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The Augusta Health Community Health Forum Celebrating US!

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1 The Augusta Health Community Health Forum Celebrating US!

2 Remembering the Past The team exists to accomplish a result. The community exists to support its members while they fulfill their purpose.... When partnerships, management teams, and organizations build communities, they tap into a greater and deeper reservoir of courage, wisdom, and productivity. ~Peter Gibb

3 History of the Forum Presented by Dr. Doug Larsen Thank You to Past Forum Leaders: Carol Blair Ed Clymore Charlie Downs Mickey Finn Douglas Larsen Elisssa McDonald

4 History of the Forum Happy 15 th Birthday to the Forum The Community Health Forum 1 st Meeting was 11-13-1997 TIMELINE WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY VIPS CURRENT STATUS

5 History of the Forum Presented by Dr. Doug Larsen

6 Accomplishments – Flu Crew Presented by Dr. Doug Larsen

7 Accomplishments – RPPS/Youth Coalition Presented by Carol Blair

8 Accomplishments – 211 VA Presented by Alan Fairfield

9 I need a place to sleep tonight I need prescription assistance I cant pay my electric bill I need to find care for my children I dont have a way to the doctor Why did you call us? Im not sure who you can call. We cant help with that I dont know, please hold. Ill try to transfer you to an agency who can help You dont qualify We dont serve your county. Please call back when were open Navigating the Health & Human Services Maize

10 What does 2-1-1 do? Dialing 2-1-1 is fast, free and confidential. Connects people with the right information at the right time!

11 Streamlining Access to Health & Human Service s I need a place to sleep tonight I need Prescription assistance I cant pay my electric bill I need to find care for my children I dont have a way to the doctor Community & State Resources Childcare Resource & Referral Homeless Services Network Transportation Services Prescription Assistance Programs 2-1-1

12 How can I access 2-1-1 VIRGINIA? Phone: Internet:

13 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, trained staff use the latest technology to: Assess the callers needs Provide accurate information on appropriate community resources Refer and follow-up as needed to ensure people get access to help they need as quickly as possible What happens when someone in Virginia calls 2-1-1?

14 Who does 2-1-1 VIRGINIA help?

15 Accomplishments - Dental Presented by Margaret Hersh Thank you to the Augusta Regional Free Clinic Board of Directors and the Augusta Regional Dental Clinic Board of Directors, Dr. Richard Mansfield, Dr. Mick Andersen and former Executive Directors Linda Cornelius and Scott Litten and current and former staff and volunteers!

16 Dental



19 ORCAS – A Whale of a Dental Program - Catch the Wave of Good Oral Health!! School Based Preventive Dental Program – Launched FALL 2008 Generously Funded by Augusta Health Foundation, Staunton Augusta Rotary Club, Staunton Rotary Club, Community Foundation of the Central Blue Ridge *Outreach *Resources *Care and Prevention *Assessment *Sealants and Fluoride

20 Dental School Based ServicesDental Home

21 Our mission is to create a partnership to challenge all local community members to Work on Wellness. We are committed to improve the standard of personal health by promoting physical activity, a nutritious diet, preventive screenings, and healthier choices through lifestyle modification. Accomplishments – Working on Wellness Presented by Linda Gail Johnson

22 Accomplishments In the fall of 2002, The Community Health Forum formally recognized the increased incidence of chronic diseases (such as Type II Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer) among our citizens and the increased prevalence of obesity and inactivity as contributing factors to this countywide problem.

23 Working on Wellness By improving the physical fitness and nutritional status of our citizens, we can impact the quality of life for our population and save health care dollars at both the individual and group level. A steering committee was developed, with age-specific sub-groups working to formulate a countywide plan. Working on Wellness, with the acronym WOW, became the title for this community health initiative, which involved nearly all members of the community health forum. Pat Caulkins, RN, joined Community Wellness in October 2003 to develop the role of Children/Youth WOW coordinator.

24 Working on Wellness In the fall of 2004 the BMI screening pilot kicked off with the screening of kindergarteners and 3 rd graders in the Augusta County Elementary Schools. Waynesboro students were added in 2005 and BMI screening now involves all students in grades K, 3, 7, and 10 in all the schools across 3 systems. Accomplishments include a shared dietitian, a shared PE curriculum and lots of education for faculty, cafeteria staff, parents and students alike in both school and community settings.

25 Working on Wellness The Working Populations and Adult subcommittees were developed separately but combined to develop an annual WOW plan for Adults, coordinated by JoAnne Hammer and Dana Breeding of Community Wellness. Accomplishments include management courses for folks living with chronic conditions as well as on-going educational projects in worksites and the broader community.

26 Accomplishments – Mental Health Coalition Presented by Donna Gum Mission Statement: The mission of the Augusta Mental Health Coalition is to eliminate the disparity between Mental Health and Physical Health. Vision Statement: The Augusta Mental Health Coalition is the catalyst for promoting mental wellness in our community by reducing stigma, improving access to services, promoting peer to peer models, and securing funding and other resources.

27 Mental Health Coalition HISTORY – On June 25, 2009 a Focus Group met after the Augusta Health Needs Assessment was completed and mental health was at the top of the list. The Focus Group consisted of public and private mental health professionals, law enforcement, advocates, Augusta Health Community Health Forum Steering Committee members and other related venues. The Focus Group identified the need to form a coalition.

28 Mental Health Coalition 1 st Meeting, August 6, 2009 Steering Committee was formed and compiled a Strategic Plan Coalition meets the 1 st Thursday every other month at 11:30 – 1:00 John Savides 1 st Chair A Client Survey was conducted A Nurturing Neighborhood was held on Johnson Street, Staunton in December

29 Mental Health Coalition STRATEGIC PLAN Goal 1. Foster Mental Wellness in the Community – Stigma Sub Group: Doug Cochran, Chr. Goal 2. Improve Access to Services with the least restrictive environment of careAccess Subgroup Cynthia Long, Chr. Goal 3: Explore Resource DevelopmentFunding Subgroup, Margaret Hersh, Chr.

30 Mental Health Coalition

31 Accomplishments Integration with Faith Communities/Homelessness -Howard Miller Waynesboro Area Refuge Ministry

32 Planning for the Future Carol Blair and Margaret Hersh Workgroups of the Forum for 2013-2015: Marketing The following suggestions were made for marketing the Forum: U-tube videos on website, speakers bureau about role of Forum and Community Needs assessment for civic groups such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, and Ruritans RPPS Need to keep RPPS as a subgroup for future planning to address youth needs in the community. Mental Health Need to keep Mental Health Coalition to focus on mental health needs in the community. WOW- Working on Wellness Need to maintain emphasis on obesity, nutrition and activity; after discussion, the members determined that the following workgroups would fit well under the WOW:

33 Planning for the Future Need to maintain emphasis on obesity, nutrition and activity; after discussion, the members determined that the following workgroups would fit well under the WOW: Flu Crew could take on a broader focus (immunizations) and be a moved under Working on Wellness Dental/Oral Health issues are important and emphasis should be not be lost, but could also reside under Working on Wellness. Prenatal Care could also be placed under Working on Wellness, with education continuing on vitamin usage and possibly connect teen pregnancy education and prevention with RPPS. With the development of priorities from the recent Community Health Needs Assessment, additional workgroups may be needed.

34 Planning for the Future Priorities of the Assessment to be addressed by the Forum: The group discussed the assessment findings and identified the following list of priorities, but the group would be open to further evaluation once the priorities from Augusta Health are determined: 1) Personal responsibility/self management 2) Behavioral health/mental health/substance abuse 3) Chronic health conditions/obesity/nutrition 4) Affordable health insurance/access to health services

35 Planning for the Future New Ideas: a. Marketing suggestions – You Tube, Speakers Bureau b. Future meeting program suggestions: Chronic Disease Self- Management Course overview, Generational Poverty, Mental Health update, Augusta Health access points (Wal-Mart clinics, Urgent Care Centers, etc.)

36 Restructuring and Passing the Baton Imagine… A network of all health and human services agencies in our region linked by a common database and referral system with a one point of entry system for clients that tracks services and value… - Low Cost - Accessible to All Agencies - User Friendly

37 Restructuring and Passing the Baton Together we can make this a reality in 2013!!! The CARE Project – Community Agency Referral and Entry Step 1: Engage all agencies in the participation of and seek funding sources Step 2: Develop role and find funding for a Navigator who assists agencies with developing charity tracker to its fullest potential and assists clients with access to needed community resources Thank you to CARE Project Committee Members: Linda Gail Johnson – Augusta Health, Cynthia Pritchard – United Way of Greater Augusta, Hannah Clymer-Showalter – A ugusta Health, Mary Clay Thomas – Mary Baldwin College

38 Restructuring and Passing the Baton What we need from you? * Broad Agency Participation in Charity Tracker Network *Take advantage of informational session *Undergo training Charity Tracker Plus Offered Unlimited Agency inclusion in 1 st Year – 115 Health and Human Service Agencies plus 150 faith based organizations for $7,000 – 265 organizations = $26 annually to participate 150 organizations = $47 annually to participate 50 organizations = $140 annually to participate

39 Restructuring and Passing the Baton Next steps… -Complete the Level of Interest Form -Attend the Charity Tracker Demo Session at the January 2013 Community Health Forum meeting -Be open to the possibilities!!!

40 Farewell – We You Goodbye Linda Gail! Goodbye Carol!

41 THANK YOU Our gratitude and appreciation are extended to Linda Gail Johnson and Carol Blair. Thank You! We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. ~Winston Churchill Happy Retirement! Lets Party!!

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