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Gemalto in the Electronic Healthcare at the heart of your healthcare system Robert Isnard VP Government Programs 1.

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1 Gemalto in the Electronic Healthcare at the heart of your healthcare system
Robert Isnard VP Government Programs 1

2 Gemalto in key figures Innovation: € 1.68 billion revenue
Financials 2008 Innovation: 9 R&D sites worldwide 1,300 engineers 80 inventions first filed in 2008 Over 5000 patents Global footprint: 17 production sites 30 personalization facilities 75 sales & marketing offices Experienced team: 11,000 employees 90 nationalities 40 countries € 1.68 billion revenue € 344 million net cash Revenue by business segment 17/02/10 2 2

3 Billions of people use our solutions each day
Crypto Password Generator Mobile Subscription Management & Services Chip & Contactless Payment Cards Software Applications and NFC Solution & Services Over-the-air (OTA) Managed Services Personalization Services Secure Software & Data Management Secure e-Documents and Issuance Software Online Authentication Software & Services End-to-end Solutions for Government Applications Two-factor Strong Authentication Personal Devices & Applications Illustrative and not an exhaustive list of Gemalto solutions 17/02/10 3 3

4  World Leader in Digital Security   Markets in strong development 
 Unique technology portfolio   Blue chip customers  Leading Provider of Secure Documents, Identity Solutions & Services  17/02/10 4 4

5 Drivers requires a secured healthcare IT infrastructure
Operation cost reduction: Automation of data capture (claim management, prescription…)‏ Business process rationalization Electronic transfer for patient files Migrating from paper to electronic documents which increases reliability and accuracy Tackling fraud: Only eligible patients have access to re-imbursement Electronic identification & authentication On-line pre-authorization and right validity checks Visual security (picture, security features)‏ Social benefits distribution (free transport, cash…) -> electronic « social » granted money Providing better managed health services Coordinate heath services  electronic Personal Medical File Mobility: Access to medical services in remote locations Emergency data available in the card/server Access to self-service kiosks for real-time updates requires a secured healthcare IT infrastructure 17/02/10 5 5

6 New subsystem needed to manage e-healthcare
Typical healthcare IT infrastructure and actors New subsystem needed to manage e-healthcare TRUST CENTER Independent Health Professional Hospitals Others - Added value Pharmacies Patient DataBase Health Prof. A c t o r s Health Prof. Card / Token Reader Health Insurance Card E n t i t l e m e n t C M S Authentication Gateway H e a l t h c a r e I T n e t w o r k 17/02/10 6 6

7 Gemalto healthcare document offer: Overview
For Health Insurance Companies Card Issuance Health insurance smart card Personalization services Card Management System For Health Professionals and Hospitals Card Acceptance Health professional smart card Health professional Token Smart card readers Healthcare applications For Health Operators Authentication PKI infrastructure Trust center Authentication gateway Flow management Integration Services Specifications definition Program management Connection of the different bricks to create the complete solution Installation and deployment Training 12/02/10 7 7

8 Why Gemalto More than health insurance cards successfully deployed ! From subsystem provider to complete Healthcare IT deployment - the most flexible offer in the market France: 60 M personalized health insurance cards (Vitale), over 1 M health professional cards (CPS) and dual slot readers Germany: More than 30 M personalized health insurance cards (KVK) and dual slot readers AOK award for 35M personalized new PKI heath insurances cards (eGK)‏ Finland: More than 9 M personalized health insurance cards (Kela)‏ Slovenia: More than 2 M health insurance cards, dual slot readers and personalization subsystem solution Mexico: 3,7 M personalized health insurance cards (Seguro Popular), PC/SC readers UK: 1,2 M health professional cards (NHS Connection for health) and internet Authentication Gateway subsystem solution Puerto Rico: 1 M health insurance cards Algeria: Complete healthcare IT definition and deployment, including cards and readers European health card: 17/02/10 8 8

9 References GIE SV France GIP CPS France AOK Germany BKK Germany
Bundesnapschaft Germany NHS UK Seguro Popular Mexico Puerto Rico Denver health hospital US Kela Finland CFT Russian social card ZZZS Slovenia NETCARDS Europe 17/02/10 9 9

10 Customer implementation France
Eco-system The current system has remained the same since 1948 Healthcare spending in 2005 : 190 Billion Euros National health insurances : 136 Billion € Complementary health insurances : 30 Billion € Paid by the patient : 24 Billion € State Budget = 320 Billion Euros 1995: first deployment of eHealthcare application “Vitale” project Concept of the “Vitale“ project Reduce the operating cost of the French insurance systems Create an IT system to bring healthcare savings of 300 M€ per year On going project : “Vitale2 “ On-line capability Possibility to run multi-applications - Healthcare and then pay for the debit card ePrescriptions Prepare the technology base for the central Medical Data File 17/02/10 10 10

11 Customer implementation Germany
Eco-system Healthcare spent in 2005 : 220 billion € State Budget = 290 billion € 1990: first deployment of eHealthcare application: “KVK” project Concept of the “KVK“ project Reduce the operating cost of the German insurance systems Pure Off-line mode Cost saving per year : 250 M€ Total project costs : 270 M€ On going project “eGK” On-line pre-authorization PIN for strong authentication ePrescription on board Emergency medical information 17/02/10 11 11

12 Algeria e-HealthCare case study Objectives: Fraud reduction (internal & external) , cost control (authentication & traceability) and improved services 12

13 eGovernment Solutions
Algeria Healthcare card project provision of a turn key solution to modernize the healthcare system Facilitate healthcare services & decrease costs in a fast-growing country 33 million population, 80% of which benefit from national healthcare CNAS wants to reduce fraud, speed-up payment settlements and reduce costs, better visibility over the system Complete system, based on a central repository: Geographically widespread paper system in place, spread out over the 48 Wilayas Off-line authentication of patients  decentralized health application On-line authentication & signature of professionals  centralized data collection Delivery of a turnkey solution over 3 years (ending Q4 2008)‏ Citizen Enrolment, Issuance and eGovernment Solutions (CMS, PKI, Readers, ...)‏ 7 million eHealth cards for the families USB tokens for 20Ku HC professionals Citizen Enrolment Issuance Solution eGovernment Solutions eBorder Solutions Secure Documents 17/02/10 13 13

14 System components TURN KEY SOLUTION Token for professionals and APIs
Personnalisation system, CMS, PKI infra & patient enrolment Cards & readers Training Carte CNAS TURN KEY SOLUTION 17/02/10 14 14

15 Mexico Healthcare case study How to address 12M people who are not covered with any type of Healthcare benefits or Social Security in Mexico ? 15

16 eHealthCare Customer implementation
12M people who are not covered with any type of Healthcare benefits or Social Security in Mexico. Seguro Popular: Key project implemented by Mr. Fox with backing from all political wings. Since 2004, Seguro Popular provides subsidies for medicine and medical care to inhabitants with no healthcare benefits. Need of a system to control & reduce fraud Policy Management of a sector where there is no Healthcare information Need of a portable, trustworthy, secure, auditable means of identification, flexible and controlable means of ID. Also addressing those without a bank account & to ensure the correct distribution of healthcare rights to Mexicans 17/02/10 16 16

17 e-Diagnostic & e-Prescription
17/02/10 17 17

18 Medication delivery 17/02/10 18 18

19 The National Healthcare IT smart card based system
Slovenia healthcare case study objectives: Reduced healthcare costs and improved quality of care The National Healthcare IT smart card based system 19

20 Customer implementation Slovenia
Eco-system Population of million Electronic healthcare insurance infrastructure first deployed in 1998 to modernize paper-based system On-going project 2,1Mu Health Insurance Cards Insurance information, cardholder details, status of health insurance, organ donor status and primary care physician 20Ku Health Professional Cards, 5K desktop readers (dual slot)‏ Online network of self-service terminals in healthcare facilities Healthcare service provider’s network environment Phase 2 PKI digital signature function for electronic signing of data exchanges Storage of patient prescriptions on the card 17/02/10 20 20

21 Program objectives Increase quality of medical services while simplifying procedures Improve data security and confidentiality Reduce administrative tasks Improve communication between HIIS, users and private healthcare providers Make investment cost-efficient at national level 17/02/10 21 21

22 System Overview HIIS National Network
HIIS database network links all parties involved: Insurance companies Social welfare Claim submission Eligibility verification Employer HIIS National Network Claim submission Eligibility verification Employment verification Hospital/Clinic Pharmacy Self-service terminals Online record retrieval Eligibility verification Claim submission Eligibility verification Prescription delivery 17/02/10 22 22

23 Conclusion Slovenia today the most advanced country in the world using IT in healthcare sector Slovenia used smart cards to achieve the goal of every healthcare organization: Reduced healthcare costs and improved quality of care Country’s healthcare data is now accurate and up-to-date Digital storage of data and automation of paper-based processes has resulted in 35% cost savings for HIIS HIC program is using PKI for web-based healthcare & insurance services 17/02/10 23 23

24 Bulgaria “Electronic Health Record” Project
implemented at the Military Medical Academy in Bulgaria by local partner KIM-2000 Ltd. Objective: to set up an electronic health record system which is Patient centered Efficient Reliable Secure User friendly Gemalto delivered: Secure Java based MultiApp 72K CC smart cards with IAS classic applet Terminal GCR 5500-BG - dual slot: for the patient's card for the health professional's card 17/02/10

25 Thank you for your attention

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