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GROW. LEAD. SUCCEED. The State Farm Agency Opportunity

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1 GROW. LEAD. SUCCEED. The State Farm Agency Opportunity
Sept 4 Program with 1

2 The State Farm Opportunity

3 Being a State Farm Agent: Verb: creating and securing your future
Job: Noun: anything a person is expected or obliged to do; duty; responsibility Career: Noun: an occupation or profession, esp. one requiring special training, followed as one's lifework This page builds to show right away the difference between a job and a career and then to take it to the next level with being a state farm agent. Need a “catchy” phrase to describe State Farm Agency. Being a State Farm Agent: Verb: creating and securing your future

4 State Farm Agency Be Your Own Boss Unparalleled Support
Unlimited Earning Potential Financial Services & Insurance Lifestyle Community Be Your Own Boss: you are the CEO; you are responsible for the running of the business but have the strength of the industry leader behind you. It is your business. You make the decisions, and State Farm will support you with resources that are unparalleled in the business. Unparalleled Support – ideas to mention: Prominent brand National marketing and advertising 90+ products and services Paid internship training and licensing Product specialists and consultants DAFO/MAFO Teams Financial start-up bonus Unlimited Earnings Potential: this is a SALES job…the more you sell, the more you make. Our compensation structure reflects daily commissions, monthly incentives and bonuses, yearly bonus as well as rewards and awards that can take you all around the world. But, at the heart of it all, State Farm Agency is about sales – getting out in your community and being the face of State Farm! Financial Services and Insurance – your role as a State Farm agent is to represent State Farm in the products and services we provide – 90+ products worth. It is one contract, and your challenge is to create deep relationships with our policyholders to uncover needs and opportunities our products can support. It is beyond Auto and Home…we want to approach the business more holistically; that is where you come in! Being a State Farm Agent is a lifestyle that will encompass your family, friends and community members. This is not a 9-5 job. Start now connecting with your family and friends to gain their support for this commitment. As extensions of you, their support will aid your success! Community – what impact do you want to make on your community? State Farm is a great vehicle for helping you do that. Your success will depend on your role as a “go to” in your area – not just for financial services and insurance, but for community-wide efforts to support your neighborhood vitality. 4

5 Who are we looking for? Entrepreneurial mindset
Understands the mission and vision of State Farm Proven leadership experience Desire to hire, develop and lead teams CEO mentality Entrepreneurial mindset: what are the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs…list them on board and get discussion going Mission and vision of State Farm: our company history; full-service, value-added approach. The agent is our distinguishing feature Leadership experience: leadership comes in all forms and shapes – professional and community. Are you someone who enjoys working with others and leading them to a vision for success? Teams: you cannot do this alone! Your team will be a critical part of your success. CEO: successful CEOs rely on those around them to reach success. 5

6 We'll Back You Up with the Support You Need
A prominent brand National marketing and advertising 90+ products and services (see brochure in the front of your binder) Financial start-up bonus Paid internship training and licensing Ongoing career development Product specialists and consultants Support is just a phone call away! 6

7 You are Rewarded for Your Achievements
Unlimited income potential Worldwide travel Product commissions Incentive & promotion bonuses Company & Industry recognition 7

8 Our Agents are the Greatest Point of Differentiation
The State Farm agency system stands tall as the best entrepreneurial opportunity in the insurance and financial services world. Insurance Mutual Funds State Farm Bank 8

9 The Industry Leader in Insurance
Over 17,400 agents nationwide Provides products and services to over 26M households with over 78M policies in force #1 in Car Insurance for since 1942 #1 Insurer of Homes since 1964 9

10 Your investment State Farm Can Help! Capital Investment
Access to 12 – 18 months personal living expenses State Farm Can Help! “TICA Welcome Package” $25,000 Line of Credit $5,000 Credit Card 10

11 State Farm will invest into the success of your Agency!
Did You Know? State Farm will invest into the success of your Agency! 11

12 State Farm Agent Success
State Farm Agents 5 Year Average= 85% Success Insurance Industry 5 Year Average = 6% Success Small Business 5 Year Average = 45% Success 12

13 Process to Become a State Farm Agent
Sales Leadership Career Profile Review Team/Background Check Career Understanding Seminar Candidate Structured Interview Become an Approved Candidate Compete at a Site Interview Paid 22 Week Internship Program Become a State Farm Agent! 13

14 The Agency Opportunity Awaits YOU!
Your Business Your Office Your Team Your DREAM. 14

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