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Health Insurance- Opportunities and Challenges Auditorium, SIU-Lavale.

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1 Health Insurance- Opportunities and Challenges Auditorium, SIU-Lavale

2 Name of the speaker: Dr. Shreeraj Deshpande Designation: Head, Health Insurance, Future Generali Insurance India Company Ltd. Topic: Health Insurance- Opportunities and Challenges

3 SUMMARY He spoke about health care financing models. In Healthcare financing he mentioned that in countries with tax based or social insurance based systems, people supplement their entitlement with private insurance. Private insurance can also be an alternative to public system. Private insurance effected to cover co-payments /deductibles required under the public system or cover services which are fully not covered under public system.

4 He further elaborated on the various Healthcare cost and the causes that are leading to an increase in the Healthcare costs. He then talked about the current Indian scenario in the health insurance sector. He briefed about the various determinants of demand for health insurance

5 Health Insurance Is Transacted by: Non-Life Insurance Companies Life Insurance Companies Specialist Health Insurance Companies

6 Impact Of Health Insurance On The Health care Sector Growth of health insurance – opportunity to improve health care standards specially health care infrastructure and accessibility to quality care. Will promote uniform standards of health care across the length and breadth of the country. Growth of health insurance means increased standardized data resulting in greater use of information technology in health care sector. Stimulated growth in pharma sector.

7 Employers are worried about increasing health care costs and are forcing insurers to be risk managers than risk distributors. Insurance companies will look at cost control which would mean utilization reviews. Cost control involves profiling of providers, doctors and physician education programs. He concluded by speaking on universal health and suggested approach of affordability and insurability.

8 Report Prepared By: Akhila Nayak Anisha Mehta Ebrahim Khan Nikhil Dhorepatil Shirin Khan Swati Sonik Yogita Patil (MBA –HHM 2013-15)

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