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Florida Homestead Services, LLC Serving the Florida Homeowner Maximum Asset & Equity Protection for your Florida Homestead Real Property * Ft. Lauderdale.

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1 Florida Homestead Services, LLC Serving the Florida Homeowner Maximum Asset & Equity Protection for your Florida Homestead Real Property * Ft. Lauderdale * Miami * * West Palm Beach * Orlando * Tampa * St. Petersburg * Vero Beach * Palm Coast * Jacksonville * St. Augustine * Tallahassee * Ocala * Treasure Coast * Naples * Fort Meyers * Central Florida * Palm Coast * Panhandle * Serving All of Florida since 2001 *

2 Bios of the Florida Homestead Staff John Sims – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Title: President and Owner John has been known and respected as a nationally recognized expert and author on FL homesteads with more than 30 years experience in operations & technical management and a senior consultant. With more than 15 years of experience specializing in all aspects of FL Homestead Law and other related areas, he has studied, researched and written extensively in the areas of legal exemptions, property & asset protection and family law. He lives with his family in Ft. Lauderdale, FL In clear, direct laymans language, his book reveals the exact techniques and successful strategies used by legal specialists throughout Florida to shield and protect their clients Homestead property, income & wealth relying on the written laws, statutes and official court cases published in the public record archives. John started his business to help people just like you and to give them the tools to protect their home, real property and equity from creditors and lawsuits. Janet Gill – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Title: Vice President, GM and Owner Nationally recognized expert with 25+ years in health-medical business operations, management, specializing in all aspects. An insured and bonded notary public and a member of the National Notary Association. INDEPENDENT AGENTS AVAILABLE STATEWIDE

3 Functions & Objectives Maximum Protection for Florida Property Owners against Liens, Judgments, Levies & Attachments by most creditors. Existing Liens, Judgments & Attachments issued by most creditors, debtors, etc. are unenforceable. Legally Unenforceable normally within 45 days. Avoidance of a Clouded Title on your real property. Utilizing Maximum Asset and Equity Protection for Florida Homeowners Residential Property. Unencumbered Transferability of Title-Deed in the event of Death, Sale, Transfer, Exchange or Re-Financing of your Florida Homesteaded Property.

4 Ways We Protect Our Home Homeowners Insurance Monetary Protection Against Flood, Fire, Wind Damage, Theft, Vandalism, Lightning, Acts of God, etc. Security Alarms, Motion Lights and Detectors Protection against Burglary, Theft, Vandalism, etc. Extra Window & Door Locks Added Safety and Security. Fire extinguishers Protection for Unexpected & Sudden Fire. Surge protectors Protection for Expensive Electronics & Appliances from Lightning Surges and Power surges. Upkeep and Upgrades Time, Money, Materials & Labor. Trust & Wills Trusts avoid probate, Will insures last wishes. Life Insurance & Mortgage Disability Pays off Existing Balance of Mortgage Amount, Mortgage Payments Continue if Disabled (Full or Partial Disability)

5 Myths & Assumptions of Homestead 1.Your home is 100% financially and completely exposed to liens, judgments, and other attachments and is not protected under Florida Homestead Laws and the Florida Constitution as you have assumed. 2.But I receive my Homestead Exemption every year? – Yes, this is true BUT the property tax exemption does not protect your Homestead property! Homestead property tax exemption only reduces your annual Ad Valorem (Real Estate) property taxes but does not protect your home or its equity. Also, the tax exemption is not automatic. 3.Do you realize that any person, lawyer, company, government agency, code enforcement board, or any other entity can place a lien against your Home at any time, for any reason? 4.Florida laws states that you do not even have to be legally notified if a lien or judgment is placed against your home! Homes are sold on the courthouse steps daily! 5.Judgments and liens can stay enforced against your homesteaded property for up to 20 years! 6.My Attorney represents my best interests – Right? Wrong! Corpus Juris Secundum: Volume 7 – An Attorneys first duty is to: 1) The Courts 2) The People (Public Prosecutor) 3) NOT to the client!

6 HOMESTEAD PROTECTION IS NOT AUTOMATIC! Florida has two distinct and separate laws regarding a homestead. The exemption of a homestead from forced sale and from having a judgment or execution being a lien thereon differs from homestead exemption as defined for property tax purposes. This exemption is governed by Article X, Section 4, Constitution of the State of Florida (1968), which exempts a homestead from forced sale and provides that no judgment or execution shall be a lien thereon. Clearly, this is a different thing than homestead exemption, as defined for property tax purposes. The Florida property tax statutes offers homeowners a way to apply for homestead 'tax' exemptions to reduce local real estate (ad valorem) property taxes. Application is made to the county property appraiser, and there is no fee for filing. This is the homestead "tax" exemption explained in their information. Homestead ad valorem (which means 'according to value') property tax exemption is sometimes confused with the homestead 'asset' protection. The Florida exemption statutes allows homeowners to 'designate' and 'set apart' their homesteads to protect it from a forced sale to satisfy creditors, and to protect its equity. The tax appraisal county office is unable to answer your questions concerning 'designation of homestead' for protection from forced sale. The exemption of a homestead from ad valorem taxation is quite a different thing from the exemption of a homestead from seizure and sale for debts, and therefore homestead issues and court decisions for tax purposes are not necessarily relevant to issues and decisions for forced sale purposes, the statutory provisions being entirely different. Under the ad valorem tax exemption provision, the homestead is not required to be owned by the head of a family; he may own only an interest or an equity in the property. Moreover, several owners, if they reside on the property, may have the total amount allowable divided between them. On the other hand, under the exemption law from seizure and sale, the homestead may have any value, and in addition to the exemption of the dwelling and the land of the homestead from execution there is also an exemption of personal property as well as the improvements on the real estate. Homestead for tax purposes and homestead for purposes of exemption from forced sale, although related because both are part of the overall scheme of providing for preservation of the family dwelling, are not synonymous regardless of popular opinion.

7 Frivolous Lawsuits – Unbelievable! Can this happen on you?? Will this happen to you?? 1.Frivolous Lawsuit - $ 450,000 for a sprained ankle! "Michele Nations was walking through a park when she stumbled on a gopher hole, tripped, and sprained her ankle. She sued the city for failing to post a warning that such hazards might exist in the park. She won $450,000." 1.Frivolous Lawsuit - Being A Jerk Pays "Jerry Williams sued and won $14,500 plus medical expenses after his neighbor's beagle bit him on the buttocks. The dog was on a chain in a fenced-in yard. Williams had been shooting the dog repeatedly with a pellet gun at the time of the incident. 2.Frivolous Lawsuit - Stealing Hubcaps Pays "Carl Truman, 19, won $74,000 and medical expenses after he sued the neighbor who ran over his hand. His neighbor claimed that he did not realize Truman was stealing his hubcaps at the time." "Current lawsuits plus the threat of possible new suits have hampered my property management business. The frivolous lawsuits are costing me additional staff time to defend. Property Manager Tampa, FL "This practice [lawsuits] has been devastating to the long-term care industry. Many administrators and nurses who were very caring and conscientious about their work have left the industry to pursue other employment because of fear and harassment relating to lawsuits." Nursing Home Manager Dunedin, FL "Frivolous litigation has created a new type of corporate risk. The very costly process of proving as a defendant that the company did nothing wrong has become a very real issue. Optics Company Miami, FL

8 Current Liens & Judgments in Sarasota County As of mid 2012 as listed in Public Records State of Florida: 27,019,068 Florida Homeowners: 21,896,328 Broward Population: 1,849,400 U.S. Bureau Census - 2010 Final Judgments: 238,725 Judgments: 99,931 Judgment – Family: 17,314 Claim of Lien: 130,806 IRS Tax Lien: 33,981 Lis Pendens: 117,870 Tax Lien – Misc: 15,134 Estate Tax Lien: 115 Homestead claims: 10

9 Actual HORROR Stories Gary S. - Code Enforcement Lien, $8k, Dead Grass Jay C. - Credit Card Judgment, $50K, Unable To Re-finance Tim W. - Code Enforcement Lien, $10k for a Boat in the Yard Hattie S. - Code Enforcement Lien, $150k, Too Many Luscious Plants Mike F. - Frivolous Suit & Lien, Loss Of Equity Joe P. - Lawsuit, Judgment, Sued By a Large Corporation Mitch P. – Auto Accident, Refinance Denied, Title Insurance Denied James K. – Civil Restitution Lien, Unable to Sell Harry W. - Re-Fi Loan Denied Due To $5K Judgment Lien Carlos S. - Loan Denied Due To Property Insurance Lien Mandy R. - Proceeds & $55k From Sale Given To Unsecured Creditors Anita I. – Lien Caused Forced Sale Of Property, Loss of all Equity James P. – Divorce, Attorney Fee Judgment, $50k, Unable to Sell or Re-Fi

10 Customer Requirements – Simple & Easy Notarized signatures of all legal forms & Requirements for the FL Homeowner. Copies of Important documentation Required. One-Time, Tax Deductible Fee for FLHS services. Lifetime Protection of Your Homesteaded property. Personalized CD-Rom of All Important Documents… And MORE! Lifetime Protection of your Home Equity Legally Required Forms One-Time Payment Guaranteed Service & Updates Peace of Mind Lifetime Protection for your Florida Home

11 Meeting the Needs of the Florida Homeowner 1.We provide protection of your Homestead real property! 2.We can permanently make your home & equity Lien and Judgment proof! 3.Make almost any existing Liens, Unsecured Judgments against your home & equity – LEGALLY UNENFORCEABLE 4.We provide all of the required documentation needed *As required by FL Law 5.We provide notarizing of required documentations *As required by FL Law 6.We provide all filing & recording in public records * As required by FL Law 7.We provide all important documentation and recorded on your own personalized CD-Rom, for safe keeping and archiving. 8.Proven Protection, no valid claim has ever been denied. 9.Fast, efficient service, low rates and service fees. 10.Our Service and fees are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE! 11.The least expensive form of asset protection for your home & equity.

12 Cost Analysis and Comparison Which is my best option? Cost comparison of various financial & legal fees, products, and services. FLHS- Our superiority is in cost & a One-Time Fee only. Based on county property appraiser value. Trusts – May need to be amended periodically. $1,500 minimum + attorney fees, trustee costs. Wills – May need to be completely revised. $1,500 minimum + costs. Attorney Fees – Fees may be very excessive and on-going. $350- $500 per hour, plus high $ retainer.

13 Our Strengths The ONLY company in Florida of its kind. Offering a variety Extremely Beneficial Services for your Home. Minimal Costs for Maximum Legal Protection. Providing simple solutions of equity protection. Peace of Mind against Past, Present & possible future Liens and Judgments against your home. Making most Liens, Judgments and attachments Legally Unenforceable against your home.

14 Risks by NOT properly and legally Declaring your Homestead Real Property! Loss of home and real property equity Loss of Peace of Mind! Loss of Income Payment of Judgments Payment to Unsecured Creditors Inability to Sell or Re-Finance Loss of Proceeds From Sale

15 The Benefits Provided by FLHS We provide complete Asset & Equity protection of your Florida Homestead real property in addition to many other services for your home! We can help make your home Lien and Judgment proof! Make most existing Liens, Judgments or Attachments Legally Unenforceable - Including child Support and Unsecured Debtors, Creditors! We provide all required and legal documentation needed – as required by FL Law We provide notarizing of all required documentations – as required by FL Law We provide filing and recording in public records - – as required by FL Law We provide all important documentations and recorded on your own personalized CD- Rom, for safe keeping, such as mortgage docs, deed docs, Homestead docs, affidavit docs, miscellaneous docs, etc. all in one package. Extremely Effective Legal Tool for Maximum Asset & Equity Protection for your Home. Does NOT require costly, expensive Legal Fees, Attorney Fees or recurring fees. Only a One-time Payment for as long as you reside in your Florida Home. Our Homestead Protection Service fee is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE! Having Peace of Mind against any future, Legal uncertainties and knowing that your most valuable asset, Your Home and its Equity are fully Protected and safe!

16 FLORIDA HOMESTEAD SERVICES We can make your home Lien and Judgment proof and protect your equity against unsecured creditors! Free Consultation and Answers to all of your questions Contact Us Today! 1-954-252-9111 E-Mail: Request our FREE INFORMATION! Book available online on our website No estate plan is complete without our services WE ARE HERE TO HELP ! Contact us TODAY!

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