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SEO MASTERCLASS By Dan Petrovic. Traffic Increase How Google Works Keyword Research Competitor Research Content Optimisation Page Optimisation Link Building.

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2 Traffic Increase How Google Works Keyword Research Competitor Research Content Optimisation Page Optimisation Link Building Performance Tracking Website Analysis

3 Traffic Increase – Marketing eMarketing – Internet Marketing » Affiliate » Display Ads » Reviews » SEM (PPC) » SEO (Organic Traffic)

4 SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – Drive traffic through search engine results – Higher position = more traffic? Research: volume, competitors – Higher traffic = more sales? Research: relevance, conversions, CTA (call to action)

5 Organic & Paid Results


7 What does it mean to be on the first page?





12 Deciding What to Target? Phrase Research

13 Google Keyword Tool: Key Terms: Initial search Refinement Site based search Disambiguation Industry-only jargon removal


15 Competitor Research Competitors Links:

16 Competitor Research Competitors Tags & Content:

17 How Google Works 1.Importance of Content 2.Importance of Links 3.Practical Examples

18 Result Sorting Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Income Protection... Get FREE online quotes for car insurance, life insurance, home & contents insurance, income protection insurance and bicycle insurance. - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar Life Insurance Australia - Life Insurance Quotes - Allianz Australia Life insurance quotes online from Allianz for cover up to $1.5 Million. Help protect your family with a premium Life Insurance policy from Allianz,... - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar Life Insurance | Life Insurance Quotes | Aussie Apply over the phone in minutes. There are no blood tests and no medicals. Get life insurance cover today. - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar Life Insurance - Real Insurance Life Insurance from Real Insurance offers FREE online quotes. - CachedCached Life Insurance, Term & Personal Insurance - Medibank Private Medibank Life Insurance can provide you with comprehensive, affordable life insurance and the peace of mind to help secure the financial future for your... - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar Life Insurance, Funeral & Accident Insurance - Guardian Insurance With Guardian, life insurance cover is uncomplicated and easy to get. Our products are transparent, flexible and easy to understand; offering financial... - Cached - SimilarCachedSimilar Sorting Criteria: 1.Relevance 2.Importance Other: a.Timing b.Site Type c.Geographic d.Lingual

19 Links represent one of many signals: – Page Titles Page Title – Headings Heading 1 – Content Keyword Usage, Context, Semantics – Domain – Images alt=Image Description – Links anchor...... Search Engine Signals


21 Search engines judge you by your links. YOU Supplier Friend Blog Competitor Forum Partner Link Graph Related?

22 Link Anatomy Click Here Note: Text in link is called Anchor Text

23 Voting System Every link is a vote from one site to another: a)When you link to others you vote for them. b)When others link to you they vote for you. Bottom Line: Get others to link to you. LinkerLinked VOTE

24 Link Quality Not all links are equal: SITE AYOU SITE C

25 Number of outgoing links on site that links to you affects the link value. Less is better. SITE A SITE B SITE C SITE D YOU Link Quality & Quantity

26 anchor text Nofollow = No trust = No vote META, robots.txt, link Example: Blog comments, Forums, Social Media SITE ASITE B No Follow?

27 Link Acquisition Methods Learn more about your existing links – Google Webmaster Tools: Your website on the web Links to your site Analyse anchor text LINK:

28 How to get links?

29 Your Current Links Oh, nice!


31 Why did these people link to me? Analyse and understand your links Discover most linked content Find new link ideas Form new partnerships and alliances Fix wrong links (more about that later…)

32 Who links to my competitors? Yahoo & Google – link: Discover new link opportunities Understand your competitors strengths

33 Link Building Ideas – Directories (DMOZ, Yahoo, BOTW) – PR & Article Hosting (PR Web, E-zine Articles) – Join Industry Associations & Memberships (AIMIA) – Profile Pages (LinkedIn) – Blogging & Social Media Participation Tips: – Unique content on each new resource – 2000 directories, how good can they be?

34 Link Building Ideas – Non-competing businesses Lawyer in Sydney & Lawyer in Melbourne Hotel booking & Tour guides Hosted content or functionality Avoid links_9.html and resources_020.php pages (spam!) – Business partners & alliances – Product or service suppliers – Web design company (portfolio page) – Your office space / building complex – Customers Incentivise: Offer discount and extras to linking customers Share: Customers like to brag about recently purchased product Celebrate: Happy customer testimonials

35 Link Building Ideas – Positive Reviews, Feedback and Testimonials – Incorrect links or no links on brand and content click here, read more (should be main phrase) and

36 Sample of backlinks Cached page Lists all indexed pages Dan Finds Dan on our site allinurl: gardening (e.g. allintitle: cars (e.g. Car Dealer Sydney) cheap java books -island -programming Search Tips

37 Link Placement Example

38 Self-Generating Links Link to us page: – Encourage linking to your site. – Take control of how people link to you. – Make it easy for people to do so. Social media sharing within content Useful Tools / Templates / Resources Link Bait Material – Example: Steps on how to do up your tie

39 Finally: Theory in Practice – Number of Links: 2000. No improvement. – Competitor links: 20-100 in average. – New links: 7 – Time: 3 months – Position: #1 Conclusion: Link Quality, Trust & Relevance

40 Fun Examples

41 The WOW Factor

42 Cheeky Linkbaits

43 Key Elements: 1.Fun 2.Different 3.Interesting 4.Distributable 5.Linkable Expected Result: 1.Natural Links 2.Social Media 3.Emails Cheeky Linkbaits

44 Key Elements: 1.Responsible 2.Endorsed 3.Serious 4.Helpful 5.Linkable Expected Result: Links partnership 3.quotations Useful & Serious

45 Performance Tracking

46 Google Webmaster Tools

47 Google Analytics

48 Website Analysis


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