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Compensation Solutions The Human Resources PEOple CSI Compensation Solutions A PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION 500 VALLEY RD, WAYNE, NJ 07470 201-405-1115.

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1 Compensation Solutions The Human Resources PEOple CSI Compensation Solutions A PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYER ORGANIZATION 500 VALLEY RD, WAYNE, NJ 07470 201-405-1115 FAX 201-405-1116

2 2 What does a Professional Employer Organization do? PEOs provide small businesses with a level of human resource services generally available only to large Fortune 500 corporations. PEOs handle personnel records, write employee manuals, develop policies and procedures, create job descriptions, process payroll, and assist in new-hires and terminations. PEOs provide their clients with a package of benefits ranging from: Health, Dental, Vision, Short & Long-Term Disability, Workers Compensation Insurance, 401(k) and other pension plans at reduced costs. PEOs manage: workers compensation, health, dental, unemployment, disability and discharge claims. In addition, full-service PEOs, like Compensation Solutions, have full-time professionals on staff to answer questions about ERISA, EEOC, ADA, COBRA, PDA and other federal and state employment laws.

3 3 Compensation Solutions is a comprehensive human resource administration firm, which is comprised of highly qualified compensation, benefits and human resources professionals. Compensation Solutions realizes the specialized needs and critical issues facing business owners and human resource administrators. It makes sense for business owners and human resource managers to seek highly specialized and experienced professional assistance......professionals who speak their language, understand their problems, and know their objectives and concerns. …professionals who have broad experience and can adapt concepts and techniques from several different industries. CSI was founded in 1997 by two of the nations leading compensation and benefits consulting firms, Compensation Resources, founded in 1984, and Hospital & Healthcare Compensation Service founded in 1971. CRI & HCS recognized that small to medium size companies had the same employee needs as the larger Fortune 500 Companies that they had been serving for over thirty years. Understanding this issue, they created a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). Through the PEO, these small to medium size companies now have the same human resource sophistication and buying power as any large corporation. Brief History Compensation Solutions

4 4 Compensation Solutions Directory of Services Benefits of PEO Services Human Resources Employee Administration Payroll Administration Compliance Employee Benefits Recruiting-Leaves-Disability Before and With The PEO

5 5 Benefits of PEO Services Controls costs Saves time and paperwork hassles Provides professional compliance (i.e., payroll, FMLA, FLSA) Reduces turnover and attracts better employees Manages claims (i.e., workers' comp, disability, and unemployment insurance) Provides enhanced benefit packages Provides professional human resource services(i.e., employee handbooks, forms, policies and procedures) Reduces accounting costs For Your Business

6 6 For Your Employees Comprehensive benefits packages previously unavailable Better employer/employee communications Payroll on-time and accurate Professional assistance with employment-related problems Professional orientation and employee handbook Statutory protection to more employees Up-to-date information on labor regulations and workers' rights Work-site safety training Fringe benefits Efficient & responsive claims processing Portable benefits Benefits of PEO Services

7 7 For the Government Consolidates several small companies' tax filings into one Provides more professional preparation and reporting Accelerates collection of taxes Extends medical benefits to more workers Facilitates communication of governmental requirements Communicates changes in regulations to small businesses Resolves many issues before they reach court Allows government agencies to reach businesses through the PEO Benefits of PEO Services

8 8 Human Resources Employee Handbooks Policies & Procedures Communication of Clients Formal Policies Define Company Mission and Goals Orientation Procedures Human Resources Information System Clear and Formal Policies Management Procedure Training Procedural Forms and Notices Discrimination Harassment Discipline Termination

9 9 Employee Administration Personnel Organization & Management Policies & Procedures Benefits Administration Cafeteria Plans Employee Assistance Program (24/7) Job Descriptions Exempt & Non-Exempt Benefits Descriptions and Enrollments Sick and Vacation Time I-9 Documentation & Verification Incident/ Accident Procedures

10 10 Comprehensive Custom Payroll Reports Check Reconciliation Positive Pay Payroll Administration Payroll Software Forms & Procedures Microsoft Dynamics Software W-4 Completion and Submission New Hire Reporting Payroll Timesheets Status Change Forms Employee Loans Deductions Garnishments

11 11 Web-Based Human Resources Web Based Payroll Solutions – Accessible 24-7

12 12 Compliance Policies & Procedures State and Federal Forms and Filings W-2, W-4, WR-30, State GIT, 940, 941, 5500 ADA, COBRA, FMLA, FLSA, EEO1 reporting State and Federal Requirements Workers Comp State Unemployment Disability Accident Injury Report

13 13 Employee Benefits & Preferred Vendors Section 125 Dependent Care Medical Expense Medical & Dental Credit Union Travel Club Group Term Life LTD & STD Retirement 401(k) Profit Sharing

14 14 Pay Requirements Resume Searches Recruiting/ Job Postings Policies & Procedures Professional Recruiters Employee Recruiting Internal Recruiting Job Descriptions Skills Testing Job Posting Form Employee Transfers

15 15 HR Training Computer Based & Interactive Presentations On-Site Training Microsoft Office Skills Management Skills Worksite Safety Webcasts Workplace Harassment Awareness Interviewing Skills Coaching Techniques Performance Appraisals

16 16 Safety Training Policies & Procedures Computer Based & On-Site Training Safety Webcasts ErgonomicsForklift Bloodborne Pathogens Safety Walkthroughs Safety Committee Safety Newsletter Safety Documentation

17 17 Leaves, Disability & Terminations Policies & Procedures Maternity Leave FMLA Leave of Absence Workers Comp Leave Short- Term Disability Resignation & Termination Forms Termination Policies & Best Practices Compensation/ Severance Planning Exit Interview

18 18 Compensation Solutions Double Triangle of Services Human Resources is the pinnacle of our PEO Services outer triangle. This is what makes us the Human Resources PEOple. Through On-site Visits, the Account Executive is the pinnacle of the PEOs inner triangle of communication

19 19 Account Executive Regular field visits to your location One-on-One education of services available to employees Management liaison between Compensation Solutions and you Steward of data integrity Account Executive

20 20 Phone Support Employees can call at their convenience ( 7am-7pm daily -- Saturday 8am to noon) Always a Live friendly voice at Compensation Solutions Family members can call anytime Questions answered in a timely manner Fewer distractions for management Increased employee morale Phone Support

21 21 Web Based HRIS Online training Online payroll submission and reports Your policies and procedures posted online All HR forms available Hyperlinks to preferred vendors Regularly scheduled webcasts Web-Based HRIS

22 22 QUESTION WHO I CALLED Payroll QuestionsADP/Paychex? FICA Taxes, W2s, W4sAccountant? Workers Comp Costs WC Auditor? Labor- Employment Questions Attorney - Accountant? Health Insurance PlanHealth Broker? Life Insurance RatesLife Insurance Company? Dental Insurance Coverage Dental Agent? 401(k) Pension PlanFinancial Advisor/TPA? Cafeteria Plans Third Party Administrator? Workers Comp ClaimsClaims Department? Health-Dental ClaimsClaims Department? Disability ClaimsClaims Department? Sexual Harassment I Called? FMLA-COBRA-HIPAA-FLSAI Called?? Wrongful DischargeI Called??? Safety ComplianceI Called???? Equal OpportunityI Called????? With Compensation Solutions I now call one # 800-654-4234 Before and With Compensation Solutions

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