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Donation Processing for Rescue Missions James Cowen, ICP.

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1 Donation Processing for Rescue Missions James Cowen, ICP

2 Does Size Matter? DonationsWho/Whom? 100,001+Union Rescue MissionLos Angeles 100,000Seattle Union Gospel MissionSeattle 50,000Orlando Union Rescue MissionOrlando 25,000Sunday Breakfast MissionWilmington AllDifferent VolumesSame Problem Bank Deposit Save a Donors Gift Donors Gift

3 What are our Common Problems? Donor sends a gift We open todays gifts We sort todays gifts We add up todays gifts We copy checks Go to the Bank Key Donor & Gift into fund raising software

4 What are our solutions? Keep it the same Get someone else to do it – Staff saved – No staff changes – More work – How much Build your own – Ottawa Mission

5 Build Your Own: Mail-Room Marty Page Scanner

6 Build Your Own: Check Scan Sam Read Check Amount – 60% to 80% accuracy No MICR reading – Bank Account – Routing – Serial Number

7 Build Your Own: Coupon Carl Reads barcode Renewals – Easy Acquisitions – Key in last name – Compare to RE7 – Find match – Or key entire acquisition

8 Build Your Own: Ottawa Mission Keys Available on-staff resources – Internal technical staff – Wanted the challenge – Plenty of time to overcome startup – Technical tools used – Own support Canada does not have US-like Check 21 – Physical bank deposits only

9 What are the solutions? Keep it the same Get someone else to do it – Staff saved – No staff changes – More work Build your own – Ottawa Mission Buy It

10 Buy it?Does it make sense? Current costs – Full-Time Staff – Temporary Staff – Volunteers: Are they really free? Bank fees Acknowledgement timing Annual number of donations – Cost to process each gift

11 Buy it? How do Gifts come? Donor only sends Reply Device Donor only sends check Donor sends both Donor sends check and letter Whats on the Reply Device? – Barcode – Appeal Code and Donor ID – Other Mr. Robert Palmer 1926 Arnold Blvd. Redmond, WA 96209

12 Buy it? Sort Gifts? Physical Size – Check size – Other sizes Like-Types – By Physical Size – By Type

13 Buy it? Common SplitPath 1 Path Split

14 Buy it? Path to Data Excellence

15 Buy it? Why Data Excellence? Data Perfection is impossible – We are human – We have faults Verify Important Data Visually – Check Amount – Check Data Get it wrong, maybe you wont lose your Donor!!!

16 Buy it? Bank it Electronic bank submission – Accounts Receivable Check Conversion (ARC) – Check 21 – Cheque 21® Canada | 2009+ AGRM 2006 Convention in Seattle Dick Sykes, CFO, Union Rescue Mission 151,000 Donations 137,000 Personal Checks ARCed Business and Other Checks taken to the Bank AGRM 2007 Convention in Atlanta John Bang, CFO, Seattles Union Gospel Mission 100,000 Donations 100% Cheque 21 ® System

17 Buy it? Bank it Benefits – Less than 48 hour access to ALL funds – Bounced resubmitted electronically – Much easier deposit process Issues – Not all banks equipped – Exhausting implementation – Bank fees may go up – NSF may go up

18 Buy it? Bank it Remote Deposit Capture – eDeposit | iStream Deposit – Check scanner sold by Bank Fund Raising Software Donor and Gift Data is NOT Updated

19 Buy it? Fund Raising Gets Helped Data Excellence was achieved – Acquired Donor verified Electronic cross-reference Manual intervention – Known Donor – Gift – Other Data

20 Buy it? 2500M® Fundraising Fund Raising Software quirks – Closed doors – Developer cooperation – English as a new language Image residence – Inside Fund Raising Software – External Archive Everyone is Happy... Accounting Development and Gift Receipting

21 Buy it? Cheque 21 ® Systems Common SplitPath for efficient processing Achieve data excellence Shortens time to acknowledge Donors Deposits checks/cheques faster Post data into fund raising software Access images of gifts and donor records Process more gifts with smaller staff resources

22 Buy it? How to obtain info? Complete Aqubanc website Contact pageContact 800.350.4720 Copyright 5/19/2007 – Aqubanc, LLC – All Rights Reserved Donation Processing at Ottawa Rescue Mission used with permission from Ottawa Rescue Mission – Copyright 2007 Aqubanc, Cheque 21, Shrinkode, 2500M, Steward Your Resources, SplitPath, Like-Type, and, VisuallyVerify are the US and Canadian marks, registered marks, company and product names of Aqubanc, LLC. Any other marks, registered marks, company and product names are the marks and brands of their respective holders.

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