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United India Insurance Company Limited

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1 United India Insurance Company Limited


3 BENEFITS: Hospitalisation expenses like room rent, ICU, nursing expenses, fee for surgeon, anesthetist, specialists, blood, oxygen, operation theatre, medicines, diagnostic materials, X-ray, dialysis, chemotherapy, pace maker, artificial limbs etc. are covered.

4 One day hospitalisation is compulsory
One day hospitalisation is compulsory. But for the treatments like dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy etc., the patient could be discharged the same day itself.

5 Claim services are extended by M/s TTK HEALTHCARE SERVICES (P) LTD in selected hospitals, the insured person can avail cashless facility by producing the identity cards issued by the insurance company.

6 TTK HEALTH CARE SERVICES (P) LTD 1400 B, Mareena bldgs Ravipuram M G Road, Cochin- 16 Ph:

7 age group 61 years to 80 years
Platinum age group 3 months to 35 yrs Max Rs. 10,00,000-00 Gold age group 36 yrs to 60 years Max Rs. 5,00,000-00 Senior Citizens age group 61 years to 80 years Max Rs. 3,00,000-00

8 EXCLUSIONS: All pre-existing diseases and sickness would be excluded from the scope of the policy. Expense for hospitalisation for the first 30 days is an exclusion unless it is due to an accident.

9 Under Gold and Senior Citizens Policy,
the Pre-existing disease exclusion is applicable. This exclusion shall get deleted once the insured completes three claim free policy periods.

10 During the first two years of policy, expenses on treatment such as cataract, benign prostrate hypertrophy, hysterectomy, hernia, hydrocele, congenital internal diseases, fistula in anus, piles, sinusitis etc are not covered.

11 Expenses for the treatment such as circumcision, cosmetic or aesthetic treatment, plastic surgery other than , as may be necessitated due to an accident, dental treatment or surgery of any kind unless requiring hospitalisation are exclusions in the policy.

12 Sterility, intentional self injury, expenses on vitamins and tonics unless forming part of a treatment, treatment arising from or traceable to pregnancy & childbirth including caesarean section, medical termination of pregnancy, naturopathy etc are not covered in the scope of the policy.

13 You can choose the sum insured from Rs 50,000-00 to Rs 10,00,000-00.

14 Policy is available for persons above 5 years of age and children above 3 months can be covered along with their parents.

15 Any person above 45 years of age
seeking insurance cover for the first time or where there is break in insurance or an existing policyholder seeking enhancement of sum insured will be required to undergo specified Medical check-up as detailed in the policy..

16 Medical examination, CBC & ESR, Urine routine and microscopic, Cholesterol, SGPT, Sr creatinine, ECG, Stress test.

17 Premium paid for MEDICLAIM policy would be exempted under section 80D of the Income Tax Act subject to a limit of Rs. 15,000-00 and Rs. 20, for SENIOR CITIZENS


19 George Thomas, Development Officer Divisional Office #2,
For more information, contact George Thomas, Development Officer Divisional Office #2, Joy’s Building, Opp PAICO Padma Jn, M G Road, Cochin Phone Office: , , Res: , Mob: Fax : E mail :

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