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2 “Florida’s First Green Town”
Inspired by

3 Where is Sweetwater Ranch?
Sweetwater Ranch is in Hardee County, approximately 50 miles southeast of Tampa and just east of Manatee County. Hardee County is located in the Heartland of Florida, an area surrounded by Routes 17 and 27. Hardee County

4 Our Community… The Sweetwater Vision…Old Florida Lifestyles…
New Florida Living…All within your reach ! Sweetwater Ranch is an authentic, sustainable, and innovative community… designed to fit into the natural beauty of its environment. planned as a sustainable “Green Development” from inception that will create up to 16,000 energy efficient homes that will re-define safe, affordable, quality housing in Central Florida. that will be designed for families and recent retirees of all ages. with a walkable town center, nature trails, bike paths, and community centers. with traditional “Florida” architectural standards (Key West, Florida Vernacular, and Craftsman styles) that will diversify the community while maintaining Old Florida’s heritage. with golf courses and recreational areas nestled around lakes, wetlands and woods.

5 Aerial View Charlie Creek flows through the site, offering an environmental gem and an important source of water for the site. Water from Charlie Creek and from underground sources will provide all water for the community. Half the site will be preserved in its natural beauty.

6 Tell me about the project…
Sweetwater Ranch will be developed as a Green sustainable community offering residential housing, commercial uses, light industrial uses, recreational uses, churches, educational facilities, parks, golf, trailheads and open conservation areas, in order to provide future residents with all the components necessary for a new town. Cara Cara Nest Cara Cara Buffer Project Boundary Phasing Golf Green Open Space Park Preserved Upland Recreation Right-of-Way Schools Storm Water Ponds Tortoise Migration Town Center Transit-Ready Village Center Wetland Workplace Vicinity Parcels

7 The Trail Plan Throughout the project, nature trails and bike paths (paseo) will connect the neighborhoods and commercial areas to allow residents access to the natural gems of the project, including Charlie Creek.

8 The Southwest Quad The first phase of the project will be developed in the southwest quadrant of the property. A village center with full amenities (community activities, pool, retail & restaurant). A 9-hole golf course and club will be under construction prior to home sales.

9 The Village Center The village center will be the hub of activity for the residents of Sweetwater Ranch. Here the residents can meet, dine, and play. The nature trails and bike path (paseo) will emanate from the village center.

10 The Village Center The village center will include a variety of Old Florida architectural styles, just like the homes in the community. Here residents will find the welcome center, developer’s offices, retail, restaurant, activity center, and pool area.

11 The Homes Homes will range in size from 1,100 s.f. to over 2,500 s.f. to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. Lot widths will vary from 40’ to over 60’ and lot sizes will be mixed within the community to promote a variety of home sizes and types within each neighborhood. Some homes will have rear alley access, allowing more intimate streets to promote a real community.

12 The Homes Several quality homebuilding companies have been approached to construct the homes in Sweetwater Ranch. To maintain high quality and low cost, the developer plans to promote system built modular technologies with their builder programs at Sweetwater Ranch. These homes are typically constructed under ideal conditions, with less waste, fewer delays and produced by skilled and dependable craftsman. The Partnership reserves the option to direct develop and build these modular homes.

13 What about our home sales?
Not including the toll roads, it is estimated that annual sales can reach 500 units per year with people already in the area and with out-of-state sales. The addition of the toll roads can quadruple annual sales.

14 Who are our future homeowners?
Target Sales and Occupancy - Baby Boomers & Eco Boomers Working Families with NO children or dependents (1 to 2 average home occupants) 15% Working Families with children and/or dependents (4 to 5 average home occupants) 30% Seasonal Households - six month avg. residency (one or two average home occupants) 5% Retiree Households - year round residents 45% Working Families with adult dependents only (3 to 4 average home occupants) Total 100%

15 Where will our Home-owners come from? Where will they work?

16 Heartland Coast to Coast
The State of Florida is evaluating a toll road to connect the east and west coasts. The planned route runs through Hardee County.

17 Heartland Parkway The State of Florida is evaluating a toll road as an additional north-south route to ease traffic congestion and to aid economic development and hurricane evacuation. The planned route runs through Hardee County.

18 Where will the Future Toll Roads Intersect?
When these two roads are constructed, they will intersect in Hardee County, bringing an enormous economic advantage to Hardee County. Sweetwater Ranch is strategically not located within the proposed path, but is close enough to benefit. While the proposed state toll roads would benefit Sweetwater Ranch by expanding the local service area (the area where people living now can be expected to relocate to Sweetwater Ranch), there is still a very large area that will attract new residents within Florida’s Heartland.

19 The Sweetwater DNA Land Conservation and Stewardship
Green Building Construction Energy Efficient Technologies Attainable Housing Sustainable Communities

20 A Partnership with BIGGEST BIGGER BIG
GE Energy Star Appliances & Lighting GE Brilliance Solar Systems GE Tankless Water Heater Systems BIGGER Technology for Airtight Envelopes in Every Home Certified Green Construction Designation – Community Standard GE Master Gray Water Facilities for Recycled Water GE Water and Wastewater Utility Infrastructure GE Power Generation BIGGEST GE Mortgages based on a Home’s Energy Efficiency Credits GE SmartCommand Digital Home Technology

21 A growth strategy for the company
Environmental performance Operating performance 1 Double R&D… $1.5 Billion 2 Grow Revenues… $20 Billion 3 Reduce Emissions 4 Report Progress

22 45+ customer solutions Energy IGCC • Solar • Biogas • Wind • Gas turbines Water Reuse • Desalination • Industrial • Cooling “Since launching ecomagination… Immelt and GE have taken great strides—and both their customers and policy makers have begun to respond…” Jonathan Lash, WRI Transportation Aviation • Rail • Automotive • Marine Industrial Lighting • Appliance • Motor • Material • Finance

23 What do homeowners think about green?
85% would buy a home with energy technologies if the energy bill savings offset the increase in mortgage Energy Pulse Survey, 2006 Green Homeowners are more satisfied with their new green home vs. previous home Green Homeowners are likely to recommend a green home purchase McGraw Hill Green Home Survey, 2007

24 Blueprint for Green Homes

25 At least 20% less total energy, indoor water & emissions
Plus improved indoor air quality Building Science foundation Advanced Lighting High performance appliances Energy Management Turnkey Marketing materials Options Solar Power Innovative Mortgage

26 GE Collaboration with Masco The Environments For Living® Program
Key building science principals PLUS whole home product solutions Tight Construction Fresh Air Ventilation Improved Thermal Systems Combustion Safety Right-sized HVAC Equipment Pressure Balancing Internal Moisture Management Indoor Air Quality Water Management $$$ Appliance & Lighting Dashboard Renewable Power GE Money

27 Advanced Lighting Package Plug Load Efficiency
50%+ compact fluorescent lighting Energy Star ceiling & bath fans CFL’s use up to 75% less energy than incandescent And Quality Optimized package for each floor plan Selective GE Reveal lamps 8-12 times life of incandescents Energy Star Meets Energy Star ALP requirements

28 High-Performance Appliances Plug Load Efficiency
Dishwasher (30+ models) Energy star qualified Auto hot start Extra clean sensor GE Monogram® GE® Café GE® Refrigerator (115+ models) Energy star qualified GE Profile ™ Laundry (4+ models) Energy star qualified Ultra water-conserving

29 Indoor Water Use Water Conservation
Appliances Laundry: largest single user Dishwasher Fixtures Included in EFL Green program Low-flow toilets Showerheads Faucets

30 Outdoor Water Use (Optional) Water Conservation
Water Recycling System Outdoor use = 40%+ of total water Reuse wastewater for landscaping Central system for community Modular, small footprint Landscaping Included in EFL Green program Smart Irrigation Controllers Smart Landscaping

31 GE Brilliance Solar Systems Renewable power
Modular technology Ratings per kW DC solar: ~100 ft2 required per kW ~1,450 kWh AC production/year No moving parts Minimal maintenance 25 year limited power production warranty Installation options: Trellis, porch awning, hip roof Roof-integrated concrete tile

32 SmartCommand Home Control Platform Monitoring & Control
Centerpiece of the program… Demonstrates the value Current & trended… Electricity use Solar power production Water use Plus… Programmable Thermostat(s) Lighting control interface Integration with GE Security Integration with GE intercom Integration with GEhome audio New product: Availability Q4 2007

33 SmartCommand Home Control Platform Electricity & Water

34 SmartCommand Home Control Platform Electricity & Solar

35 SmartCommand Home Control Platform Benefits

36 Innovative mortgage Broad Product Suite
Fixed and Adjustable-rate energy efficient mortgage products Debt-to-Income ratio adjusted favorably with expected utility savings Customer Guarantees Best Price: GE pays the customer $500 if we cannot beat a rival lender’s price on conforming 1st mortgages Same Day Loan Decision: Loan decision on conforming 1st mortgage application within one day or GE pays the customer $250 On-Time Closing: We meet the closing date on a purchase loan, or we reduce the customer’s interest rate by 1/8 of 1%. Closing Cost Credit $500 credit against standard GE Money closing costs

37 ecomagination homebuilder program Turnkey marketing
The power of the GE brand Inspired by ecomagination Model Home DVD Interactive consumer touch-screen experience Comprehensive sales training Print & ad templates Web Site reference

38 ecomagination homebuilder program Sample ad

39 “Save green by living green”
The time is right… “Green is the new red, white, and blue” - Thomas Friedman, New York Times “Save green by living green”

40 Sweetwater Ranch to Life
Project Status GE Brings State DRI application being prepared and meetings with regulators are ongoing. Modification of Hardee County Comprehensive Plan documents ongoing. Modification of Hardee County Land Development codes are ongoing. Jurisdictional determination of all wetlands nearly complete (there is over 110 miles of wetland lines). Anticipated DRI approval: First Quarter 2009 Please refer to Project Status Report in your binder for Detailed Summary Sweetwater Ranch to Life

41 Sweetwater Ranch Sweetwater Ranch Company, LLC
Owner/Borrower Florida Green Communities, LLC as its Managing Member All Subsidiaries including Sweetwater Ranch Utilities, LLC All Joint Venture Interest

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