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114-223 Colonnade Rd. South Ottawa Ontario K2E 7K3 Tel: 1-877-765-5565 Fax: 613-237-9786

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1 114-223 Colonnade Rd. South Ottawa Ontario K2E 7K3 Tel: 1-877-765-5565 Fax: 613-237-9786

2 Who are we? Founded in 1965, the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association (CCPA) is a national bilingual association of professionally trained counsellors engaged in the helping professions.

3 Who are we? Our Vision and Our Mission

4 CCPA is a dedicated to the enhancement of the counselling profession in Canada. We promote policies and practices which support the provision of accessible, competent, and accountable counselling services throughout the human lifespan, and in a manner sensitive to the pluralistic nature of society.

5 CCPA strives to understand the needs of the diverse community of counsellors and psychotherapists in Canada and aspires to being inclusive in its membership and to being a strong voice for the promotion of counselling.

6 Advantages of CCPA Membership Reasonable membership fees Half price for students ($85) Publications Cognica, our quarterly newsletter Canadian Journal of Counselling & Psychotherapy, our quarterly journal Continuing Education Credit System Free compilation of professional development events Free transcript once a year upon request

7 Eligibility for our CCPA Awards Program Access to liability insurance for students during their practicum placement from Marsh Canada Comprehensive Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice Serves as a guide for professional conduct for all members Access to CCPAs Ethics Committee for advice Electronic Newsletter

8 Networking and sharing ideas and expertise Counselling Connect – CCPAs Blog CCPA Forum Discounts on CCPAs National Conference CCPA professional development webinars Home, auto, and personal insurance Incentive Program Offers to members who are granted certification : Comprehensive professional liability insurance at low cost Inclusion in our directory of Certified Counsellors

9 Special Interest and Regional Chapters Regional Chapters BC Chapter Alberta/NWT Chapter Manitoba Chapter Nova Scotia Chapter National Capital Region Chapter Interest based Chapters Pastoral and Spiritual Care in Counselling Counsellor Educators Career Counsellors School Counsellors Private Practitioners Creative Arts in Counselling Social Justice Aboriginal Circle Animal Assisted Therapy in Counselling

10 Available on our Web site Calendar of events Extensive list of counselling-related conferences List of professional development opportunities Employment opportunities, office space postings Professional Development opportunities Access to pre-approved webinars Annual conferences Mental Health Academy Official recognition of professional development activities through Continuing Education Credits (CEC) Transcript of completed events available to members at no cost every year

11 CCPA Conference Student Travel Grant: Four $500 awards in support of student members who wish to attend the CCPA Annual conference. CCPA/Marsh Student Bursary Award: Two $500 awards to support graduate students research in counselling. Thesis Awards : CCPA Doctoral Dissertation Award and CCPA Masters Thesis Award. Chapter Student Awards: Dr. R. Vance Peavy Travel Bursary The Career Development Chapter offers a bursary of $300 toward attending the annual CCPA conference or Cannexus. Social Justice Chapter Travel Award: $ 350 award for Students currently doing work in social justice. Counsellor Educators Chapter Doctoral Student Dissemination Award : Offers financial assistance to doctoral students attending the CCPA annual conference. Bev Abbey Service Award: For BC graduate students in counselling psychology. Student Awards

12 Membership with CCPA Professional Member ($170) Individuals who hold a degree or diploma in counselling or a related field (must provide proof of graduation) or individuals who have equivalent experience and training that aligns with the professional standards and ethics of CCPA as assessed by the Registrar.

13 Student Member ($85) Student presently enrolled in an undergraduate, post-baccalaureat certificate or diploma program, or graduate program in counselling or a related field (must provide proof of student status) Membership fees are subject to change with notice

14 Student Representative Member ($0) Free membership Student presently enrolled in an undergraduate, post- baccalaureat certificate or diploma program, or graduate program in counselling or a related field (must provide proof of student status) in an AUCC member institution Student reps act as the liaison between CCPA and their University and engage in activities intended to inform students about CCPA and the counselling profession Free access to CCPA regional and interest-based Chapters Publication in CCPAs student newsletter Networking opportunities Visit for more information.

15 Certification CCPA has established a national certification process and maintains a registry of certified counsellors. CCPA's Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C.) designation: Is a protected title Identifies counsellors who have obtained certification through the association by meeting defined criteria.

16 Aims of Certification To establish a process and National recognition for the title of Canadian Certified Counsellor (C.C.C.) To demonstrate to the public our counsellors high level of professionalism To maintain a directory of Canadian Certified Counsellors To promote professional responsibility

17 To ensure professional visibility with employers, individual clients and colleagues from other professions To promote professional development of counsellors To facilitate professional recognition when we advocate for access to third-party payment eligibility with Health Insurance companies

18 Certification Requirements There are two Pathways to apply for Certification. As current students, you will be applying based on Pathway One: Recent Graduates. The other pathway, Pathway Two: Work Experience, is for applicants who have at least five years of post-graduate practice experience. All applicants, regardless of the Pathway on which they are applying, must document that they satisfy requirements in the following areas: – Membership – Degree – Coursework – Direct practice (Pathways diverge) – Qualified supervision (Pathways diverge) – References – Criminal record check

19 Certification Requirements Membership: Applicants must be a CCPA member prior to applying for certification. Degree: Only members with a graduate-level degree based on a coherent program of study in counselling, or alternately a related field with shared scope of practice. The graduate degree is required to be from an AUCC member educational institution.

20 Coursework: Must have completed 8 GRADUATE-level courses in specific areas: 1.Counselling Theories 2.Counselling and Communication Skills 3.Professional Ethics 3.Supervised Counselling Practicum with at least 150 hours of direct client contact (compulsory) Under qualified on-site supervision, including both direct face-to-face and indirect supervision

21 And four (4) elective courses that align with CCPAs 12 elective coursework areas: -Assessment Processes - Gender Issues -Counselling in Specialized Settings- Group Counselling -Counselling Intervention Strategies- Human Development and Learning -Couple and Family Counselling- Lifestyle and Career Development -Consultation Methods- Diversity Issues -Psychological Education - Research and Evaluation

22 Direct Practice: Students and recent graduates (applying within 5 years of their gradation date) must demonstrate that their practicum satisfies the following requirements: 1.150 Hours of direct client counselling 2.Under qualified on-site supervision (Master-level degree with minimum four years of counseling experience and membership or registration in a counselling or related association or college)

23 References: Two references from graduate- level counsellors, counsellor-educators or counselling supervisors who can attest to your counselling skills since the time of your graduate studies. Criminal Record Check: with vulnerable sector screening, conducted within 12 months of the date your file is sent to the Registrar

24 Documents Required for Certification 1.Completed C.C.C. Application Form Administration fee of $160 ($95 Evaluation + $65 Certification fees) 2.Submission of an official transcript 3. An official description of each graduate courses being used for certification (often from the university course calendar or first page of the course syllabus).

25 4. Practicum Description form -Completed, signed and returned by the course supervisor 5.Two professional references - using CCPAs Reference form 6. Police Criminal Records Check -Conducted within last 12 months -Including the Vulnerable Sector Check

26 Maintaining Certification Renew your membership annually Pay annual certification fee of $65, in addition to the annual membership fee of $170 Meet CCPAs professional development standards: A minimum of 36 CECs related to the field of counselling, within every 3 year period

27 Incentive Program When graduating student members apply for certification, their professional membership fee of $170 will be reimbursed if they are granted certification. This means that for that one year, they will be paying $160 for their certification application and annual C.C.C. fee instead of $330 which includes the professional membership fee. In order to qualify: You must currently be a student member, and have held that membership for at least one year. You must apply for and be granted the certification when your membership renewal is due.

28 How to contact CCPA 114-223 Colonnade Rd. South Ottawa Ontario K2E 7K3 Tel: 1-877-765-5565 Fax: 613-237-9786

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