Travel Warnings Yemen, Georgia, Columbia, Congo, Timor, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, Chad, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Eritrea, Cote dIvoire, Lebanon, Somalia, Nepal, Haiti, Burundi, Syria, Algeria, Kenya, Israel, Sudan, Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, Nigeria, Pakistan, Central African Republic…..

5 Foreign Travel Insurance Program Managing Risk –Responsibility for managing the risks of activities of the university Emergency & Medical Services –Response and support to critical incidents to protect life, property and operations Insurance –Funding of expenses related to losses affecting health and liability

6 Emergency Services Personal Assistance –Embassy and consular information, lost document assistance, emergency message translation, emergency cash advance, referral to a lawyer, translator/interpreter Travel Assistance –Emergency travel arrangements, return of traveling companion/dependents, return of vehicle Security Service –Control Risks Groups CR24 – information –Control Risks Group Services – crisis response support, risk assessments, physical & personal security, crisis management planning and training.

7 Medical Services Referral to a doctor or medical specialists Medical monitoring when hospitalized Emergency medical evacuation to an adequate facility Medically necessary repatriation Medical benefits verification Medical claims assistance

8 Insurance Primary General Liability Excess Hired & Non-Owned Auto Liability Primary Foreign Workers Compensation –Employees, University Identified Volunteers and foreign nationals Primary Accident & Sickness & Dental –Employees, Students and Others Limits, Conditions and Terms

9 Trip Registration 1.Coordinate with Employee and Student International Travel Guidelines 2. Web based Application form +30 days –Cal Poly Risk Management, Forms: Foreign Travel Insurance Application –Email to: David Carroll, Risk Manager Contracts, Procurement & Risk Management 3.Receive Quote (email form)

10 Information Where: Countries & Cities When: Departure and Return dates Who is in charge: Name (employee) –# of Employees University Identified Volunteers –# of Students Others – relationship to university? Why: (description of activity)

11 Hazardous Travel Countries Additional Information Required Complete Itinerary –Lodging –Transportation –Locations Contact information for leader Names of travelers & emergency contacts Etc…..

12 Premiums Employees & Identified University Volunteers –15 days or less $50 - per employee per trip –30 days or less $65 Students & Others –15 days or less $40 - per student per trip –30 days or less $50 Longer trips – Underwriter Pricing

13 Hazardous Travel Countries Increased premiums State Department – Travel Warning –All CSU study abroad programs must consider the health, safety, and security of students, staff and faculty as a central feature of planning and operation and must: Not operate in countries where there is a U.S. State Department Travel Warning, unless specifically excepted by the Chancellor.

14 Binding Coverage 1.Provide Chart Field and Approve Charge on FTIP Application Form –Email to: –David Carroll, Risk Manager Contracts, Purchasing & Risk Management 2.Receive email with Emergency Services Information pdf attachment 3.Print out Emergency Services Information and give one to each traveler before departure

15 Emergency Services Information Instructions –When to call –What number to call –Your information Identification as covered member Information for Medical Personnel & Police Security Advice Contact

16 Summary University Business International Travel Students, Faculty, Staff and Others Register Travel & Apply for FTIP Coverage Receive Emergency Services Information Travel Safely CALL to access Services


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