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Index Company profile Initial project overview Successes since commencement of project Introduction to CPHA Modus operandi – Plant losses Modus operandi.

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2 Index Company profile Initial project overview Successes since commencement of project Introduction to CPHA Modus operandi – Plant losses Modus operandi – Plant hire & equipment Networking is VITAL Hot spot areas Precautions on site Contact Details

3 Company Profile John Pearson and Associates (Pty) Ltd was established in 2006 to provide a pre-eminent loss adjusting and surveying business throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Our expertise in Loss Adjusting is complimented by first class investigative and intelligence services specializing in all Jewellers Block, Specie and other crime related business.

4 Initial Project Overview After dealing with numerous truck losses on behalf of Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Ltd and other insurance companies, we felt that something needed to be done to try and recover some of the vehicles stolen, rather than simply dealing with the circumstances surrounding the loss and adjusting the Insured's claims. No recoveries were being made. We discussed a potential project with Zurich Insurance Company South Africa Limited and with their consent, we were assigned two broking companies within the Gauteng region to run a trial project. We requested they inform their clients to advise us of a loss as soon as possible when it occurred so that we could activate our informers to attempt to locate the whereabouts of the stolen vehicle.

5 Initial Project Overview (Continued) We respectfully request that brokers communicate our initiative with their clients and emphasize the importance of informing our office as soon as possible after a loss has been discovered. Once the information has been obtained, we immediately notify all of our contacts throughout South Africa, informing them of the loss so that observations can be made along various routes leading to known borders with neighbouring countries. On receipt of a notification, we immediately dispatch an investigation team to the site where the loss has occurred in order to record a statement from the driver or site manager and to obtain additional information.

6 Successes since commencement of Project



9 Introduction to CPHA (Contractors Plant Hire Association) COMPOSITE INSURANCE BROKERS t/a REEF INSURANCE & ZURICH INSURANCE COMPANY SOUTH AFRICA LTD As a result of the initiative between John Pearson & Associates and Zurich South Africa, we were introduced to Reef Insurance Brokers who assisted us during the trial period. As a result of our successful recovery rate, Mr Slater believed our expertise could also be utilised to assist the CPHA members.

10 Modus Operandi – Plant Losses NEW CONTRACTS (BORROW INSTEAD OF BUY) As a result of the massive expansion projects within South Africa, a number of new contracts have been issued to various established and newly established companies. Due to these new contracts, many newly established companies purchase relatively cheap plant equipment without performing proper checks on the vehicles history. These individuals purchase these vehicles without consciously knowing that they have been stolen.

11 Modus Operandi – Plant Losses (Continued) NEIGHBOURING COUNTRIES Due to the increased exposure of Africa as a continent, a number of plant vehicles are being stolen from South African and moved into neighbouring countries north of our borders. We believe Botswana and Mozambique are currently being used as transport routes through to the remainder of the African continent. Once these vehicles are smuggled through our borders, the criminals sell these plant vehicles on to unsuspecting buyers. The projects aim is to close down our border posts to ensure these vehicles cannot leave the country illegally.

12 Modus Operandi – Plant Losses (Continued) COMPETITIVE EDGE We believe that some companies are extremely competitive. Due to the nature of their business these companies deliberately sabotage their competitors in order to increase their own productivity and wealth. Arranged hijackings and malicious damage incidents often occur.

13 Modus Operandi – Plant Hire & Equipment ARTICLE (Published in Hire SA – February 2009, page 18) Criminals perform ITC checks on construction companies. This allows them access to privileged information e.g. banking details, addresses and names and identification numbers of the companys directors. The suspects contact a plant hire company via cellular telephone requesting the use of one or more of their plant vehicles. An application form is faxed to the suspect for completion. The legitimate company details are then filled in and the form is faxed back to the plant hire company.

14 ITC checks are performed on the proposed company. Once clear, the individual is contacted and arrangements are made to deliver the machine / vehicle. Once the machine has been delivered the individual cuts off all communication with the plant hire company. The plant hire company later realises that they have been caught in a scam once they cannot reach the individual on any of the numbers provided.

15 WHAT CAN YOU DO TO HELP PREVENT THIS TYPE OF LOSS? Obtain two forms of identification such as a valid drivers licence and credit card in the same name. Photocopy of a valid drivers licence should be obtained. Always get the rental contract signed and retain the signed copy Take a photograph or video of the customer during the transaction Do not rent to new customers who want several pieces of equipment that dont fit the job described. Do credit checks and make contact with the management of the company they say they represent. Ensure that your insurance is correctly structured and values are adequate. It makes financial sense to safeguard valuable plant and machinery and to seek specialist advice to insure them correctly

16 Modus Operandi – Plant Hire & Equipment (Continued) TRACK & TRACE (INVESTIGATIONS) As a result of our discussions with Mr Slater, we understand there is a need for an investigation team to assist plant hire and equipment companies to trace equipment that is not being returned. We have involved an Investigator who purely deals in Track and Trace Investigations who we believe could assist in locating these individuals. We are in discussions with this individual on how best to deal with this type of loss and once a suitable solution has been agreed, we will send a formal letter to the CPHA for further consideration.

17 Networking is VITAL We currently have contacts with: Officials assigned to various weighbridges Officials manning border posts Flying Squad members Hijacking Unit members Station Commanders (SAPS) Investigators Individuals at Toll Plazas Whenever suspicious activity occurs drivers should be taught to hide their cellular telephones within the mechanical horse. We can then trace this cell phone number inside the vehicle until such a time as it is located by the suspects and deactivated.

18 Hot spot Areas Due to the increasing number of construction work taking place throughout South Africa, it has been noted that plant losses have increased sharply over the past few months. Syndicates and individuals involved in this type of crime must be identified and monitored in order to reduce the losses.

19 Precautions on Site It would be in the contractors interest to employ their own security guards rather than guards from other security companies. We would suggest full background checks be done on these guards to ensure that they are not wanted or suspected of involvement in any previous crimes. We believe that the majority of losses which occur on site are as a direct result of internal information being leaked to various syndicates. We suggest contractors focus more attention on the security guards employed to ensure they can be trusted fully.

20 Precautions on Site (Continued) Site areas should be fenced off, well lit and guard dogs should be utilised after hours. Access into and out of the yard should be controlled by one of the contractors personnel rather than the security guard. We would suggest the guard be furnished with adequate communication tools to alert individuals if a suspicious situation arose.

21 Contact details John Pearson & Associates (Pty) Ltd have been actively involved in investigating this type of loss for many years and have recovered a number of vehicles utilizing the contacts and agents at our disposal. We have a good relationship with senior individuals within the South African Police Services and often share information which has lead to a number of arrests and recoveries. We are in the process of visiting various outlying areas to expand our network with the aim of assisting you and your clients in recovering vehicles following any future hijacking or theft incident. We are available on our cellular telephones 24/7.

22 Contact details (Continued) We are contactable on: Office:011 704 5158 (Tel) 011 704 6405 (Fax) John Pearson:082 569 Richard Pearson:082 332 Scott Archer:073 771 Jean Pitout:082 302 Ayésha Addinall: (Secretary to R Pearson) We look forward to being of assistance to you and your clients.

23 Thank You

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