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Paul Hendy – Director – Scottish Flood Forum Phone – 077 477 02299 – Web – Creating.

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1 Paul Hendy – Director – Scottish Flood Forum Phone – 077 477 02299 e-mail – Web – Creating Resilient Communities

2 Who we are: C ommunity based organisation – core funded by the Scottish Government. Working in partnership with SEPA, Local Authorities, Communities and the Voluntary sector - etc Office base – Edinburgh Web site –

3 To support and represent those who are affected by - or are at risk of flooding. Deliver flood information, awareness, education and training to all parts of the private, voluntary and statutory sector To support the recovery process following a flood incident. Be an independent voice that represents the interests of communities affected by flooding To create a network of resilient community flood groups to share information, experience and best practice. Our Role

4 Community Resilience

5 Resilience Definition – To bounce back – or absorb changes (disaster) and to return to stability following an incident. Measured by the ability for a community to recover or return to normality Benefits the ability to learn, cope with or adapt to hazards


7 Community Resilience Implementation Process

8 The Ideal ? A community with well rehearsed emergency flood plans Superior flood mitigation processes in the wetter months Appropriate building flood protection, suitable to local flood hazards and risks; Adequate Insurance cover suitable for the risks Subsidised property protection

9 Subsidised FP Scheme – D&G


11 A Resilient Community

12 Our goal is to: Our goal is to: Minimize the impact of flood risk by Improving communitys understanding and awareness of natural and social components of floods, Strengthening communitys preparedness to deal with floods through protection products, Developing appropriate participatory processes towards improved decision-making and implementation of relevant activities, Create a framework for coordinated action to address flood-related problems involving community, and other agencies

13 CFG – Development In partnership with other agencies: a) Assess community vulnerability and capacity, b) Participatory appraisal and community profiling, c) Establishment of a community Flood Group to increase community awareness, d) Development of a community flood action plan, e) Training for community representatives to enable them to become facilitators of flood preparedness and mitigation

14 Community Flood Plans - 1

15 Community Flood Plans - 2

16 Flood Warden Scheme Zones

17 Flood Warden Scheme

18 Home Flood Plans

19 Business Continuity Training

20 Company Benefits No increase in absence levels Improved employee morale - Absence rate (%)

21 Operational Issues

22 Disasters are not just about responding to incidents – pre, during and post impact – is about managing and supporting people. The relationship between disaster planning and response and procedures and provision for recovery should be understood and addressed by anyone involved in providing humanitarian assistance. The more information is available about what to do in an emergency the more likely it is that people will feel empowered to act in an informed, responsive and responsible manner. Recovery Key Points

23 From our Experience The Recovery period is often worse than the Disaster itself Many people do not see themselves as needing help, in a difficult situation Survivors often reject assistance of all types

24 Community must be at the heart of flood awareness and planning. Recovery must be uniquely tailored to the local Community Recovery must be appropriate to the phase of the disaster. What works is when communities are empowered to control their own destiny and shape it…What works is when communities are empowered to control their own destiny and shape it… We believe that

25 Willie Munro Aberdeenshire Council Scottish Flood Forum Jim Lachendro Lions Club David Stewart Stonehaven Churches David Fleming Community Council Wilma Bruce Rotary Club Robert Armstrong Business Association Anne Laing MRI Admin Centre Co-ordination Info/Call Centre Processing Data Furniture Store Pastoral Support Pastoral Care Volunteer Support in MRI Centre Fund Allocation IT Database Community Support Fund Manager Fund Allocation Financial Support Rotary/ Resources Business Recovery BCM - (SFF) Resource Manager Council Support Services Wendy Agnew Lenny Lawrence Tony Bilsden Ian Brown Rosslyn Duncan Fyfe Blair Local GPs Alan Cairnduff Hamish McDonald Sheila Lilley Paula New Janine Sydenham

26 Challenges Need to determine what support is required to enable people to cope with, adapt to and recover from the situation they face. We must build our response on the communitys own priorities, knowledge and resources. We must build community confidence, by establishing strong partnerships with all agencies.

27 Recovery Support Rapid deployment of recovery advice and strategy to flooded communities, Local Authorities, individuals and businesses Practical support, empathy and a listening ear, assisted by a telephone helpline Help and advice to resolve issues regarding restoration of property, insurance claims etc.

28 What we deliver - Support – Immediate and Practical Specialist Knowledge - Uncertainty, Fear Strength – Bringing people together Information - Newsletter, Web, Leaflets Advice – Recovery issues & Mediation Training – Awareness & Response Resilience – Flood Protection Products

29 working together for change

30 Contact Details: Scottish Flood Forum Paul Hendy – Director & Recovery Consultant. Phone – 077 477 02299 e-mail -

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