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Page 1 Adult Social Care Resource Allocation System Transformation Team.

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1 Page 1 Adult Social Care Resource Allocation System Transformation Team

2 Page 2 What is a RAS? Points-based system for allocating resources according to need Makes funding decisions fairer and more transparent Explicitly designed to rebalance the system, moving funds from younger adults to older people (same amount of money for same level of need = a generic RAS ) Provides an upfront indicative allocation of funding, so support planning can begin with a value Gives an indication for planning – expect to plan within it for the majority

3 Page 3 Some Fundamental Principles A new contract with people needing support and their carers – a sum of money for a set of outcomes Evidence-based – most people with a set level of need can meet their needs for the value the RAS generates Allows support planning to be outcomes focused rather than services focused Whole system designed to enable creativity, develop more informal support options and grow community capacity Designed to support carers for longer – not penalise and only intervene when the situation breaks down Designed to meet need rather than give values to enable people to buy traditional services

4 Page 4 Creating a RAS Create a Supported Self Assessment (SSA) with points values Desktop SSA on a sample of cases (usually 100) to generate points values on real cases Gather data on value of actual services received Calculations compare points to pounds Scale back up to the budget and make adjustments as needed – must be affordable and build in contingency for overrides Recalibrate as things change, people find more creative solutions Usually find that resources not linked to need

5 Page 5 Managing the Budget The RAS is our key financial control mechanism in the new system In theory, if all support plans come in under the IPB we should underspend the budget But there will be some overrides this assumes that the level of need among the people we provide support to does not increase it also assumes that the numbers of people we support remains relatively steady existing cases have not all been reviewed using SSA yet – some will be far in excess of their IPB, and we won t always be able to reduce the package/placement cost some of money tied up in in-house services and block contracts

6 Page 6 RAS Data

7 Page 7 Package Values vs RAS

8 Page 8 Package Values vs RAS

9 Page 9 Issues

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