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TEST PREPARATION Source: Rusty Haynes, 2003 1. The Facts For many colleges test scores are still the most important criterion following coursework and.

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1 TEST PREPARATION Source: Rusty Haynes,

2 The Facts For many colleges test scores are still the most important criterion following coursework and GPA and/or rank. Rankings and the competition Socioeconomic variance in scores Source: Rusty Haynes, 20032

3 DOES TEST PREPARATION WORK? Test prep is similar to music and sports; if you learn the basics and you practice, your performance will reflect it. Source: Rusty Haynes, 20033

4 Goals of this Session Create low cost prep options Enhance test awareness Share personal resources Source: Rusty Haynes, 20034

5 Important Steps! Understand the game! Assuage test anxiety Examine earlier tests Conduct a personal item analysis Develop personal strategies Source: Rusty Haynes, 20035

6 Important Questions! What are the four strategies that work best? How do I become a well-informed consumer? Should I take both college entrance tests? How do I determine which test is my test of strength? Source: Rusty Haynes, 20036

7 Key Ingredients! Sleep Proper Nutrition Repetition Strategy Source: Rusty Haynes, 20037

8 The Game Limitations The 99% rule Source: Rusty Haynes, 20038

9 Individual Preparation Choose your test of strength Utilize the handouts Design your own program Use real practice tests Buy back your test Source: Rusty Haynes, 20039

10 The Best Test Preparation Knowing the test Extensive subject review Subject specific strategies Identifying proper subject timing Pacing drills Score selection Guessing strategies The process of elimination Prioritization of questions Practice, practice, practice…… Source: Rusty Haynes,

11 Differences Between the SAT and ACT SAT Essay section is required. Students can choose which scores the schools see. There is a penalty for most wrong answers. Tests math, reading, vocabulary and writing. ACT Essay section is optional. Students can choose which scores the schools see. There is no penalty for wrong answers. Includes a Science section. Source: Rusty Haynes,

12 Determining Your Test of Strength Concordance Table: Sample Tests:,, etc. The PLAN versus the PSAT Source: Rusty Haynes,

13 Early Testing PLAN PSAT Source: Rusty Haynes,

14 ACT Module 1 Source: Rusty Haynes,

15 History ACT Test Prep Recent Changes Source: Rusty Haynes,

16 THE ACT A curriculum-based test consisting of real English, real math that includes arithmetic through trigonometry, reading comprehension, science (basically reading as well) and an essay What it measures Subtle changes since 1989 The optional writing Source: Rusty Haynes,

17 Actual Test Questions The Real ACT Prep Guide Preparing for the ACT Retired ACT Sample Test Booklets Source: Rusty Haynes,

18 Score Reporting 1-36 for each subtest and the composite Round up Highest composite Supertest option FERPA Common application Source: Rusty Haynes,

19 Score Selection SATSAT I (V+M) ACT GPA Source: Rusty Haynes,

20 Next Steps Conduct a personal item analysis Identify patterns Perform an extensive subject review Develop basic strategies Avoid overtesting! Source: Rusty Haynes,

21 Subject Review English: grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, usage, strategy, organization and style. Math: arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry. Reading: prose fiction, humanities, social studies and natural science. Science: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving. Source: Rusty Haynes,

22 Subject Timing & Pacing English 45 minutes Math 60 minutes Reading 35 minutes Science 35 minutes Essay 30 minutes Source: Rusty Haynes,

23 English Review Mechanics/Usage Accurate, Concise, and Short Punctuation! Rhetorical Skills Read less! Source: Rusty Haynes,

24 Test Strategies To make her point and back up her claim, she asked me if I knew whatMachiavellian meant. (A) No Change (B) point by backing it up, (C) point in backing up her claim, (D) point, Source: Rusty Haynes,

25 Test Strategies Punctuation : (colon) list or more to come ; (semi-colon) is less then or equal to a. (period), (comma) is less then or equal to a – (dash) its, its, or its boys, girls appositives using – (dash) and, (comma) Source: Rusty Haynes,

26 Test Strategies Everything was created by local talent, including the robot guarding the exhibits. (A) talent, including (B) talent. Including (C) talent; including (D) talent, this list included Source: Rusty Haynes,

27 Math Facts Prohibited Calculators s/calculator.html Math Downloads l/downloadcenter/ bsite=US&tabId=1&paneId=2 Source: Rusty Haynes,

28 Math Review scriptions/mathdescript.html ollege_Planning/Test_Prep/_default.a spx scriptions/mathdescript.html Source: Rusty Haynes,

29 Test Strategies Rachel must finish a sculpture by Thursday. If she completes one-half of the sculpture on Tuesday and one- quarter of whats left on Wednesday, how much does she still have to sculpt to complete the sculpture on time? (A) 1/8 (B) 1/4 (C) 3/8 (D) 1/2 (E) 9/16 Source: Rusty Haynes,

30 Test Strategies Source: Rusty Haynes,

31 Reading Overview Four Basic Types: Social Studies Science Arts Literature Source: Rusty Haynes,

32 Test Strategies Prioritization Timing Scoring implications Key words Use basic conventions of good writing Source: Rusty Haynes,

33 Test Strategies Passage IV NATURAL SCIENCE: This passage is adapted from the article How to Build a Babys Brain by Sharon Begley (©1997 by Newsweek, Inc.). In this selection, the term neuron refers to a specialized cell of the nervous system, and tomography refers to a method of producing three-dimensional images of internal structures. You cannot see what is going on inside your new-borns brain. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx That furious pace continues for the childs first decade of life. 1. The main point of this passage is to: A.A. illustrate the importance of genetics in the formation of a babys brain. B.B. illustrate the importance of stimulation and experience in the formation of a babys brain. C.C.I indicate the great need for conducting further research on babies brains. D.D. compare the latest research on babies brains with similar research conducted fifteen years ago. Source: Rusty Haynes,

34 Science Overview Three Basic Types: Data Representation Experimental Review Alternative Viewpoints Source: Rusty Haynes,

35 Test Strategies No subject review necessary Identify trends & labels in charts, graphs and tables Read less text & utilize key words Practice your timing Know the scoring implications Source: Rusty Haynes,

36 Table 4 Trial Temperature (°C) Time (sec) Distance of ring from HCl swab (c m) Source: Rusty Haynes, Passage II

37 Source: Rusty Haynes, A.B. C.D. Based on the results of Experiment 4, which of the following graphs best shows the relationship between the temperature and the distance of the ring from the HCl swab?

38 Writing Review Writing test prompt: The College Board was developed to help students get a good college education. Do you agree or disagree? In your essay, take a position on this question. You specific reasons and examples to support your position. Source: Rusty Haynes,

39 Test Strategies Make an outline Use up all the lined paper 4 or 5 paragraph approach Source: Rusty Haynes,

40 Guessing 23. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (J) (K) 25. (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (J) (K) Source: Rusty Haynes,

41 Guessing There is no penalty for wrong answers! Skip questions that are taking too much time. Use a guessing strategy. Source: Rusty Haynes,

42 Friday Prep Identification Scout the location Pencils Calculator Gas Sleep Source: Rusty Haynes,

43 Test Day Breakfast Breaks Sugar Source: Rusty Haynes,

44 Test Optional 850 colleges have made standardized tests optional Source: Rusty Haynes,

45 Local Resources! Rob Rosenthal, Dr. Beryl Brasch, Melissa Woodvine, The Princeton Review, Kaplan, Source: Rusty Haynes,

46 Rusty Haynes Direct: Cell: Source: Rusty Haynes,

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