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SMS & Voice Broadcasting Service for Insurance Companies

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1 SMS & Voice Broadcasting Service for Insurance Companies

2 Table of Contents Introduction About WebSprix Our Services Bulk SMS
SMS marketing Personalized SMS Voice Broadcasting Benefits to Your Insurance Company Table of Contents

3 WebSprix is a premier provider of Mobile Value Added Services (MVAS)
Offer services ranging from basic bulk SMS to IVR Based complete business solutions MVAS business solutions include Bulk SMS, Voice Broadcasting, Call Conferencing, SMS Marketing, IVR and SMS-Based Polling, among others Services are reliable, robust and scalable designed to meet the modern day business needs for companies of any size Licensed Virtual Internet Service Provider (vISP) Working in partnership with ethio telecom on a revenue-sharing agreement

4 Our Services Bulk SMS - SMS Broadcasting
Personalized SMS – Template SMS SMS Marketing – Two-Way SMS Voice Broadcasting – Letting Your Business Talk Call Conferencing – Meeting in a Virtual Room IVR & PBX Solutions – Unified Communications Our Services

5 The Basics of Bulk SMS Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals Bulk messaging is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing but also for information and communication between both staff and customers Software is required for sending and receiving bulk messages and various software packages are available Most SMS software applications allow uploading of lists of mobile phone numbers using CSV file formats Sophisticated systems can automatically remove duplicated mobile numbers and validate them prior to sending messages With enhanced software features, messages can be scheduled to be sent at specific times and/or days

6 Possible Insurance SMS Notifications to Customers
Product Information Claim and Sanction Status Monthly/half yearly/quarterly Premium Policy Modification Confirmation Payment Due Date Reminders Premium Payment Confirmation

7 Some Promotional Broadcast Examples:
Promotional messages of New Product Launch New Share Sales Alert News Flash Alert New Branch Opening Announcements Holiday Wish Text to the Customers

8 Bulk SMS Features Web-based SMS portal
Upload a CSV file of your contacts Send messages either from your PC or from your personal mobile phone Support for long SMS messages (more than 160 characters) Schedule messages for specific date/time Configure user accounts with different access rights Bulk SMS Features

9 Additional Features Fast Delivery to All Numbers Nationwide
Manage Contacts in Specific Groups Online Simple Process: Login » Compose » Send Low Rates for High Volume SMS No Technical Skills Required! No Monthly Fees, No hidden Costs, No Monthly Commitment! Finally, the Convenience Factor Our customers have total control of when and to whom to send to from anywhere!

10 Personalized SMS Personalize SMS messages for each recipient
Saves you from having to type the same message multiple times Templates can also contain an unlimited number of merge fields Personalized SMS

11 Personalized SMS, CSV Imports
Bulk SMS sends a general message to 10s, 100s, 1000s and millions of your contacts at a click. With Personalized SMS, Send unique, personalized SMS each time and make yourself, your business or organization more valuable. Example:  Dear W/ro Hiwot, you car insurance policy number 8765 will expire on 09/10/2013. Please visit your nearest office and renew your insurance policy. Like mail-merging, each recipient will get a personalized SMS. Instead of the generic “Dear sir/madam, …”, with personalized SMS, Abebe will receive “Dear Abebe, …” and Belay will receive “Dear Belay, …”.  Your customers will think you took time to send it personally to them and not some bulk SMS software like everyone else is doing today! This differentiates you!!!

12 SMS Marketing SMS has become a tool for not only individual communications, but it is an exciting marketing tool for businesses as well It is one of the newest and fastest growing types of marketing as it places promotions and updates in the pockets of potential customers Bulk SMS marketing or mass messaging is one of the best strategies for generating leads for your business Currently there are over 20 million mobile users in Ethiopia and this number is expected to more than double (close to 56 million) in about a year or two An SMS campaign is a more cost-effective alternative to traditional approaches, and is a refreshing additional off-line marketing tool Inbound SMS campaigns: the customer sends an SMS with set content to a certain number Outbound SMS campaigns: the customer receives an SMS with set content and answers as required with set content via an SMS message

13 SMS Marketing for Insurance Company
Customers want to feel secure about their insurance company choice and are looking for something “more” in terms of meaningful, relevant incentives and interactions. You could use SMS marketing to let retail consumers know they can trust you on things they do every day, helping them keep more money in their wallet. How can your prospects get the Info they need from you? Customers can simply text “XXX” to 8845 where XXX is the keyword for your insurance company that you can reserve with us This keyword will have to be unique, easy to remember and directly related to the name of your company There are various ways of gathering mobile phone numbers: By simply publishing your keyword on all promotional materials (TV, radio, brochures, posters, leaflets, websites, etc.) By adding a registration form on your website where customers can enter their mobile numbers. By asking customers directly for their mobile numbers at your bank

14 SMS Marketing Easy & Automated Customer List Building
Reserve as many Keywords as you like for your Insurance Company with us Automatically grow your contact list with your own "Text to Join" campaign Automatic opt-out option SMS Marketing

15 Our voice broadcast service is the perfect way to convey a sense of importance to your recipients
When you want to get breaking news out, promote a new product or send holiday greetings, voice broadcast is the best way to do it in a personal way Our automated messaging service allows you to automatically call or text every phone number on your list Voice Broadcast

16 Our Voice Broadcast System
Promoting a brand or announcing a sale can also be done in a novel and exciting way by sending voice messages. 30 or 60 second voice promos can be sent to both mobile and landline promotions. The moment the person picks the call the voice promotion plays. The advantage for businesses is that they are billed only for the calls listened to by users.

17 Voice Broadcasting Features
Send a prerecorded message to thousands of phones from a targeted dialing list Simple voice memo upload Easy contact list import Schedule multiple voice broadcasts and text messages into one unified and automated campaign Conduct effective communication anywhere across the country (even across the world) Schedule broadcasts for specific date/time Automatic re-dials Message tracking Voice Broadcasting Features

18 Voice Broadcasting Services
Our voice broadcast service is the perfect way to convey a sense of importance to your recipients When you want to get breaking news out, promote a new product or send holiday greetings, voice broadcast is the best way to do it in a personal way Our automated messaging service allows you to automatically call or text every phone number on your list

19 Benefits to Your Insurance Company

20 Some of the benefits of Using Our Services
Save time, money and resources without having to compromise on standards of service Large cost saving on phone calls and traditional advertising Increase in customer satisfaction and retention Increase brand awareness and recognition New customer signups Gaining competitive advantage

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