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BBX International HK 138 311 547 Hong Kong International Cashless Payment Platform 20 YEARS OF TRADING EXCELLENCE.

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1 BBX International HK 138 311 547 Hong Kong International Cashless Payment Platform 20 YEARS OF TRADING EXCELLENCE

2 PARTNER WITH BBX Master Franchise Franchise Tracking BBX International

3 BBX Master franchise (Country) BBX Regional area franchisees from $35k (U.S.) BBX CBD franchisees From $65k (U.S.) BBX Licensees FRANCHISE STRUCTURE

4 BBX provides business solutions enabling cashless trading between businesses within the BBX Global Network. BBX has a CRM system that consists of a proprietary IT platform that records transactions for goods and services that are being transacted between members. BBX records transactions using BBX trade credits as the medium for accounting.. BBX provides businesses members the ability to trade excess capacity and excess inventory for goods and services that they require. Win International Franchises


6 SUSTAINABLE GLOBAL GROWTH PLAN Organic Growth Based on Licensees, franchise sales, joint ventures. There is strength in numbers. Creates brand awareness and recognition while reducing marketing costs. Offers financial and legal direction.Assist with Government approvals Low overheads Common infrastructure and systems reduces the cost for all licensees and partners. A people driven business Low advertising and marketing costs. Staff costs reduced through commission-based licensees and resellers. Staff costs are further reduced due to advanced technologies. All of our members provide us with sustainable, predictable revenue We save members money and earn fees based on transaction value Licensees & partnerships world-wide

7 BBX International and Master Franchisees Country Master Franchise manages their own cashless trading network. BBXI owns and manages its own IT platform and provides under license the following sites to the master franchise. BBXI provides extensive ongoing training to its master franchises initially in Sydney Head Office and follow through training in the Country Franchise offices. BBXI provides marketing material customized for each country Access to BBX International Business Directory Access to International cashless trading 24/7 IT Support.

8 MASTER FRANCHISE Establish a country corporate head Office. Manages the following; Administration team. Customer care team (TCO) Distribution Team (SALES) Management team. National branding: Sales of Regional and CBD Franchises Support for Franchises Role out of licensing program Manages entire country with the support of BBXI

9 Franchise Tracking Sheet Tracking International software 80% Franchise website 80% Ability to launch100% Branding100% Language conversionas required Marketing and advertising80%

10 Business Analysis STRENGTHS IP ownership 100% 9 countries Proven and efficient eBBX System 18 years commercial experience Works for all business models Strong and capable Management Team OPPORTUNITIES Increasing demand for alternatives currencies Greater acceptability of BBX new products from a more educated market Growing number of potential businesses forming BBX communities within the territory Growing preference for initiating and sustaining international relationships through collaboration WEAKNESSES NEW COUNTRY No members No products Lack of knowledge of business culture in target countries Recruitment of suitable personnel No Franchises THREATS Competitors. Government requirements Limited financial resources.

11 ADVERTISING AND PROMOTION UNDERTAKEN ON BEHALF OF THE FRANCHISE NETWORK BBX Supports Franchisees in marketing, merchandising and advertising – managing everything from developing new market franchise sales at all levels domestic, regional, national and international. Delivering advertising, marketing and promotional assistance, from graphic design to bespoke concepts.

12 Country Visits Regular local eNewsletters, Regular International enewsletters International hard copy newsletters Smart phone applications Updates to Websites BBXI GLOBAL COMMUNICATION

13 BBXI TRAINING Initial and ongoing extensive training to be provided to Franchisees. Company policies and manuals: Webarter IT manual bbx Administration manual Management manual TCO manual Sales manuals. BBXI

14 REPUTATION BBX BUSINESS SOLUTIONSCOMPETITION Reputation for customer retentionX Address issues as they ariseX Account management superiorityX Privately ownedX No nonsense approachX Open door policy access for members to management.X Unsurpassed global growthX DeliverabilityX

15 CORPORATE GOVERNANCE * Sound Corporate Governance & Procedures * Code of ethics * Business standards and codes of conduct * Integrity in transactional & financial reporting * Respects the rights of licensees, partners, members and shareholders * Recognises and manages risks

16 A detailed Operations Manual, which will guide Franchisees through start-up and well into future successful operations. Support, with exceptional hands on involvement, for Franchisees and staff. Operational and managerial advice. Operational Support to the Franchise Network

17 A continuing program of new activities, products, services development and testing which include but not limited to; Ongoing Innovation and Development BBX Business Solutions BBX Rewards Program BBX Online Marketplace BBX Buy Now BBX V.O.L.

18 Master Franchisee fees payable to BBX International BBXI no financial commitment. Franchise fee from $1 million USD Royalty Structure BBX INTERNATIONAL BBXI 20% Shareholding Country master franchise has 80% Shareholding BBXI receives royalty income of 6% plus $1000 USD Weekly.

19 As a BBX Franchisee you will receive revenue from different areas of the business: Sale of Regional and CBD franchises: The opportunity exists to sell franchises from $35k (U.S.) Membership Fees: New BBX members you recruit are charged a membership fee. Of which you retain a significant portion. Transaction Fees: Every time a member transacts (sells/buys) they are billed a transaction fee. Of which you retain a significant portion. Administration fees: Annual /monthly administration fees are collected for the overall management of the account. Licensee Fees: BBX brokerages and offices offer licenses to entrepreneurs wishing to operate under the BBX brand and to resell the BBX service. Fees are also generated at this level. Real Estate Fees: (Please note that real estate currently represents 20% of BBX gross revenue increasing substantially annually. RETURN ON INVESTMENT

20 Franchisee suitability They will be Entrepreneurial They will be Confident and Strong. They may already run an established company They will be confident of running a successful networking related business as a franchisee in either the Asia-Pacific, Middle East or European business arenas. They will be financially sound. They will have a willingness to devote themselves Full Time to the operation or appoint a full time COO Share Our Philosophy and Values Be of good character Be aware of their corporate social responsibility.

21 BBX INTERNATIONAL Thank you for taking the time to view the BBXI PRESENTATION. We look forward to you joining BBX International on its journey to create a global cashless payment platform

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