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2 2 Health Insurance (All F and J Visa Holders) Non-Funded & Undergraduates Funded Graduate Students HTH Worldwide Insurance plus MEDEX Provides illness and accident insurance ISSS (NYSHIP) TA/GA GSEU / Employee Benefits (POMCO) RPA Research Foundation 3 Types of health insurance

3 3 What is Health Insurance? zIn the United States, it is the main way bills for medical care are paid. Medical care in the United States is very, very expensive. zHealth Insurance helps pay your medical bills.

4 4 What Does Medical Care Cost? zOff Campus Doctor visit- No insurance = $ 145.00 zWith HTH insurance: $ 0 if referred by University Health Service or $50.00 with no referral zHospital Emergency Room visit for broken arm: No insurance =$1,400.00 zWith HTH insurance = $0

5 5 Who must have Health Insurance? zAll international students and scholars with F1 or J1 Visas must have insurance. zDependents with F2 or J2 Visas must have insurance

6 6 What Does Insurance Pay For? zWhen the Decker Student Health Services Center cannot treat you due to your condition or scheduling they refer you to a doctor off campus. zHealth Insurance will pay for medical services and prescription drugs, as defined in your insurance policy. zIf a service is NOT covered, you have to pay for it yourself. Services NOT covered are found in the HTH Policy under General Exclusions.

7 7 Some Common Non-Covered Services zRoutine Physical Exams – An exam required by a class or program, but you are not sick. zEye Exams to check vision zDental Care unless caused by injury. zSome immunizations and vaccines – make sure you check your policy before receiving any screening test or vaccine!

8 8 Links to Your Policies z Health Care Policy: z insurance/SUNYIntInsPolCert.pdf insurance/SUNYIntInsPolCert.pdf zMedical & Security Evacuation and Repatriation Program Policy: z insurance/MEDSECDes.pdf insurance/MEDSECDes.pdf

9 9 How do You use Your insurance? zLorraine and I will enroll you. Then zHTH Worldwide will send an e-mail to your email account. It will explain how to log-on to to print your Health Insurance ID zAlways carry your Health Insurance ID card with you. You must present it to hospitals, referred doctors and pharmacies off campus so they know where to send your bills. Otherwise you become liable to pay!!

10 10 Your ID Card zLooks like this:

11 11 Your ID Card – Bottom Half zUniversal RX is your prescription medication card

12 12 Where do You go when You Are Sick? z Go to the Decker Student Health Services Center on Campus. zNo cash needed. zProfessional medical staff. zYour medical information is confidential zServices are paid through your Health Services fee. zFor more information go to:

13 13 What if the Decker Student Health Services Center Cannot Treat You? zThey will provide names of doctors who can treat you off campus. zThey will give you a SUNY Referral form (see next slide) zEnter the referral code from the form on before your doctor visit zCall doctor to confirm they are part of the AETNA Open Access PPO Network as noted on the back of your Insurance ID Card and make an appointment.

14 The HTH Referral Form 14

15 15 What if the Decker Student Health Services Center is Closed? zIf not an emergency and zShort term - overnight or weekend: wait until the Decker Student Health Services Center re- opens zHowever, if you feel your condition needs immediate care, use your best judgment and seek care.

16 16 What if You have an emergency ? zAn emergency = life threatening event or severe/acute pain. zOn campus - call 911 from a campus land line phone or 607-777-2222 from a cell phone. Both connect you to University Police zOff campus call 911. This will connect you to Broome County Emergency Dispatch. They will also help you. zHarpurs Ferry is a Binghamton University run ambulance service. If you call 911 off campus you can request Harpurs Ferry as your ambulance. However, your insurance will cover any ambulance service requested by an Emergency dispatch.

17 17 Emergency - Continued zImportant: Do not go to a hospital emergency room if you do not have an emergency z You will wait 2-4 hours or more to be served zCost is very high z$50 deductible will be charged to you.

18 18 Where do I get Dental Care? zDental Care is a not a Covered Service. zHTH sells discount plans found on zLook in the Binghamton Phone Book under: Dentists zBroome Community College Dental Hygiene Clinic for preventative care. Call 778-5015 for appointment.

19 19 Where Can You get Eye Exams and Glasses? z Eye glasses and eye vision exams are not covered by HTH Insurance. zLook in the Binghamton Phone Book under: Opticians and Optometrists zShop for best prices.

20 TREATMENT AT DECKER STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES CENTER No referral form or insurance ID required. Sick or Accident Emergency: Acute pain, life threatening event ROUTINE ILLNESS DECKER STUDENTHEALTH SERVICES CENTER (no charge, covered by health fee) REFERRAL TO OFF-CAMPUS PROVIDER Use preferred provider found at to receive highest level of reimbursement from HTH Insurance HOSPITALS General, Wilson Regional & Lourdes Hospitals You present insurance ID card to hospital. They send bills to HTH Insurance for payment. Visit Doctor/Provider Give insurance ID card to Doctor. They will bill HTH Insurance to be paid by them. Referral Form No referral form is needed in an emergency to have HTH Insurance waive $50.00 deductible applied to non referrals. ADDITIONAL BILLS FROM EMERGENCY ROOM OR HOSPITAL STAY Unpaid bills with total amount due: Call providers office. Provide them with your insurance information so they can send bill to HTH. Or mail bills to HTH Worldwide. Include your insurance certificate # on each bill. Always keep copies of bills or receipts that you send to HTH Worldwide. Referral Form Get referral form from Decker Student Health Services Center. Enter code from form into /My Benefits/SUNY before your Dr. visit Notice of Unpaid Bills Received If you receive bills where the total amount is due from you, either the doctor does not have your insurance ID or the claim was denied. Contact HTH customer service at 1-888-350-2002 or ISSS at 777-2510 for assistance. Bills With $50.00 Deductible Due Any emergency service or hospital bill with $50.00 charge remaining for you to pay: Contact ISSS for assistance at or 777- 2510

21 21 Get the Details zHealth Insurance is complex and many rules apply. zUse the HTH website for information and many services @, including translation guides for medications zRead all materials provided by HTH and ISSS. zContact ISSS with any questions or concerns

22 22 Who Can Answer My Questions? zTerry Creeden, International Health Insurance Coordinator zLorraine Medionte, International Health Insurance Assistant We are here for you! By Appointment or Walk In - Tuesdays 10:15 – Noon Office of International Student and Scholar Services 607-777-2510 or

23 23 Questions? zWhat are Your Questions? v. S2012


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