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New Student Insurance Requirement North Carolina State University Requirement begins FALL SEMESTER 2010.

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1 New Student Insurance Requirement North Carolina State University Requirement begins FALL SEMESTER 2010

2 NCSU Student Insurance Requirement President Bowles wanted a quality plan for all campuses August 2009; BOG approved implementation of the student Hard Waiver insurance requirement for all 16 UNC campuses. Leverage the buying power of the large system Why? Those without insurance forego or delay needed care, even medications & mental health May reduce withdrawals & attrition Large uninsured claims can bankrupt a family

3 What does Hard Waiver mean? Every student that meets the invoking criteria must show evidence of a creditable medical insurance plan or purchase the University-sponsored health plan. What does creditable mean? HIPAA - coverage under another group health plan, an individual health insurance policy, COBRA, Medicaid or Medicare, CHAMPUS, the Indian Health Service, a state health benefits risk pool, FEHBP, the Peace Corps Act, or a public health plan."

4 Transition to new insurance plan Student Blue – Hill, Chesson, and Woody to MedCost/FirstHealth - Pearce and Pearce Common set of basic benefits with benefit enhancements selected by each campus. Very affordable premium Plan can be expanded with dependant coverage and/or children

5 What does the plan cover? Unlimited lifetime major medical maximum $150 deductible 20% coinsurance Unlimited prescriptions ($10 at SHS per 30 day supply; outside: Outside Pharmacy Benefit Manager Tier 1 - $20 Generic co pay Tier 2 - $35 Preferred Brand co pay Tier 3 - $50 Brand co pay Tier 4 - Specialty Brand; 25% Coinsurance with $50 minimum & $100 maximum

6 What does the plan cover? (cont.) $500 wellness benefit $7,500 intercollegiate sports benefit $200 max Vision benefit Premiums: $744 annually!!! $372/semester Vs. $4,920/yr or $410/mo for State Health Plan Vs. $2,851/yr or $237/mo for child on State Health Plan Vs. $1,205/yr for lowest current student premium

7 Voluntary Insurance Voluntary plan is available for non-eligible students. Base Benefits $970 annual rate Eligible students may enroll spouse & children. Base Benefits $1,987 spouse $1,156 child

8 Who is eligible for the insurance plan? 3 criteria that invoke the requirement and also define a student as eligible to enroll in the insurance plan are: Enrolled in a degree-seeking program, AND Enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours (Undergrad), OR Enrolled in a minimum of 1 credit hours (Graduate) AND Eligible to pay the campus student health fee. Graduate Student Support Plan (GSSP) & PostDocs are excluded at this time.

9 NCSU Student Insurance Coverage FALL Semester August 1 st, 2010 – December 31 st 2010 Spring/Summer Semester January 1 st 2011 – July 31 st 2011

10 How do you waive out? Students waive out online through the administrators (Pearce and Pearce) website. – Search NCSU, then waive online Students provide creditable policy # & company name. Students can start waiving March 15 th through September 30 th.

11 If Student does not waive? Students are automatically enrolled into the University-sponsored health plan if they meet the 3 invoking criteria Students accounts will be billed $372 each semester.

12 I pay a health fee on my NCSU bill each semester. How is health insurance different from that? The health fee is part of tuition and fees at NC State and covers routine visits to providers, (Physicians, Physician Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners), Health Promotion, and most Counseling Center visits. Health insurance offsets the cost of services not covered under the student health fee. It also gives students access to services not available on the NC State campus and covers a portion of the cost for services not provided at the Student Health Services, such as hospitalization, required surgery or specialty services for illnesses or injuries.

13 Additional Information Student Health website: 1-888-222-6491 NCSU implementation team Rob Hayford, Associate Director, Student Health Denise Joshua, Business Officer, Student Health April Hawkins & Melissa Dutton, Insurance Associates, Student Health 919-515-2563, Option 6 Questions?

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