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Financial Administration Meeting October 30, 2013.

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1 Financial Administration Meeting October 30, 2013

2 The Universitys financial statements received an unqualified opinion from the independent auditor. The Universitys financial statements were completed on time, Sept 30th. Audited Financial Statements on the Controllers web site – Financial ReportingFinancial Reporting A-133 Single Audit due November 30th 2

3 Agreements and Contracts must go through Office of General Counsel for approval before being signed by URI authorized individual If associated with PO, URI Purchasing Office will send contract to legal for review with copy of the CR If contract is under $5,000 and will be processed on LVPO, include a copy with correspondence to Office of General Counsel 3

4 If department needs to collect payment by credit card or ACH Contact Mary Stiller, Chief Accountant Contract with vendors RBS Worldpay Sallie Mae (HigherOne) Reg-Online- conferences & registrations BunkOne –camp registration DO NOT CONTRACT with 3 rd party vendor without prior approval from Controllers Office 4

5 Any old credit card terminals that are not being used, return to Financial Reporting Office in Carlotti Bldg, room 116 5

6 Effective January 1, 2015- Large ER required to provide adequate health insurance or pay fines Office of Higher Education hired consultant Conner Stone Determine if URI, RIC and CCRI are one control group or multiple ERs for internal payrolls Look back period-determine # FTEs (full-time equivalent) Develop estimate hours per credit for per-course instructor (teaching, advising, prep) 6

7 FTE employees EE working over 30 hours or more a week over 130 days or 20 consecutive weeks will be eligible for health insurance Jobs entered in PS need to make sure hours scheduled are realistic to EE actual hours worked. EE Terminated & Rehired ER can restart the measurement clock If time lapse in service is greater than 26 weeks, Or if lapse in service is greater than weeks worked 7

8 URI Internal Employees Pre-course Contract – non hourly\hourly Grants Events – theater, athletic, etc. Coaches Temporary employee Seasonal More inform to come 8

9 Overview URIFs Mission Donors Responsible Parties involved with fund activity Operating Funds Types of Operating Funds Fund Maintenance Creating/Opening a New Fund Signature Authorization Forms/Chartfield Strings Monthly Reporting Fund Assessments 9

10 Revenue Accepted sources of revenue Non-Accepted sources of revenue Ways to Give Expenditures URIF Flexibility Payment Requests Internal Transfers (between foundation funds) Scholarship Awarding Process 10

11 Endowment Management Endowment overview/types Spending policy Income Distribution Stewardship and Donor Relations Donor Receipts and disclosures Stewardship Reports Donor Thank You notes 11

12 Trish Casey Associate Controller 12

13 Reminders: Catering policy and Policy A-36 Make sure catering requests meets Policy A-36 (excludes Fund 401) Purchase orders and Limited POs should be issued prior to goods or services being ordered New Check day – Monday morning 13

14 State RFP Current contract with Shorts Travel ends 12/31/13 New RFP completed and will go out within next few days Could have new Travel Agency by January As soon as we know we will distribute information as rapidly as we can 14

15 15 Travel mixed with Personal Travel The TEV must include a quote from Shorts Travel indicating what the flight cost would be without the personal travel The URI Car Rental Agencies do not cover you under insurance while traveling for personal reasons Cliqbook Reminder, domestic travel can be booked using the on-line Cliqbook portal Make sure that a TAR is approved prior to booking travel

16 State Automotive Charges: Activity will now be posted by vehicle number State usually sends us the detail reports about the 10 th of the following month We will try to get all activity posted in the month Questions, send me an email and will try to investigate 16

17 Invoice Voucher Instructions have been updated for clarification, including types of allowable items and they will continue to be update over next several months Items no longer to be processed on IV Advertisements Freight 17

18 Please dont hesitate to contact any of us with questions, concerns… New fiscal staff – call us for training on paper processing 18

19 Jim Cacciola Assistant Controller 19

20 Pilot project has started in October 2013 CELS & Dining EE Action Forms includes workflow approval Fills in existing EE information, including distribution 20

21 On-line EE direct deposit pay advices Similar to PS Internal Payroll Eliminate paper copies Historical direct deposits pay advices will be available on line Supervisor will be able to print for EE without access to computer Target date – January 2014 21

22 Separate W-2s for State and PeopleSoft payrolls. ADDRESSES Address changes need to be in system by 12/15/13 State Payroll – Form USP-5 processed HR PeopleSoft – On-line 22

23 We will no longer extend a distribution on a research project after grant has expired. Initiating a new process in Payroll charge to overhead accounts when Action Forms (USP- 2a) distribution data is not up to date. 23

24 ADVANCE NOTICE Affordable Care Act may require us to pay most PeopleSoft Inhouse personnel on an hourly basis. Must maintain ACCURATE record of hours worked. 24

25 USP-2s are being processed to CFS(s) that haven't been setup in PS HR. Department/Foundation is responsible for requesting a CFS be setup in PS HR by checking off the "personnel" box on the CFS create form. If that box isn't checked off, it doesn't get setup in PS HR, only in Financials. Cost Sharing \ Match – OSP needs to be notified to setup the HR chartfield string 25

26 26

27 Dave Hansen Associate Director 27

28 28 FY2012 - We have archived these reports on our secure drive FY2013 – Closed – Y/E Reports ran over the weekend located in Report Manager Year-End Reports 2013

29 29 Weekend of 11/9 – 11/11 Highlights Pivot Grid Reporting Tool Re-Organizing Favorites and Folders Export Trees to.pdf and capability to print trees Portal Dashboards and Workcenter Development Tools

30 30 Lowlights Hover Menu no longer exists – must click to navigate

31 31 Budget Transfers – Close to Beta Phase in Prod Sig Auth Workflow – Development delayed due to Tools upgrade - Target – 3 rd Qtr FY2014 Travel and Expense Module – FY2015 AR/Billing FY2016

32 32

33 Michele Wood Assistant Controller 33

34 34 Project took place Summer 2013 Main goals - improve analysis and reporting, close-outs, automate manual processes Closed over 3,000 old projects Grants portal (in process) Grants portal (in process) – currently being piloted by CELS – award and project information Milestone notifications (in process) Milestone notifications (in process) – currently in use for certain awards

35 35 OSP, S&CA, UCS currently reviewing pre-award PeopleSoft functionality Spring 2014 Roll-out of Grants Portal college by college, slated for Spring 2014 TBD PeopleSoft A/R and Billing TBD

36 36 Still seeing transactions posting AFTER grants have ended 90, 60, 30 day email notifications should be reminding departments to take action to close/stop activities Payroll transactions posting AFTER 30 day window will be transferred to department overhead by OSP via USP 2a form, initiated by OSP and sent directly to Payroll

37 37 Proposed OMB Uniform Guidance: Cost Principles, Audit and Administrative Requirements for Federal Awards (combining A-21, A-50, A-87, A-89, A-102, A-110, A- 122, A-133 into 1 circular) December 2013 OMB has indicated their goal to release the final version is December 2013

38 38 Recent IG reports: 7/19/12, University of Florida $3 million in findings based on a sample of 100 salary and 100 non-salary transactions. Issues included: Direct charging of clerical and administrative staff Direct charging of general use supplies, such as toner

39 39 Recent IG reports: 3/31/11, Ohio State, citations included: Inadequate subaward monitoring. NSF visited subawardees and was unable to support claimed costs Inadequate controls for meeting cost share commitments Inadequate controls for meeting participant support cost commitments

40 40 Transactions after grant end date Transactions after grant end date – should not be occurring Cost share Cost share – monitoring throughout grant (at least quarterly) Direct charging Direct charging of clerical, administrative salaries and general purpose items Mail charges Phone charges (no grants are to be used as defaults; charges only booked if approved by OSP) Also, remember to review overhead revenue monthly Questions, need help, please call

41 41 23 active ARRA awards 17 of the 23 ended 8/31/13 and are working through the close-out process Few awards received agency approval to extend beyond 9/30/13

42 42

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