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Overview of Social Insurance in Sweden. Area: 450,000 km 2 (174,000 sq mi) About 9,3 million inhabitants Average life expectancy from birth: men 77.9.

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1 Overview of Social Insurance in Sweden

2 Area: 450,000 km 2 (174,000 sq mi) About 9,3 million inhabitants Average life expectancy from birth: men 77.9 years, women 82.4 years Capital: Stockholm (829,417 inhabitants). Greater Stockholm is about 2 million inhabitants Major cities: Göteborg (507,330), Malmö (293,909) Most common surname: Johansson Sweden - General Facts

3 Population Worlds oldest system of population records (church parish records from 1686) 71% live in nuclear families (1990 census) 80% live in urban areas and along the coast Most retire at age 65. 17.4% retire at 65+ Very elderly (80+) 5.3% Fertility rate: presently 1.94 children per woman – Long-term average of 1.8

4 Covers the entire population Based on work or residence Provides both basic protection and income-related benefits Facilitates free movement between different employers and geographic regions Financed through a mixture of contributions and general tax revenues The Swedish Model

5 Support to families with children Sickness, disability & work injury insurance for loss of income Unemployment insurance, services & training Pension insurance Student allowances Health care, medicine and dental care Social assistance Care for the handicapped and elderly Security in all phases of the life cycle

6 Categories of Benefits Social insurance payments are based on the Income Replacement Principle with a ceiling on contributions for pensions and on benefits for other payments. Guarantee levels for old age pensions, permanent disability, for the registered unemployed and for parental benefits. Allowances non-means tested (child allowance) and means-tested social assistance and housing allowances. Universal health for all residents and home care for aged (small co-payments)

7 Administrative Order City Hall Municipalities (290) care for children and families care for elderly social assistance (cash transfers) County Councils (21) health care in general The State cash transfers (social insurance)

8 Supervisory Structure of Swedish Social Security Ministry of Finance Ministry of Health and Social Affairs Ministry of Labor Tax Authority Collects: National Board of Health and Welfare Supervises : Social Insurance Agency Pays: National Employment Agency Government National Financial Management Authority Acounting standards Sets standards and monitors results for financial performance and efficiency Parliament National Audit Office Social Insurance Supervisory Authority Unemployment Insurance Board Agency for Public Management Institute for LM Policy Evaluation Contributions Income taxes Value added tax All other taxes Independent auditor Audits of all government agencies Delivers to government and parliament Follows up and evaluates the management of public agencies Sickness and disability Family benefits Handicap benefits Health Care Services for parents, elderly and handicapped Social assistance Special programs Web based nationwide listing of available jobs Employer contacts Job search services Training, education programs Pensions Agency Pensions Pays:

9 Personal registration number All citizens: Personal code number 64 08 23 - 323 4 Date of birthBirth No. Control digit Introduced in 1947 (1967)

10 RFV - supervising government agency, head office in Stockholm IT-department in Sundsvall, Kalix, Söderhamn and Karlskrona 21 independent social insurance offices Individual case management Organisation before 2005

11 1 January 2005 The administrative reform One organisation One committee One principal 22 organisations 22 forms of governance 22 cultures

12 A coherent government agency The Governments demands: Clear leadership Common attitudes One single human resource policy With the objective to break the development of the ill-health absence

13 54 million pay outs a year (including pensions) 15 national and 53 local insurance centre 5 Customer Center and Self Service Around 260 local offices Around 12,900 employees Stockholm – head office The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

14 Citizens meet Försäkringskassan in different ways (yearly basis) 1.1 million visits 8.8 million telephone calls 2.3 million service telephone transactions 416 000 e-mail 19.6 million visits of which 8.2 million to My pages (Mina sidor) 136 000 sms 45 million letters sent 644 different forms Internet Customer centre Local offices Letters and forms

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