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Total Dental Software All Inclusive Patient Charting and Practice Management Software!

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1 Total Dental Software All Inclusive Patient Charting and Practice Management Software!

2 Going paperless… has never been easier! Looks and feels like a paper chart!

3 Accurately charts Restorations, Conditions, and Tooth Anomalies in 3-Dimensional view Plus! The jaw can be opened, closed, and rotated as desired. Great for patient education and demonstrations. Notice our whimsical drawings on the teeth which demonstrate that you can chart any restorative shape. You can have the restorations drawn on teeth just as they really appear... no hatch lines…As you present various (saved!!!) TX plans, you can show how the teeth will look with TX plan A, then show how they will look with TX Plan B. Very Persuasive! Excerpt from IDF Posting, October 2004

4 Easy, Accurate, and Efficient Charting So simple… One entry is all it takes Select the tooth and the treatment completed or recommended, and the correct ADA procedure code is inserted and automatically transferred to the treatment plan, appointment, schedule, patient account, and insurance claim form. Eliminates mistakes and incorrectly billed insurance claims that delay payment.

5 Full Graphic Periodontal Charting Display The most innovative paperless charting software available…see all perio information in one window. Document findings exactly like a paper perio charting…including display of furcation involvement as triangles on tooth roots and bleeding as red dots. Quickly and easily compare current perio findings with any of the previous chartings. Instantly identify mobile teeth, furcation involvement, restorations and conditions in one screen.

6 View x-rays and images with dental chartings in the same window Quick and easy recording of radiographic findings Compare charting with x-rays or photos instantly

7 Comprehensive Interactive TMJ and Facial Pain Exam Thorough, guided exam protocol Visually enhanced for comprehension Easy and efficient to use Print or fax report summary or detail Multiple graphics explain conditions to patients Optional module

8 Easy Pre-blocking and Scheduling Simple pre-blocking with color coded appointment types for the entire week at a time Easily find the next open appointment date and time See the production amount scheduled for each provider and appointment Quickly schedule or reschedule an entire family by floating appointments in the schedule at the same time A family with 3 children needs to reschedule... …all 3 appointments can be floated together to a new date and time.

9 Unlimited Document Capabilities The SmartDocs feature allows users to create an unlimited number of custom, personalized documents …Any document used for any purpose can be created in SmartDocs using software that already exists on your computer. Plus! Save time with documentation… a clinical note can be automatically generated each time a document is created.

10 Quickly and Easily Manage your practice for success The Complete Exam integrates seamlessly with Intuit Quickbooks® - the #1 rated accounting software for small businesses. Know exactly where your practice stands –Track every penny coming in and going out –See when youre making money and when youre not Stay organized with all your finances in one place –Instantly track income and manage expenses –Be ready at tax time with complete and accurate records And More…Including –E-mailing customer statements –Managing your payroll –Accepting credit cards and eChecks –Web site development and e-mail marketing

11 Manage Your Patients for Success Quickly and easily track every aspect of patient care including Hygiene status and recall periods including whether the patient is a perio or non-perio patient First, last, and number of visits to the office New patients and referral sources including the production from each referral source Patient retention (number of active vs. inactive patients) Case acceptance (diagnosed, accepted, scheduled, and declined treatment) Missed appointments Patients with incomplete and/or unscheduled treatment Referrals to care givers outside of your practice Patient demographics (Birthdays, employer, insurance plans, residence, specific medical alerts, etc) And more… Create any report to effectively manage your patients and help them to achieve and maintain optimum dental health.

12 Complete, Legal, and Secure Patient Charts Compliant with all HIPAA privacy and medical-legal requirements for a totally legal, secure electronic (paperless) patient record. …all clinical notes are locked, period. Just like in the old ink & paper charts if an error is made, a second distinct entry needs to be made explaining the correction. Much more reliable in court. Excerpt from IDF Posting, October 2004 FYI: In order to meet the requirements for a legal, medically secure patient record, you must be able to create it during the appointment and be able to prove two things: 1. It was created when you claim it was created 2. There must be proof that the data has not been altered or edited in any way from the date/time it was created with neither the program itself nor any other program available. TCE data cannot be manipulated…we can prove it! Stop unauthorized persons from accessing patient information. Identify instantly who opened the chart, when, and why. Looks, feels, and functions exactly like a paper chart.

13 You Deserve The Best! The Complete Exam was designed from the ground up by experienced dental and legal professionals. The creation of an all inclusive dental charting and practice management program enables you to manage every single aspect of your practice quickly and easily. Remember, TCE looks and feels just like a paper chart and is fully compliant with all HIPAA Privacy and medical-legal requirements…going paperless has never been easier or safer! Actually if you want a really easy to use system, try TCE. No problem with tech support! They will help you right away. Great clinical charting abilities, integrates with most digital x-ray systems, and with QuickBooks, excellent graphics...decently priced for what you get. They're not one of the big players like Eaglesoft, Dentrix, etc. - they're BETTER and capable of doing just as much if not more. Dental Town October, 2008 Call Today! (866) THE-EXAM (866) 843-3926

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