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Staying Healthy, Medical & Insurance Matters Allen and Tim.

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1 Staying Healthy, Medical & Insurance Matters Allen and Tim


3 STAYING HEALTHY AND ALIVE Eat Healthy Manage your stress/Be aware of your mental health Find a means of exercise Get sleep Eat vegetables! WASH YOUR HANDS DRINK RESPONSIBLY! (Enkais included) Dont be stupid

4 Eating Healthy The Japanese diet might be different from your own: smaller portions (less total calories), but typically more carbs Familiar foods at Costco, Kaldi`s, etc. Start with what you know, then branch out Limit intake of combini bentos/instant ramen School lunch (kyushoku) is high in calories Learn to cook and experiment with Japanese foods Build good eating habits instead of crash dieting

5 FOOD FRIENDS Great friends Japanese Radish - Daikon ( ) Spinach - Horenso ( ) Tofu ( ) Sweet potato – Satsumaimo ( ) Lotus root – Renkon ( ) Devils Tongue -Konnyaku ( ) *no calories Beans: adzuki, soy, garbanzo etc. Tea: green( ) barley ( ) sencha mugicha Friends in moderation Ramen, Udon, Soba Tempura WHITE RICE Katsudon/Katsu-anything (Fried items) Local baked goods Fast food Mochi

6 Protein in Japan Protein is relatively expensive (vs. fat and carbs) Pork is half the price of beef Fish is an excellent source of protein Meat is cheaper at Costco

7 Food Tips Pre-prepared food will typically be high in carbs and fat Milk ( ) vs. Milk drinks (Calpis, Megumilk etc.) Milk drinks have more sugar. Regular milk vs. Low fat milk 100% Fruit Juice ( 100%) vs. Juice drinks (eg. 20%) Peanut butter vs. Peanut spread Pay attention to fat content of meat (e.g. Kobe beef) Beer vs. Happoshu ( Low Malt Beer) Kyuushoku ( - School lunch for JHS) lots of carbs

8 How to fit exercise in your day Join a bukatsu (school sports club) if you can Join a gym see if there is a city gym Some have restrictions on tattoos Motivation: gym buddies and accountability Bike or walk when you can Find an active hobby Hiking Martial arts

9 Allergy medicine (e.g.Allelock) is available from your doctor, but most of them cause drowsiness Air out futon and pillows regularly Wash your sheets often Clean A/C filters and fans Keep your home well ventilated Hay fever season and is long (Feb-May) Wear a face mask

10 Mental Health Culture shock affects everyone, be aware of steps Unexpected life events Have a support group Stay in contact with friends/family back home The winters are long – dont become a hermit JET support groups – anonymous JET line and Prefectural Advisor We are all here for you!

11 Culture shock Culture shock affects everyone in different ways Stay in contact with your family and friends Stay busy Utilize your support group

12 Be cool Summers in Gunma are HOT and HUMID Sunscreen and hats because sun tanning is not healthy Uniqlo line of quick drying clothes Stay hydrated with water. Carbonated drinks/caffeine are diuretics Keep a change of clothes at work Japanese deodorant is relatively weak Carry a sweat towel and hand fan with you Prepare to complain a lot about how hot it is

13 Be Warm Winters in Gunma feel cold Houses are built for the summer and usually not insulated Buy thick blankets/duvets Seal your windows with tape/bubble wrap Heaters (kerosene, electric) Your AC unit has a heat mode, but it uses a lot of power. Kotatsu (heated tables) can be your best friend Hang out with friends to share body heat Prepare to complain a lot about how cold it is

14 If you get hurt/sick.. Dont be afraid to go to the doctor Ask your supervisor for help/referral Call 119 in event of a serious emergency Wear a face mask We are very well covered by our insurance Keep all your receipts!!! You can be reimbursed through our insurance With that said…

15 INSURANCE: YOU ARE COVERED BY FOUR TYPES (3 compulsary social insurances and 1 special JET policy) National Health Insurance* Employee Insurance Employee Pension Insurance JET Accident Insurance* Combined, these can give you 100% coverage Your supervisor should assist you with insurance matters CIR (Jaime Ota) can assist you if necessary

16 National Health Insurance Keep your National Health Insurance Card on you at all times Coverage may be refused if you don`t have it Half is covered by you, half by your CO After your hospital/clinic visit you will receive a receipt for up to 30% of the total cost. You may be able to claim this money back through JET Accident Insurance

17 National Health Insurance continued Sample benefits: Medical consultation Medicine/therapeutic materials treatment, operations, therapeautic care Hospitalization Nursing Transportation Dependents are granted almost all same benefits, but must pay 20% of hospitalization and 30%out-of patient care

18 Pension Insurance Enrollment is legally required Provides for you/family if you are seriously injured or die After leaving Japan, you are entitled to a partial refund Pension refund contributions stop after 3 years

19 Employment Insurance Also required by all JETs Unemployment benefits (doesnt really apply to us)

20 JET Accident Insurance J.A.I. can cover remaining 30% not covered by National Health Insurance (within limits of policy) Minus 5000 yen deductible Plus claim filing and appropriate documentation 180 days from first appointment (or 180 days from date of injury) to file a claim Ask supervisor to help you make claim Process is in Gunma Orientation Handbook

21 JET Accident Insurance continued Coverage: Death caused by accident/illness Disability Treatment for injuries and illness during travel More details in JET Accident Insurance Policy Guide

22 What is Not Covered National Health InsuranceJET Accident Insurance vaccinationsDental treatment of any kind Injuries incurred while intoxicatedInjuries while intoxicated Medical costs before start of policyWhiplash/backproblems* Abortion/contraceptivesPersonal liability from willful acts Preventative treatmentTreatment for dependants Medical certificates and formsInjuries during work hours Cosmetic surgeryLiabilities arising from injury Unecessary dental and opticalLiabilities arising from automobiles Unecessary physicalsLoss or damage to belongings ChildbirthOver the counter medicine

23 REMEMBER Stay within the 180 day JAI limit (after first appointment) Keep your receipts!!! Paperwork Get it and fill it out properly Medical statements when abroad Bring copies and get them filled out properly JET Accident Insurance Policy booklet Read it…then read it again

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