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Changing the World with Speech!

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1 Changing the World with Speech!
Persuasive Speech Changing the World with Speech! PowerPoint by Mr. Sorensen

2 Your Assignment Create a 3 minutes Persuasive Speech
Have 2 Print Sources of Information Have 1 Internet Source of Information Create an Outline of your Speech Points Create a Bibliography of your Sources Write a “KILLER” Introduction Write the Body of the Speech Write a Conclusion/ Close of the Speech Practice/Edit/Practice until Ready Present your Speech to your peers

3 Composition Grade This Assignment Represents 50% of your Composition Grade for Second Quarter! It will cover a wide variety of IMPORTANT South Carolina Standards

4 Standards Standards: E3-2 The student will read and comprehend a variety of informational text in print and non-print formats. E3-2.2 Compare and contrast information within and across texts to draw conclusions and make inferences E3-2.3 Analyze informational text for author bias

5 Standards E3-2.4 Create responses (your speech) to the informational texts. E3-4 The student will create written work that has a clear focus, sufficient detail, coherent organization, effective use of voice, correct use of the conventions of Standard American English. and that is not all!

6 Standards E3-4.1 Organize written works using prewriting techniques (YOUR OUTLINE) E3-4.2 Use complete sentences in a variety of types and style. E3-4.3 Create multiple paragraph composition – namely your speech written out in full. still more !!!

7 Standards E3-4.5 Revise Writing to improve Clarity. You will do this when you practice your speech. E3-5.4 Create persuasive pieces that clearly state the thesis – YOUR INTRODUCTION and uses support – YOUR SPEECH BODY giving examples and facts. E3-6.8 Design and carry out research project by selecting a topic, accessing resources, and organizing information YOUR OUTLINE last but not least!

8 Standards E3-6.3 Use a standardized system of documentation – YOUR BIBLIOGRAPHY finally E3-6.5 Create written/oral presentation and demonstrate them.

9 Persuasive Techniques
Logical Appeal – build a well reasoned argument based on facts and evidence. 90% of all criminals are repeat offenders so why let them out? Emotional Appeal – attempt to arouse audience feelings. Use loaded words. Imagine you are alone in a dark and cold room with the smell of death in the air. Ethical Appeal – directed at audience’s sense of morality – right and wrong. Do you think it is fair a doctor can steal your mother’s organs for profit?

10 Rhetorical Devices Repetition – Restating something using the same words. “Mr. President, I dare you – yesterday. I dare you- today. I dare you – tomorrow.”

11 Rhetorical Devices Restatement – expressing the same idea using different words. “Let us stop this crime. Let us cease this unlawful act. Let us stop these infractions.”

12 Rhetorical Devices Parallelism – repeating a grammatical structure.
Example: The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessing; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.

13 Rhetorical Devices Antithesis: means opposition or opposites. Using strongly contrasting words, images or ideas. Example: Ask not what your school can do for you, ask what you can do for your school.

14 Rhetorical Devices Rhetorical Question – Powerful tool – asking questions for effect. Example: Who are you? You don’t know! Don’t tell me Negro, that’s nothin.’ What were you before the white man named you a Negro? And where were you? And what did you have? What was yours? What language did you speak then? What was your name? Where did it go? Where did you lose it? Who took it? And how did he take it? What tongue did you speak? How did the man take your tongue? Where is your history? How did the man wipe out your history? Malcolm X

15 Outlining Your Speech Ideas
I. Family Problems       A. Custodial: Non-custodial Conflicts       B. Extended Family       C. Adolescent's Age II. Economic Problems       A. Child Support       B. Women's Job Training       C. Lower Standard of Living       D. Possible Relocation          1. Poorer Neighborhood          2. New School III. Peer Problems       A. Loss of Friends       B. Relationships with Dates

16 Outline Modeling Topic: Trade with China What side to take?
Is trade with China good or bad? Examples of good Examples of bad I need to decide! I need to convince – (persuade)

17 Outline I. Chinese Trade Facts A. USA send 70 billion dollars of goods to China B. China send 269 billion dollars of goods to USA C. Deficit: 199 Billion Dollars leave USA II. Economic Cost in Human Terms A. Job Loss USA 2.4 million jobs B. Job Loss SC 32,000 jobs C. 32,000 jobs out of 190,000 unemployed in SC D. Social Costs 1. Poorer Neighborhood 2. Less Taxes collected for Schools 3. Crime Rate goes up III. Benefits of Trade A. China Communist Country now must behave B. Cheaper prices for us at WAL-MART and other stores C. China buys our Government Bonds to pay for Deficit D. Millions of Chinese now Middle Class 1. They will not want war with USA 2. Middle Class will force China to be more Democratic 3. Trade Cheaper than World War III IV. Conclusion A. We should continue to enrich China so they will be Democracy B. We need to slow the growth of trade so we don’t lose so many jobs

18 Bibliography Printed Hirsh, S. G. (2004). Chinese Giant Factory. In M. K. Chelton & C. Cool (Eds.), Youth information-seeking behavior (pp ). Lanham, MD: Scarecrow. Bates, M. J. (1989). The design trade techniques in China. Online Review, 13(5), Internet Viewed 9/18/2010, Viewed 9/18/2010, South Carolina Viewed 9/18/2010, US Government Viewed 9/19/2010,

19 Thesis Introduction Rhetorical Question Style
How often do you buy something that was made in China? How many jobs does China does China take from the USA every hour? [ask audience member] Every second thousands of items made in China are bought in the USA. Every hour China takes 27 jobs out of the USA. Do you think that is right? Will it make it harder for you to find a job? Is all this trade good or bad for our country? Let us explore together this trillion dollar question.

20 Thesis Introduction 2 Emotional style
Every hour for the last ten years 27 jobs have left the United States and gone to China. It is like the blood of your body being allowed to slowly bleed out. In this speech I wish to convince you that if we want to remain the most powerful country in the world we have to stop this economic bleeding.

21 Thesis Introduction 3 Restatement style
I like the things I buy to be cheap. I love a bargain. I never like to pay full price. If you are like me, then you will love trade with China. The workers work for a fraction of what we get paid in the USA and that keeps prices down. In this American made speech I plan to show how cheap Chinese good are good for the USA.

22 Thesis Introduction 4 Antithesis Style
Hey you don’t have a job – don’t sweat it. Everything China makes is cheap – so who needs money? They take our worthless dollars and we take their TVs, cameras, clothes, furniture and shoes. They have a big pile of dollars and we have a big pile of stuff. In this expose’ I will show you trade is a win-win situation – until they discover our money is worthless.

23 Thesis Introduction 5 Quote Style
“Someday the Chinese will drown in dollars and the USA will be buried in Nike’s.” President Obama said that in Trade between America and the Chinese is out of control…. Or is it. In this expose’ I will show you trade is a win-win situation – until they discover our money is worthless.

24 Conclusion Restate your main points. Make your final conclusion.

25 Mr. Sorensen Give a Persuasive Speech
Time him! 3 minutes! List how many Rhetorical Devices he uses.

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