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RESO-Garantia Insurance Company

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1 RESO-Garantia Insurance Company
YOU CAN RELY ON US! RESO-Garantia Insurance Company Moscow • 2010

2 YOU CAN RELY ON US! Corporate top management:
RESO-Garantia insurance company was founded on November 18, 1991. The share capital of the company stands at RUB 3.1 billion. Principal shareholders: S.E. Sarkisov, 27.2%, N.E. Sarkisov, 27.2%, A.N. Saveliev, 2.5%; AXA Global Insurance Group, % Еuropean Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), 6.3% Corporate top management: Sergey Sarkisov Chairman, Board of Directors Dmitry Rakovschik General Manager Igor Cherkashin Senior Deputy General Manager

3 RESO-Garantia is the Recognized Insurance Market Leader
The company’s financial stability is confirmed by the rating of А++, Extremely High Reliability Rating, assigned by Expert RA (rating agency) The company is included in the most prestigious, ranked list of Russia’s top companies as made by Expert 400: in 2010, RESO-Garantia OJSIC ranked # 132 in the honorary list of the leading companies in the Russian economy. RESO-Garantia is the winner in the nation-wide contest Popular Brand/ Brand # 1 in Russia, in the Insurance Company category In 2009, RESO-Garantia won the National Prize of Financial Olympus, in the Motor Insurer category The Company is listed among 40 best Russian brands that is annually drafted by the Interbrand international company

4 RESO-Garantia in 2009 In 2009, the Russian insurance market premiums were down by 7%. RESO-Garantia’s market share increased to 5.9% During the recession, RESO-Garantia showed stability and business solvency and maintained # 4 in Russia in terms of collected insurance premiums (# 3, without regard to captive insurance companies). RUB 30,161,000,000 – collected insurance premium RUB 18,589,000,000 – indemnity payments RUB 2.4 billion – net profit 3,175,000 individual customers 178,000 corporate customers -7% Insurance market receipts, RUB billion RESO-Garantia’s market share Car sales in Russia, million/year halved Mortgage loans in Russia, USD million a year 4-times drop

5 RESO-Garantia Portfolio
Stability is ensured by the balanced portfolio of contracts, the structure of which is similar to that of the entire insurance market. The company offers the widest selection of insurance services for companies and individuals and is particularly successful in selling of the most sought and popular services, such as motor insurance, compulsory motor liability insurance (CMTPL), property, voluntary health, cargo and liability insurance. Simple mass insurance products for individuals. Special products for a broad range of small enterprises – RESO-Office and RESO-Entrepreneur policies. Specialized departments of the company are in charge of corporate customers: they develop insurance solutions adapted to customers’ needs to provide high quality services. Accident Tourism VMI CMTPL Liability Property CASCO RESO-Garantia OJSIC is a multi-purpose insurance company holding licenses S # and P # issued by the Federal Insurance Supervision Service for 102 types of insurance services and reinsurance Cargo Потерялась часть данных от диаграммы RESO-Garantia uses services of global reinsurers:

6 RESO-Garantia Market Share in TOP-5 per LOBs as of 9m 2010
Hull / car insurance 1. INGOSSTRAKH ,1% 2. ROSGOSSTRAKH ,2% 3. RESO-Garantia ,2% 4. VSK ,4% 5. SOGLASIE ,9% CMTPL 1. ROSGOSSTRAKH ,2% 2. RESO-Garantia ,5% 3. INGOSSTRAKH ,7% 4. SPASSKIE VOROTA ,2% 5. VSK ,8% Voluntary health insurance 1. SOGAZ ,4% 2. ROSNO ,0% 3. ZHASO ,1% 4. INGOSSTRAKH ,8% 5. RESO-Garantia ,7% Property (excl. casco) 1. SOGAZ ,4% 2. ROSGOSSTRAKH ,5% 3. Alfastrakhovanie ,3% 4. INGOSSTRAKH ,1% 5. ROSNO ,7% 6. KAPITAL ,2% 7. RESO-Garantia ,7% Protection 1. GENERALI PPF ,2% 2. AVIVA ,3% 3. VSK ,6% 4. ROSGOSSTRAKH ,5% 5. VTB Insurance ,0% 6. SOGAZ ,8% 7. RESO-Garantia ,3% Liability 1. INGOSSTRAKH ,9% 2. SOGAZ ,2% 3. ROSGOSSTRAKH ,8% 4. VSK ,4% 5. RussoGarantia ,9% *** 9. РЕСО-Гарантия ,2%

7 Agency Network and Sales Channels
RESO-Garantia is represented in all of the Russian Federation constituents, both in multi-million-strong cities and in small population centers. Regions account for 46% in the company’s premium collections. There are 787 sales and customer service offices across the country. 19,925 insurance agents – the best agency network in Russia in terms of the training level 5,447 staff employees in the head office and branches More than 1,500 new employees were engaged, 212 new branches and sales outlets were opened during the recession.

8 RESO School – Professional Training Center
The Golden Salamander prize was awarded to RESO School, a professional training center, twice, as to the country’s best insurance school 56,500 persons were trained at RESO School for 10 years 55 training courses in insurance products and sales methods were designed; most of them were converted into the DVD format More than 70 business coaches teach at RESO School branches The system of remote training and online testing in the main products of the company, via the Training Portal, was established Webinar technologies are used to work with regions

9 Service Quality and Innovation Technologies
Uniform customer service quality standard Customer satisfaction and loyalty studies. As compared with 2008, in 2009 the satisfaction index rose by 4 points. Mystery Shopping in branches throughout the country: in 2009, ‘secret buyers’ visited 225 agencies across Russia; in 2010, the plan is to check up at least 350 agencies. “Hot line” for customers is a tool enabling not to lose customers’ calls, if the required specialist is busy or absent. During 6 months of 2010, 4,274 hot line calls were processed. 99.9% messages were processed in due time (for 1 to 2 business days). Daily handling of customers’ calls: none of the customer’s messages is left without attention and response. Customers have more than 10 channels to contact RESO-Garantia. Mystery Shopping Geography Feedback Channels with Customers

10 Modern IT and Communications Technologies
All of the company’s branches operate in the online mode: • Centralized accounting • Centralized settlement of insurance cases • Payments at any branch Remote access of agents to the information System The 24/7 calling center in Moscow with the single federal number handles more than 4,500 calls daily. The average waiting time on line does not exceed 22 seconds. 24/7 medical helpdesks in Moscow and St. Petersburg Short text messages are automatically sent to customers as to the need to extend a policy or to pay an installment Compulsory motor liability insurance (CMTPL), and casco insurance policies can be issued independently on the company’s website* *special product version for the Internet Video conferences with remote branches

11 Service Quality Leads to Increase in Sales
RESO-Garantia became the leader in the direct damage indemnification (DDI) procedure in compulsory motor liability insurance (CMTPL), by offering payments within 7 days to customers* The promo campaign in autumn 2009 was based on the 7-day DDI offering. In the recession, a possibility to get money quicker is a significant advantage sought for by many. *Upon filing of all documents and obtaining acceptance from the guilty company (provided that the Law requires that the indemnity be paid within 30 days, i.e. 4 times longer).

12 Cooperation between and
Developed since 2008, the strategic partnership with AXA, one of the worldwide global insurance leaders, enriched RESO-Garantia with experience, tools and solutions that enables to meet the needs in insurance and financial protection of any global company developing business in Russia. RESO-Garantia: is the Russian representative of AXA Corporate Solutions, a global leader in corporate insurance as their local insurer, RESO GARANTIA protects and takes care of AXA Group’s corporate customers as part of global programs and in accordance with the requirements of all stakeholders involved in the program deals with AXA-MAXIS network, a global expert in development and implementation of employee benefit programs for international corporations is a member of the French Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Russia, and a key partner in insurance of French companies developing business in Russia. Special focus on customers: A special business unit with experienced experts who are fluent in different languages was established for servicing foreign customers A representative of AXA Group is a top manager of RESO-Garantia holding the post of Deputy General Manager, Development. He is in charge of, in particular, global customers to ensure the necessary and absolute attention to them and the delivery of appropriate insurance solutions and of expected service level

13 Cooperation between and
Insurance coverage for large enterprises and multi-national customers: • Flexible approaches • Quick solutions • Service quality • Impeccable reliability • Dedicated contact for all matters Insurance contracts are drafted in Russian and English Insurance Terms and Conditions take into account the customers’ needs and largely meet global standards and state of the art international practice Extensive experience in insuring various industrial and business facilities – buildings, production facilities, warehouses, office premises Insurance against business interruption Liability insurance, including professional liability Cargo and other risk insurance Pre-insurance appraisal and assessment of works of art and other rare insurance objects Extensive reporting to the customer and/or broker when needed (number of claims, time settlements ,…)

14 Cooperation between and
Insurance coverage for large enterprises and multi-national customers: Motor insurance leader in Russia A special center for multi-national customers’ car fleet insurance was created jointly with AXA The company has in place the biggest payment centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which ensure maximum convenience to customers in both capitals and guarantee prompt and accurate settlement of loss events in any place of the country Expert in voluntary health insurance Special center for voluntary health insurance for corporate personnel Own ambulance services in Moscow and St. Petersburg Broad range of insurance programs and coverage types for employees and their families based on own modern polyclinics and a network of partner specialized medical institutions of any profile throughout Russia

15 Some French international customers of Insured at RESO-Garantia

16 Some customers of RESO-Garantia – globally known companies and business leaders in Russia

17 Partners of RESO-Garantia – major banks

18 Membership in Associations and Unions
• All-Russian Union of Insurers • Russian Union of Motor Insurers • National Union of Liability Insurers • Russian Tourist Industry Union • Moscow Chamber of Trade and Commerce • French Chamber of Trade and Commerce (CCIFR) • Union of Insurers of St. Petersburg and the North-West • Russian Corporate Club of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) • Housing Mortgage Loans Agency • Green Card National Office • Russian P&I Pool • Union of Maritime Insurers • Anti-Hijacking Association • Association of Russian Car Dealers • National Union of Agricultural Insurers • Sochi Insurance Pool

19 Corporate Governance 11 members of the Board of Directors, including:
Two independent directors Three directors from АХА, including a member of the AXA Group Management Board Director from EBRD Independent members of the Board of Directors head Audit Committee Remunerations Committee Efficient internal audit system IFRS auditors of the company are KPMG, RAS auditors are Marillilon (Kreston International) Top management visits at least 15 corporate branches annually

20 Information Policy: Corporate Mass Media
The Golden Salamander award in the Corporate Edition category 25,000 copies is the aggregate circulation of corporate mass media, namely: RESO Newspaper, RESO Magazine, RESO University Information mailing of the RESO Group News newsletter to all employees and agents Internal corporate website (Intranet) is available at all of the company’s branches Every branch has its own page at

21 Information Openness –
The website of is the most frequently accessed website of a Russian insurance company – more than 110,000 visitors monthly Hot line on the website for compulsory motor liability insurance (CMTPL) customers Eleven online calculators to calculate the cost of policy Comprehensive corporate information: Articles of Association, quarterly balance sheets, issuer’s reports, annual reports.

22 Social Responsibility
It is for more than 8 years already that the company has partnered with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). The company makes charitable donations to the Foundation upon each hull insurance policy sold. Partnership with CAF (Charities Aid Foundation). Employees gathered more than 650,000 rubles of personal donations under CAF programs in 2009. Sergey Sarkisov’s charitable foundation channeled more than 2.3 million rubles to help sick children in 2009.

23 RESO Group RESO Group was founded in 2004 and currently represents a diversified holding with assets not only in the insurance business (including in the CIS countries) but also in medical services, leasing, development and asset management. INSURANCE COMPANIES LEASING COMPANIES MEDICAL CENTERS INSURANCE IN CIS RESO-Leasing LLC Leasing of highly liquid types of machinery and equipment Medilux-TM LLC Chain of MedSwiss medical centers Belrosstrakh Belarus RESO-Garantia OJSIC Multi-purpose insurance company PRO100 Insurance Ukraine RESO-Garantia Life Assurance Company Life assurance company СORIS Assistance (St. Petersburg) LLC Private ambulance service NSK Kazakhstan BANK UNITY Re RIC LLC Reinsurance Impromed LLC Private ambulance service Uni RESO Armenia RESO-Credit Business Bank OJSC Mortgage lending Retail deposits MIC RESO-Med LLC Statutory health insurance PENSION FUND CAR REPAIR RESO Savings Fund (private pension fund) Private pension fund RESO-Avto-Service LLC Car maintenance. Body repair station

24 6 Nagorny Proezd, Moscow 117105 Tel
6 Nagorny Proezd, Moscow Tel. (495) , fax (495) YOU CAN RELY ON US! OJSIC «RESO-GARANTIA» • 09/2010

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