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Lake Organizations AssociationDistrictCommission.

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1 Lake Organizations AssociationDistrictCommission

2 Lake Associations Voluntary Can require dues/raise funds Borrow money Make contracts Acquire and sell property Sue and be sued Have educational programs Communicate with units of government & others Conduct lake management activities

3 Lake Associations Wide range of benefits Personal liability Unincorporated Easy to incorporate Reduced exposure to liability Incorporated Incorporated, with certain conditions Eligible for state lake grants Qualified Lake Association

4 Lake Districts Specialized unit of government Taxing and assessment authority Elected commissioners Non-resident voting allowed Governance is shared between commissioners and residents/property owners

5 Lake Districts Levy taxes, impose special assessments Operate water safety patrols Enact boating regulations Eligible for state lake grants

6 Sanitary Districts Specialized unit of government Generally sewer/water focused activities Could exercise some lake district powers Eligible for state lake grants Governed solely by a three member board Nonresident property owners cannot vote

7 Commissions Complex and requires broad buy-in from numerous units of government Could be created legislatively Representation from participating local units of government

8 Regulatory Authority Geographic Scope Boundaries Financial Fairness Public Accountability Considerations

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