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Beginnings of the Grandmothers Movement Beginnings of Grands n More Winnipeg.

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2 Beginnings of the Grandmothers Movement

3 Beginnings of Grands n More Winnipeg

4 Our Annual Gatherings 20092010

5 Our Annual Gatherings continue … 20112012

6 Recognizing our Founders The Dynamic Duo …

7 A panoramic view 2012 - 2013 At a Glance

8 Monthly member meetings … with the able leadership of our Co-Chairs Jean & Nancy June – Study evening focusing on 5 projects by SLF September – Bring a friend & Tell your talents for Grands activities October – Getting ready for the Hilltop event … November – Hilltop event at the Forks and debrief at Riverview … December – World Aids Day Pumulo Roddy told her personal story February – Enid Butler about the SLF Grandmothers campaign March – Author Jennifer Cooke shared her book with us April – Nancy Cosway presented on Women and Water in Africa May – today – our Annual Gathering

9 Newsletters Member Newsletters … Monthly updates To keep our members informed Thanks to Lisa (current newsletter editor), Kam, Jean and Shelley for their tour de force that have kept us up to date with member happenings

10 Website Our public presence in the world Heather ColquhounThanks to Heather Colquhoun who keeps us current with our web presence

11 Potlucks Potlucks peppered throughout the year … June 2012June 2012 – St Bartholomews Anglican Church – Lindor Reynolds shared African insights through her experiences September 2012September 2012 – St. Andrews Anglican - Nancy Cosway showcased "Women and Water In Africa November 2012November 2012 – University of Winnipeg International Student Services showcased student experiences from Africa to Canada February 2013February 2013 – Trinity UCC where Justine and Evelyn shared their personal experiences Thanks to the passion of Barb Fletcher & Enid Butler our potlucks continue to be a community outreach success

12 Sales Sales hither and yon … Laurel GarvieCarol HibbertHeather ColquhounThanks to Laurel Garvie, Carol Hibbert & Heather Colquhoun our merchandise products and sales have continued to grow and expand to new markets Popular items for this year have included: mini and maxi bags; balloon balls; smaller totes; angels;

13 Community Outreach: Sisler High School students & teacher donation accepted for SLF

14 Stride to Turn the Tide Stride to Turn the Tide walk … June 9 th … Meeting in Central Park for the annual SLF Stride to Turn the Tide walk to build community awareness and funds for SLF Neither sun, nor rain will stop the Grandmothers from their pursuits …

15 June Potluck ~ St Bartholomews Anglican Church ~ Lindor Reynolds lent her voice to the African experience as she passionately shared stories with our members and guests

16 August 2013 – African Pavilion A week long opportunity to showcase the work of Stephen Lewis Foundation as well as Grands n More

17 Getting Ready for CAM-R – Petition Signing

18 September 2012 – Bring a friend meeting Starting the year off right by bringing a friend to a meeting …

19 Potluck at St. Andrews Anglican Church on Sept 15 th Women and Water in Africa by Nancy Cosway She highlighted the issues and responsibilities facing women as they strive to provide potable water for their families Pictured here with Zeva.

20 September 2012 – Prairie Gathering Grandmothers from across the West met in Regina on September 28 th and 29 th Keynote speaker – add name – was Workshops ranged from

21 October 2012 – Member meeting Linda Watson showed a video on the purpose of the national event From Our Hill to Parliament Hill We practiced the Hill song to the tune of This Land is Your Land. Go Tell it on the Hilltop … Here in this awesome country We have so much, its true We can look out for others, Make jobs and save lives, too So, MPs give a listen The best thing you can do Is pass the legislation And get the med-cines through Go tell it on the mountain Over the hills and everywhere Kids deserve a second birthday Weve got some hope to share

22 November at the Forks Hill Top Event – Bill C-398 Rally November 1 st saw Grandmothers from across Canada advocating for African grandmothers from every hilltop across the nation in support of generic anti-viral drugs being sent to Africa In Winnipeg, we held a rally at The Forks where ~ 100 members and supporters gathered to lobby, to share stories, to sing songs in support of the grandmothers in Africa getting much needed medicine

23 November potluck ~ University of Winnipeg ~ Students from the University of Winnipeg International Student Services showcased student experiences from Africa to Canada

24 November – Sisters of the Holy Rock The Sisters of the Holy RockThe Maranantha Church was the scene of a lively concert by The Sisters of the Holy Rock who entertained a large crowd with their singing and comical skits. $ $$ $ was raised through Ticket Sales, Sales table, Raffles & Warm Up to Winnipeg scarves.

25 December – Member meeting World Aids Day Pumulo Roddy told her personal story of someone living with HIV/AIDS Françoise Uwamariya and Claudia Kuryk-Serray performed a role play of the differences between someone living with HIV/AIDS here or in an African country And shortbread cookies $$ – need I say anything more? Thanks Vera Rosolowich for sharing your gift of baking with us all! Mmmmmm!!

26 February 22 nd – Potluck @ Trinity UCC February 22 nd – Potluck @ Trinity UCC Justine & Evelyne Kiwanuka shared their personal experiences Justine spoke about grandparents in Africa who have lost their children to HIV/AIDS and who step into the void to care for their orphaned grandchildren. Evelyne spoke about the orphans and their lives after their parents are gone.

27 February Member meeting Guest Speaker – Our Enid Butler Enid Butler reviewed what the SLF Grandmothers campaign is about What Grands n More does Shared a few success stories on Turning the Tide …

28 March – Author Jennifer Cooke Jennifer shared her book Daughters, Mothers and Grandmothers at our March Member meeting Set in Africa on the edge of the Kalahari Desert in the Northern Cape, South Africa. A story of the courage of two teenage friends and their families in Africa during the AIDS pandemic. A percentage of sales support The Capital Grannies fundraising for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign (The Stephen Lewis Foundation).

29 April – Member Meeting Nancy Cosway shared with us her perspectives on the sustainability of water as a sacred resource in Africa day in the life ofMembers had a chance to experience a day in the life of an African woman as she hauls water for her family Thanks to Pat Malis for sharing her ideas with us about how women work in support of water

30 April – Scrabble for Africa 2013 On April 20 th, members and friends cheated their way to raising over $10,000 for SLF Grandmothers - Pat Lippai & Darlene Kretchmer from Grannies Gone Global – shared in the fun Grand-other – Lindor Reynolds was ex-pert in her advice …


32 Winnipeg Solidarity Tour: From Winnipeg to Windsor On Saturday, May 3 rd we heard real life stories from African activists Wairimu Mungai from Kenya & Netty Musanhu from Zimbabwe discovered the priorities and realities of our African partners reaffirmed our commitment in working with the SLF in supporting grassroots projects as Grands n More members, local union leaders and members of the Winnipeg community.

33 May – Annual Gathering - A time to celebrate our gifts A time to reflect on our successes A time to plan forward …

34 On the Horizon … WOW! You can now buy Grands n More totes with your Aeroplan miles – WOW! June 17 thJune 17 th – Popcorn and Movie Night at Riverview Community Centre Join us for A Closer Walk about the impact of AIDS in various countries; including African communities

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