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Happy Design Putting a smile on the things we make September 2010.

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1 Happy Design Putting a smile on the things we make September 2010

2 Buy-able Emotional Fun

3 Happiness = Success Self knowledge = happiness Socrates 450 –ish BC If you are happy, things just work better Don Norman Design and Emotion Discover your strengths and re-craft your life around them Martin Seligman Positive Psychology If you make it fun, they will use it Eewei Chen Design 101 A nations success is the Happiness of its people Nic Marks The Happy Planet Index Who & how you connect with determines how long you live Dan Buettner How to live past 100

4 3 levels of happiness 3. Pleasure 2. Flow 1. Meaning

5 You need a happy goal to create a happy design

6 Difficult, stressful, lots of prep Long time (9 – 24 months), many interviews, visits + assessments Could be A problem adoption agency Can not have more children Fell in love with a boy family ? ? ? A happy ending?

7 adoption agency = = family = Make a video?

8 adoption agency Monday Friday Discuss idea Sunday Edit Post production Create DVD Saturday Run through Direct and shoot Feedback, reshoot Edit

9 …2 weeks later Ben is a very happy boy

10 link people through specific interests 3 happy co-founders any interest, any colour, any size, any medium + be competitive + trendy A happy logo

11 I want to find the right mobile phone deal for me based on phones I like A happy UI I want an easy way to find fashion inspiration starting from a single image Happiness = fewer results Happiness = more results I want to know if I can get a cheaper deal Happiness = save me money

12 A happy user More open- minded Give me a premium customer experience Put me in control, let me choose Respect my knowledge and opinions Strong brand, tone of voice, rich graphics, multimedia (videos, game), slick navigation, expected layout Offer up various ways to get to the same content via related links, keywords and navigation based on preferred method Polls, Facts, info graphics to educate and verify facts without preaching What makes me tick? Solution Sceptic

13 Discuss

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