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2 ©2011 TVNetWorks Before everything else, getting ready is the secret of success. Henry Ford "Racing is life. Anything before or after is just waiting. Steve McQueen

3 ©2011 TVNetWorks Table of Contents Network Overview How It Works Management Distribution Programming Interactive Technologies Smartphone and Tablet Apps Rates Past Campaigns Televisual MediaWorks Contacts

4 ©2011 TVNetWorks iDrive TV is a forward-looking interactive television media platform that will offer viewers programming from the nations top manufacturers, reviews performance tests and provide them with information on where to buy, request information, join groups as well as allow them to make purchases with a click, through iDrives interactive triggers. Network Overview

5 ©2011 TVNetWorks How It Works A key element to iDrives success is TV Media Works proprietary interactive process that: Seamlessly connects content to commerce, 24x7; Delivers an inviting transactional experience for viewers through their TV remote control Allows advertisers to tap into the variety, target-ability and effectiveness of interactive media, via TV, internet and mobile devices Provides new opportunities for marketers to engage, transact with, entertain and learn from their customers This proven solution is the integration of multiple transactional opportunities and targeted entertainment content, combined with the latest interactive applications for TV, Internet and mobile convergence.

6 ©2011 TVNetWorks Televisual Media Works, LLC (TVMW) has put together an experienced founding management team to drive this channel. This team includes, Gary Turner, Founder and CEO of television networks and media businesses that have been valued at nearly a billion dollars and have delivered well over a billion dollars in advertising and transactional revenue. Michael Doyle, former President of Comcasts largest operating division and Founder and President of CN8, the Comcast Network that was honored with over 440 regional Emmy nominations over a 12 year period; Laura Steele, senior operations manager with 20 years high-tech experience with NASA, Adlink, Time Warner and venture capital-backed telecommunications start-ups; and Jay Lewis, former CFO for Jones Media Networks and Jones International, with over 20 years experience in capital formation, M&A, finance and accounting operations. Management

7 ©2011 TVNetWorks iDrive TV launches to approximately 40 Million subscribers in standard, hi def and 3D! The channel will be on the pole and located for prime exposure to target audience automobile enthusiasts. The channel uses innovative and proprietary interactive television technology and has associated web and mobile applications to provide viewers with the opportunity to expand their viewing and interactive experience. These interactive platforms also provide viewers the ability to purchase products tied in with the channels programming, as well as locate dealers and services in their area all at the touch of their remote. The interactive triggers for this channel will include Free Brochure, Dealer Locator, More Information and Videos and Get The Gear. Distribution

8 ©2011 TVNetWorks The programming on iDrive provides compelling, informative, entertaining and thought- provoking programming for car buyers. Programming focusing on new car previews, reviews, consumer reports and road tests. as well as motorsports specials and series. With iDrives interactive triggers, viewers can also find a dealer near their home, schedule a test drive, purchase parts and accessories, buy tickets to an event, even buy a new car without ever leaving their chair. Programmin g

9 ©2011 TVNetWorks iDrive Auto Shows include: World Auto. Weekly feature on the latest from the worlds top manufacturers. JDs Top Picks. JD Powers top rated cars are featured in this half hour weekly show iRemember. A look back at the great cars of the past. Hosted by the editors from Classic and Sports Car magazine. Car and Driver TV. The editors and drivers at the magazine put the worlds top cars through their paces on this prime time weekly series.

10 ©2011 TVNetWorks iDrive is a highly interactive platform. This network is robust and operates on a multi-platform with strong video-on-demand elements carried on mobile devices, broadband and other innovative delivery systems. In short, the network fuels its own community of viewers. iDrive takes advantage of the innovative interactive television (iTV) applications created by iDrive Parent Company, Televisual Media Works. These iTV applications give viewers the ability to get information quickly on new models, as well as purchase performance products, DVDs, digital downloads, or join discussion forums and subscribe to magazines and newsletters, all with a click of their remote control while watching their television. Viewers have access to products along with an entire catalog online at Interactive Technologies

11 ©2011 TVNetWorks Below are sample images of an interactive television campaign that was done for Mercedes showing how a viewer can click on the iDrive animated bug, see the available choices and interact with the the iAd to purchase items, or find out more about the product by requesting information, even schedule a test drive at a local dealer. Viewers can also be directed to a micro- site that will give them more information and will allow them to purchase additional merchandise.

12 ©2011 TVNetWorks Some of iDrives additional interactive features include polling, trivia play, SMS, MMS, Voice and Video services, as well as Mobile Content and Gateway Services, which enhance viewer participation and add to each viewers iDrive experience. The Channels website promotes additional interaction between viewers and provide an alternative 24 hour platform for viewers to interact and to purchase products.

13 ©2011 TVNetWorks ToyotaFordGMCDodge NissanChevyHonda iDrive has a website to promote additional interaction between viewers and provide an alternative 24 hour platform for viewers to interact and to purchase products.

14 ©2011 TVNetWorks Smartphone & Tablet Apps Smartphone and tablet (iPad, etc) applications are being developed for iDrive for download in 2011. These apps correspond to the interactive triggers, as well as familiar games, and new trends in functional applications that can help our viewers request information, located a dealer, even make a purchase. Research shows that free apps build loyalty and allow us to work with our viewers over time to build the iDrive brand and find offers that drive true value to viewers and lead to transactions. The smartphone and tablet apps will also be ported to the Android open architecture.

15 ©2011 TVNetWorks Past Interactive Projects Below are samples of past interactive projects TV Media Works put up live. Ford Edge Full Screen iAd Land Rover LR2 Full4 Screen iAd FORD Ford Explorer Full Screen iAd Ford Fusion Full Screen iAd Ford Mustang Full Screen iAd Mustang – Kelly Clarkson Full4 Screen iAd Land Rover Land Rover LR3 3/4 Screen iAd Land Rover Sport Full4 Screen iAd

16 ©2011 TVNetWorks Past Interactive Projects cont. Dodge Caliber Week1 Full Screen iAd Dodge Caliber Week1 3/4 Screen iAd Dodge Its Anything But Cute 4 week Campaign Dodge Caliber Week2 Full Screen iAd Dodge Caliber Week1 3/4 Screen iAd Dodge Caliber Week3 Full Screen iAd Dodge Caliber Week3 3/4 Screen iAd Dodge Caliber Week4 Full Screen iAd Dodge Caliber Week4 3/4 Screen iAd

17 ©2011 TVNetWorks Past Interactive Projects cont. Chrysler Aspen Full Screen iAd Chrysler Aspen 3/4 Screen iAd Chrysler BMW 3 Series Full Screen iAd Toyota FJ Cruiser Full Screen iAd Lexus ES Full Screen iAd Lexus ES 3/4 Screen iAd Mercedes M Class Full Screen iAd Hyundai Sonata Full Screen iAd BMWToyota LexusMercedesHyundai

18 ©2011 TVNetWorks iDrives mix of entertainment- focused content, interactivity and commerce will dynamically respond to consumers rapidly changing needs for the latest products and trends in the automotive business.

19 ©2011 TVNetWorks

20 ©2011 TVNetWorks

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22 ©2011 TVNetWorks Gary Turner, CEO and Founder (303) 488-3333 Office (303) 910-7444 Mobile Len Marino, The Marino Creative Company (303) 233-3506 Office (310) 384-4299 Mobile

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